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How To Write A Persuasive Essay? Step-by-Step Guide

Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuading people of something you believe in is not easy. You need logic and strong evidence to prove your stand. Are you new to persuasive writing? Not sure how to write a persuasive essay? Worry not! We can help.

This blog will cover everything you need to know to write a stellar persuasive Writing essays from scratch. Yes, that’s right!

We will discuss how to write a persuasive essay and give you sample persuasive essay ideas to inspire you. So strap on tight!

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a type of essay where you use logical arguments and emotional appeal to sway your readers toward your stand on the topic.

Typically, it begins with a question that you are in favor of or against. Then, you have to combine data, research, and anecdotes and explore counterarguments.

What are the Elements of a Persuasive Essay?

A good persuasive essay comprises three important elements.

  • Ethos is a key element of argument and persuasion through which speakers establish their credibility, knowledge, and moral character.
  • Next is Pathos. Pathos is an appeal used to trigger particular emotions to connect with readers. Easy? Finally, we have Logos.
  • Logos is a rhetorical appeal to a reader’s logic and rationality. A good persuasive essay will have these elements to create a believable argument.

Persuasive Essay Outline

If you have attempted to write a persuasive essay, you know it’s not easy. Enter outline. Outlining is the first step of persuasive writing. It will structure your thought process and ease writing.

How to start a persuasive essay?  

Like other essays, a persuasive essay structure comprises the usual components: introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Start with a strong hook to draw your readers’ attention. Introduce the topic and give background information. Finally, make a strong thesis statement explaining the key arguments.
  • Next comes the body sections. Always start your paragraph with a topic sentence to help readers identify the main argument and understand your data and opinions. Now, hold on. Don’t add fluff. Use concrete evidence instead to validate your stand.
  • Address counterarguments, if any, and conclude the paragraph with the following point of the next section. Then, summarize the key points and restate the thesis. Define what you expect your readers to do.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

You'll have to write a persuasive essay for or against a topic at some point in your student life. Follow these steps to ease writing.

Step 1: Prepare yourself

Before you start, note what you have to do. Prepare a checklist. Next, do proper research to find compelling data to engage your readers. Find strong examples, logical arguments, or quotes relevant to the issues you want to discuss.

Emotional appeal is a key factor in persuasive writing. Hence, shortlist persuasive essay ideas you are confident about. Justify your position with valid details.

Step 2: Make a structure

Outline to make your arguments sound logical. Organize the points under three sections, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Step 3: Write the introduction

A strong persuasive essay introduction is what attracts readers. It should present your idea and validate your argument. Here’s a pro tip. Leave your introduction until the end. You'll know the main points and write the introduction easily by then.

Step 4: Organize the body

Introduce the idea in the first line to help your readers identify the point of the argument. Keep the sentences short. Use examples and facts to indicate why your point is convincing. If you are using quotes, explain their significance. Make sure everything relates to the thesis. Use transitional sentences to connect body paragraphs.

Remember, the success of your essay depends on how convincing you sound. Come up with interesting facts. Use common techniques like social validation, using examples and quotations to strengthen your viewpoint. Or combine ethos, pathos, and logos to show how serious the problem is. If not, try the repetition technique. Keep telling what you want to say until the readers get there.

Step 5: Revise the ending

Your persuasive essay conclusion should indicate completion and give your readers something to think about. Therefore, check if it emphasizes the main idea. Give a speech, share some after-effects, or warn about the discussed issue.

Finally, thoroughly read the essay. Ask yourself if it is convincing enough. Will readers get answers to their questions? Is there enough evidence? Does the persuasive essay format need improvement? Are the citations accurate? Then, double-check the transitions and the flow of writing. Make changes wherever necessary to improve your writing.

Tips on How to Write a Persuasive Essay

To become a confident writer, consider a few key factors before learning how to write a persuasive essay. Here’re a few.

Audience: Whether it's an argumentative essays or persuasive essay, a good writer always understands its readers. Who are they? What do they expect from the text? What examples and evidence should you provide to convince them? Answering these questions will help you create an excellent reader-focused essay.

Stance: Be clear with your stance. Don’t leave your readers guessing. They should be able to understand your stance from the first paragraph.

Evidence: Your argument is incomplete without strong evidence. Pay attention to details, evidence, statistics, and other data you use to support your stand.

Counterargument: Use a rebuttal or counterargument to strengthen your essay. Try to use one or two counterarguments against your thesis and renounce it.

Transitions: All paragraphs should follow a natural tone. Connect the body paragraphs using suitable transitional words to help readers follow the connection from the end of one section to the beginning of the next.

