60 Impactful Discursive Essay Topics for a Stellar Paper

60 Impactful Discursive Essay Topics for a Stellar Paper

60 Impactful Discursive Essay Topics for a Stellar Paper

The objective of preparing a discursive essay paper is to present an unbiased view on a specific topic. This form of essay requires the students to write the paper by elaborating on both sides of a statement. Many students have unclear ideas regarding the differences between a discursive essay and an argumentative essay.

Argumentative writing requires you to choose a stance on a particular issue. On the other hand, a discursive essay asks you to maintain a balanced and neutral point of view on any specific issue. You can use facts, figures, and research in your essay. Let us elaborate on the process of writing an excellent discursive essay paper.

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We have also created an exhaustive list of discursive essay help topics.

  1. Selecting a hard-hitting topic

Create an elaborate list of all the debatable and compelling discursive essay topics in a notepad. Then start narrowing down the list. After you narrow down the topics and bring down the choices to only two or three, you can start analyzing the topics further. Choose the one that seems suitable to debate on. Consider the following topics as an example.

  1. Has the digital revolution transformed job opportunities for the youth?
  2. Is the lack of proper sanitation facilities still a cause of concern in rural areas?

You can check out this resource from the Calderglen High School that elucidates how to present a perfect discursive essay.

  1. Crafting an irresistible essay introduction

The introduction of your discursive essay should be able to entice the readers to read further into the paper. How do you accomplish that? Simple. Begin with a hook- something that your readers will find to be intriguing. Offer a concise explanation of the issue you are discussing. You may use quotations, as well as rhetorical questions. However, make sure you do not present generalized or stereotyped statements.

  1. Writing the main paragraphs by including relevant information

This part primarily makes your essay paper stand out. The research you do and the resources you derive culminate in the body paragraphs. In order to present this section appropriately, you need to pay attention to the following elements.

  • Each paragraph should describe a major idea.
  • The ideas discussed in each of the paragraphs should be backed by relevant evidence. This is the part where you can use statistics, quotes, facts, etc.
  • Conclude each paragraph with a quick recap of the key idea and supporting evidence.

The structure of the main paragraph would be somewhat like this.

Figure 1: Structure of the main paragraph of an Argumentative essay

  1. Bringing the essay to a cohesive end

This section requires you to sum up every major idea, argument, and evidence that you have presented throughout the main paragraphs. In this part of the essay, you can explain your opinion logically. The essential thing to remember is that it should resonate with your evidence stated in the main body. Don’t repeat the findings, just summarise them.

You can check this illustration from Bearsden Academy to understand what you should include in the conclusion of your discursive essay. Work on your essay by following the structure given below:



                                                Figure 2: Discursive essay simplified

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List of 60 Top Discursive Essay Topics

Selecting a brilliant topic is the first stepping-stone to write an essay. To simplify the process of topic selection, we have created an extensive list of topics for you.

Here is an illustration that will simplify the process of discursive essay writing even further.

  1. Should schools teach the quality of empathy?
  2. Is social media the end of real conversation?
  3. Is there a thing called “teacher’s pet” syndrome? Is it good or bad for an individual’s self-esteem?
  4. Should open-book examination be made mandatory?
  5. Is imparting and receiving education in the digital era more difficult? Elaborate your argument with evidence.
  6. Does the corporate sector treat their women employees the same as their male counterparts?
  7. The need for body positivity in an era of social media.
  8. Is social validation the new form of addiction in this digital age? Justify your stance.
  9. Do team-building activities elevate the productivity of the employees?
  10. Is peer pressure good or bad for individual development? Explain your stance
  11. Children today have no inclination for outdoor activities. Justify your stance with valid arguments.
  12. Impact of steroids on your body. Present your arguments.
  13. The college curriculum should be changed as per the preferences of the students. Discuss.
  14. Is the consumption of energy drinks good or bad?  Justify your answer.
  15. Is globalization making us forget the simple pleasures of life?
  16. Why should colleges increase their acceptance rates?
  17. Will zombie Apocalypse turn into a reality in the distant future? Justify your stance.
  18. China has surpassed the USA and become a new economic superpower. Elaborate on your stance.
  19.  Why the International Monetary Fund should not be too lenient towards the developed countries?
  20. Should the UK reconsider Brexit? Justify your answer with valid evidence.
  21. Considering the recent economic meltdown in Europe, is globalization a failure?
  22. Should corporate entities outsource their employees?
  23. When it comes to advertising, the way to a consumer’s heart is through humor. Elaborate on your stance.
  24. Is online shopping more convenient than heading to the physical stores?
  25. Does flexible work culture have a role to play in elevating employee productivity?
  26. Should businesses go green? