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10 Excellent Tips To Make Your Essay Longer Than Usual.

Tips to Make Your Essay Longer Than Usual

For the successful completion of the academic courses, the students need to complete their essays which come with a particular word count. Meeting this huge word count is truly impossible at times. Depending upon essay topics, the essays can be short or long requiring the students to do more research work and meet the word count with relevant information. In many cases, the students tend to increase margin widths and font sizes bigger than usual. This is the reason why in most cases, the university professors set the font size and margin of the assignments. In order to make the essays more applicable, relevant, and full of information there are ten tricks that can be followed.

10 Tips on How To Make An Essay Longer

1. Review the introduction and conclusion:

The students get the scope for evolving ideas when they start to write. This is the reason why if you have started to write with the introduction part, then you can take another look at the introduction of the essay. This will enable you to discover the gaps of thoughts and you can add the details that you had forgotten. This can help you make your essay more critical with more valid as well as legible arguments. Similarly happens with the part of the conclusion. In this part, you must check whether you have compressed all the information that was meant to offer the reader with a proper outcome/Therefore, you must carry out a thorough revision of the introduction as well as of the conclusion after completing the writing of the essay.  

2. Proofread of the papers:

In most of cases, the students do not get the time to review or proofread their papers or essays as they have a tight schedule to maintain. In such a case, they can ask their friend or any acquaintances to read through the paper so that the inconsistencies and confusing statements of the paper can be pointed out. Therefore letting others proofread the essay will enable you to ensure that you have not skipped any impotent data orbit if information.  

3. Use quotations:

As the writer of any academic writer has to establish arguments with the support of different reliable sources, he or she can use different quotations. This is due to the fact that these are excellent methods of establishing their arguments on one hand raising the word count for the essays and making the essay more reliable and relevant. However, the quotations must not be added without any specific contexts. In case you are not being able to find any quotations relevant to the writing, you must go through the source material once again. Thus you will get the chance to get more useful quotations that may be included. You may also perform a type of research to find out whether there are any other sources you may add to the essay.

4. Review the structure prepared already:

Before writing the essay, you must create a frame or structure based on which you will be writing the entire piece of the essay. After writing the essay completely, you need to check the structure so that you can get one piece of information that is essential in one hand and can shoot the word count in one chance. Thus you can make your essay more compelling than the previous one. Therefore it is advised that you must look through the structure of the essay once you have completed writing the paper.

5. Incorporating a lot of transitional phrases and terms:

For the logical progression of the sentences, it is essential that you have used plenty of transitional phrases and terms. At the time of writing the paper, it often happens that you may have missed out on some essential points needed to be covered. In addition to this, the professors tend to search for the traditional terms that connect the sentences with one another. These traditional terms and phrases are even though, although, on the contrary, similarly and therefore.

6. Remove grammatical errors and spelling mistakes:

The grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are capable of affecting the quality of the writing. The essay in spite of having long equations, support from the sources, a huge number of relevant information, and critical ideologies properly giving the argumentative structure in the essay, will not be effective and successful to get good marks if it has a huge number of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This is the reason why the student must be aware of the perfect use of grammar and words so that the professor does not get the chance to point out the errors in the essay. In addition to this, whole writing the student may come across spelling mistakes that remain unchecked. These are the places where the professors get the chance to reduce the marks even if you have written a high-quality essay.

7. Using evidence and examples:

As you have used a high-quality writing style for your essay and supported all your views with reliable and academic resources, you must have the credibility of the paper. In doing so you have already eliminated the unauthentic sources and data from those books, journals, or websites. As mentioned before, the credibility of the essay increases when you give the quotations. Now you must also add the evidence of your views. It also suggested that you look for more and more evidence so that you can solidify the arguments detailed in the essay more effectively. If you have only added one piece of evidence or any anecdote to substantiate the specific points, then it is always suggested that you look for more evidence to solidify the arguments further. This particular technique can help you to make your essay more reliable in one hand and increase the length of the essay. Thus you will be able to establish the arguments.

8. Consult with the processor for insights:

Most of the professors or tutors are always willing to guide their students to conduct good research on the topic and produce relevant and high-quality essays. Therefore, you can visit your professor and consult with them about the betterment of essay writing. The professors will be giving you some valuable insights about the topic which you can incorporate in your essay and make it more reliable and conceivable. In addition to this, the insight from the professor can also help you to increase the word count and elongate the essay.

9. Take a break from brainstorming and writing:

The number of mistakes increases when you are writing for a long period of time, doing research, and brainstorming. This leads your brain to be tired of analyzing factors and data. This constant sitting on the chair and looking at the computer for so long time increases the scope for mistakes. During this time, you need to take a break and give rest to your eyes and brain. During the break, you can go for a short walk, talk to your friend about some random thing, or eat snacks. This will give the scope to get fresh perspectives.

10. Whether you have proved yourself properly:

After completing all the processes you must take to write your essay and successfully share your points of view, you must read the entire essay and ponder over the fact that you have presented all your insights in your essay. As the length of the essay is a priority, you must take good care of the choice of words and sources but it also happens that due to the stress of completing the essay within the deadline, you may lose track while writing. In such a case, the thesis statement can come to help. You will be able to write properly and establish your viewpoint if consider whether your thesis perfectly fits your arguments. Finally, you must see that all the points you wanted to establish in the essay have been properly fit in the structure and touched properly.

Thus making an essay lengthy is not always a difficult task to follow only when you know the proper tactics for writing an essay. If you cannot understand or are still clueless about the process of making an essay look longer, then you can delegate your task to a professional essay writer.

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