Persuasive Essay Examples

Writing a persuasive essay can get time-consuming. However, you can overcome the hurdles with proper guidance and compose a well-researched piece. Not to mention, there are ample persuasive essay examples. You can refer to them and ideate yours. is your ultimate ally for mastering persuasive essay writing. With expert guidance, tailored assistance, comprehensive resources, prompt delivery, unmatched quality, and 24/7 support, our platform equips you with the tools and support you need to craft compelling persuasive essays that leave a lasting impact.

Here’s an excerpt of a persuasive essay example to help you understand the writing style:

Are Women A Weaker Gender?

The author of this persuasive essay challenges the assumption that women are a weaker gender, backed up by relevant evidence.

Whether women are weaker than men has been an age-old debate. The conservationists have argued, saying women are a weaker gender. However, taking a 21st-century woman as an example, it is evident that women are as strong as men across different comparable platforms. The feminine power in the modern era has ended centuries of male dominance. Men are no longer the supreme power of the human species. The famous saying “what man can do, women can do better” stands true as women can do everything men can, breaking down all discrimination."

Checklist for Persuasive Essay Writing

With all the essentialities covered, here’s the final checklist for writing a great persuasive essay:

  • No using fancy vocabulary.
  • Stick to your natural style and write sensible text
  • Make your paper smooth with logical transitions
  • Use persuasive writing techniques
  • Triple-check for logic, accuracy, writing style, readability, etc.
  • Check for harmony with the thesis
  • Get a second opinion just to be sure
  • Ask yourself these questions before submission:
  • Did I follow the guidelines?
  • Did I answer the main question?
  • Is my essay accurately structured?
  • Is the text clear?
  • Did I use proper vocabulary throughout the paper?
  • Did I provide enough supporting evidence for my argument?
  • Is my paper error-free?
  • Can I improve the quality?
  • Does my essay sound convincing?

How to Find the Right Topic for Your Persuasive Essay?

When finding a good topic for a persuasive essay, always go for ideas you are passionate about. You will struggle to persuade your readers if you lack interest in the idea. We don’t want that. Do we?

Therefore, keep in mind the following brainstorming topics for your persuasive essay.

  • The topic should be engaging and debatable.
  • Pick an idea on which you can define your position.
  • Make sure the topic has enough reliable sources to back your position.
  • The topic should be arguable and have two sides.
  • Choose topics that are manageable and relevant to your readers.

Following these tips will help you craft a brilliant persuasive essay with ease. Need some essay prompts and ideas to get started? Check out the list below for popular persuasive essay ideas divided into categories.

150+ Persuasive Essay Topics For Reference

Persuasive Essay Topics For High School

1. Permission to bring pets to school

2. Cheating and its consequences

3. Is homework necessary?

4. Bullying in school is still a problem.

5. Permission for mobile phones in class

6. Freedom for students to pick their schools

7. Self-defense and its importance

8. Discuss the school rules you want to change

9. Pizza or burger

10. A dessert you love

11. Home-cooked meals vs. eating out – what do you prefer?

12. Why should kids eat vegetables they don't like?

13. Is becoming a vegan good idea?

14. Healthy food vs. junk food – which is more expensive?

15. Love marriage vs. arranged marriage.

16. Reading vs. playing – which is better for psychological development?

17. Music or dance – which is a relaxing practice?

18. Late night study or early morning study – which is more effective?

19. Restaurants should eliminate tipping and increase their staff's per-day wages.

20. Explain how ragging impacts students' academics.

Brilliant Persuasive Essay Topics

21. Which is the best domestic animal?

22. Why should one adopt animals from a shelter?

23. The easiest hobby to learn

24. Individual sports vs. team sports – which is better?

25. Reading books vs. movie adaptation

26. Influencers and their high payment

27. Action movies are better than romantic comedies – agree or disagree?

28. Best book of all time

29. Animation or comedy – which is a bigger stress buster?

30. Sherlock Holmes is the best fictional character – Evaluate

31. US is economically stronger than Russia – Explain

32. Poverty is the cause of hunger. What’s your viewpoint?

33. Why is American immigration a problem?

34. What is the right punishment for a drunk driver?

35. Politics should be separated from religion.

36. The role of government in restricting the number of childbirth in a family

37. Homeless people and providing them with financial aid

38. Is Capital punishment ethical?

39. Social media is more of a con than a blessing.

40. Parents' role in their ward's education

Topics Recommended by Persuasive Essay Writers

41. Social media and its role in building communication

42. Online education vs. traditional learning – which is better?

43. How do parents select schools for admission?

44. Summer vacation assignments vs. year-long assignments

45. Higher education should be free for all – justify the statement

46. How is a good career related to a college education?

47. Sex education in school – analyze its importance

48. America is the most powerful country in 2023 – agree or disagree?

49. College credit helps students from financially backward families achieve their academic dreams – justify.

50. The most unjust law in the country

51. Death penalty for older adults – is it ethical?

52. Is vocational training beneficial for your career?

53. Limitations of communism

54. Why is democracy the best form of government?

55. Freedom of speech and its limitations

56. The impact of increased screen time on children

57. Climate change and reality

58. A child born in a foreign country should get the rights and benefits of that country. Yes or no?

59. Selling clients’ data – is it ethical?

60. How ethical is animal testing?

Research Worthy Persuasive Essay Prompts

61. Renewable energy and the role of government’s resources

62. Why is legalizing marijuana a good idea?

63. Wealthy people pay less tax. Review the statement

64. Healthcare is a universal service

65. Professional sports and the dangers associated with them

66. Physical education and its significance

67. Dangers associated with professional sports

68. Schools should set spontaneous drug testing campaigns

69. Persuading an individual to adopt a healthy lifestyle

70. Job satisfaction or money: which is more important?

71. Which is your favorite season and why?

72. Morning person vs. night person: who is more productive?

73. Is cloning an ethical practice?

74. Compare life now with 50 years ago

75. The ranking system in schools should be abolished

76. Recycling should be mandatory for all nations

77. Should there be age restrictions for adopting children?

78. The role of international aid for developing countries

79. Banning controversial books – state your opinion

80. Brexit: was it beneficial or harmful for UK citizens?

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

81. Legalization of euthanasia – Elaborate

82. Country life vs. city life: which is better?

83. Do aliens exist?

84. Do ghosts exist in the real world?

85. Elaborate on the importance of penmanship.

86. Students should be taught etiquette at school

87. A snow day is a good time for family bonding

88. Why populating the moon is a bad idea?

89. How much money is too much money?

90. Governments should impose a limit on car purchases per family to control pollution.

91. Parents who bully their kids should be penalized. Justify the statement.

92. Step cells and their importance in the medical field

93. How is the government subsidizing renewable energies?

94. Steve Jobs: a better marketer or an exceptional visionary?

95. Imposing a ban on using animals for entertainment

96. Facial recognition technology: its benefits vs the dangers

97. Identify the best invention of the 21st century and its significance in the society

98. Analyze the privacy settings of Facebook- is it safe?

99. Evaluating the pay scales of top athletes: are they overpaid?

100. The relation of video games with violent behavior in real life

Persuasive Essay Topics You Can’t Ignore

101. Foreign language: evaluating its significance on one’s career

102. Every student should pursue a college education. Elaborate

103. College accommodation should be free of charge

104. Men and women should become friends

105. Are high school relationships long-lasting?

106. Standardized exams should be banned.

107. Student loans are more of a burden than a blessing for students ‘

108. Use of drug and alcohol in campus: ways to tackle the issue

109. Students should or should not be allowed to bring their kids to school.

110. How does participating in school activities promote physical development?

111. Lying is a harmful component of a healthy relationship

112. Is a gap year after high school a good or bad idea?

113. College athletes should get more advantages with their academic curriculum

114. Veganism can increase health conditions. Agree or disagree?

115. Is democracy the most rational government system?

116. GMO food items are no longer as harmful as they used to be.

117. Your views on separating church from the state

118. How to deal with the unemployment issue in the US?

119. Should the government lower the minimum age for voting

120. Can a national voter identification law minimize voting fraud?

Intriguing Persuasive Essay Ideas

121. How to repair the political division in the US?

122. What is “Fake News?” How to prevent it?

123. Printed newspapers are better than digital newspapers.

124. Will building a wall along the southern border solve its immigration issue with Mexico?

125. Your suggestions on solving the US immigration issue

126. What is the best punishment for cheaters?

127. Same-sex marriage should be legalized worldwide.

128. It’s better to live alone than suffer in a toxic relationship. Explain

129. Juvenile criminals should receive equal punishment as adult criminals.

130. Watching a movie at a theatre or streaming movies online: which do you prefer and why?

131. Concertgoers should not be allowed to record live performances

132. What proportion of parental involvement with their kids’ activities is appropriate?

133. European exploration did more harm than good to the developing countries

134. Congress members will get paid even after the government shuts down. Is it ethical?

135. How essential was it to deploy the atomic bomb during WWII?

136. Businesses should not support political parties with donations. Explain with reasons

137. Should parents have the option to choose subjects to study for their kids?

138. Convicted felons should not vote after serving their sentences.

139. A loser who tries more is a winner too.

140. How much study is too much: estimating the proper study-life balance for a more productive life.

Unique Persuasive Essay Topics for All

141. Ways to make yourself heard

142. What is the best thing about the future?

143. Dogs are the best animal to train them to understand your mood easily

144. What are the challenges of being a college student?

145. Overcoming your fear of public speaking

146. Adults can learn a lot from teenagers when it comes to being ambitious and achieving their dreams.

147. Teenagers can learn a few things from adults about being modest, tolerant, and respectful.

148. Teenagers invest more in fashionable clothes than in books

149. How to dress up like a true gentleman or lady?

150. The secret behind the success of legendary music bands like The Beatles

151. Geology and its connection with Darwin’s theory of evolution: discuss

152. Is a helicopter to Mars possible?

153. Why are the Earth’s magnetic poles reversing at a faster rate?

154. Shorter days can affect one’s regular schedules

155. College students’ problems: why is procrastination the biggest issue?

156. Sports or any form of physical activity can majorly impact mood and physical well-being.

157. Participating in sports can help individuals fight depression and anxiety

158. Excessive physical activities or sports can do more harm to your health than good

159. Practices that can help students develop creative ideas and become academically productive

160. Most medical information available on digital platforms is inaccurate. Justify the statement

Final Words

Considering the abovementioned factors, including presenting concrete evidence, accepting opposing views, and using transitional words, can help you connect the dots. Understand the key components to meet the essay's goal. Again, use a hook to establish your essay's tone and attract readers' interest. Following these strategies will help you develop a well-explained essay that will help you convince your readers of your point of view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay offers your opinion of a topic and showcases your attempt to convince readers why it is correct. Such a piece of writing uses logic, evidence, and real-life examples to state why your stand on the topic is correct and legitimate from another.

Q.2. What are the main elements of a persuasive essay?

All persuasive papers have certain standard requirements that you must keep in mind while writing. For instance:

  • A clear and strong thesis that establishes your primary idea and sustains your viewpoint.
  • A solid opening paragraph with a hook introducing the thesis
  • Well-crafted body paragraphs that use relevant research evidence to support the argumentative points.
  • Smooth and proper transitions to connect ideas with every paragraph in engaging ways
  • Accurate use of counterarguments for refuting opposing ideas and claims
  • A cohesive conclusion emphasizes the central idea of the essay without getting repetitive.

Q.3. How to write a persuasive essay?

Here are some suggestions for writing an impressive persuasive essay:

  • Begin by reading the essay requirements carefully.
  • Understand what the topic is about before you research and write.
  • Make a list of ideas and opinions you need to research for the paper.
  • Ask yourself what opinion you have of the topic and clarify your views
  • Come up with a unique, debatable perspective of the topic and develop  a tentative thesis statement
  • Conduct in-depth to become well-informed on the topic.
  • Find credible sources that help you understand the topic from different perspectives.

Q.4. What are some tips for writing a good persuasive essay?

To write a good persuasive essay, here's what you should do:

  • Take notes and summarize the points and refer to them while writing
  • Sift your notes and research sources to use the best points to lustrate your viewpoint.
  • Each body paragraph should devote to one topic of discussion relevant to the thesis.
  • Write proper transitions to make clear, logical connections between your thesis and evidence of the specific section.
  • Be sure to define the key terms and ideas, analyze specific examples, evaluate and summarize the opposing opinions
  • Compare and contrast the examples, and connect them with the main ideas

Q.5. What are the best topics for a persuasive essay?

Here is a list of the most relevant persuasive essay topics for your convenience:

  • What are the challenges of writing a quality essay?
  • How to overcome your fear of public speaking?
  • Common traits in today’s teenagers
  • Melting glaciers can increase volcanic eruptions
  • E-sports is an emerging industry for individuals with high potential
  • How have smartphones impacted children’s communication skills
  • Do introverts benefit from individual work?

Q.6. What is the main type of persuasive writing?

Persuasive writing is a less-formal style that focuses on exploring someone's perspective of an argument. Three main types of techniques are used for persuasive writing: ethos (ethical), pathos (emotional), and logos (logical). Using these techniques, a writer can convince readers to understand their views or opinions.

Q.7. How to write a persuasive essay introduction?

The introductory paragraph of your persuasive essay should focus on the background information of the issue you want to outline in your paper. Though you should use a hook to grab readers’ attention, try to avoid excessive suspense. Keep it short, clear, and easy to understand, followed by a strong thesis.

Q.8. Can I get help with my persuasive essay?

Absolutely! Numerous writing coaches and professional essayists are available online to help students with all types of essay writing, including persuasive essays. You can connect with them for comprehensive guidance and master the art of writing brilliant essays. Just make sure you hire writers with high-ranking and relevant academic expertise.

Q.9. How do I write the conclusion in a persuasive essay?

The purpose of a conclusion of a persuasive essay is to restate your paper's primary argument. Also, it should explain how you have supported the argument using related data, information, and examples. The conclusion is your last chance to win your readers' side, so make it impactful.

Q.10. Can I finish my persuasive essay in a day?

You can complete your persuasive essay in a day if you are completely focused. A persuasive essay uses rhetorical methods to convince readers to accept your viewpoint or opinion of a subject or issue. Since it is a popular type of creative writing, do your research and have your notes and sources ready to complete your essay quickly without distraction.

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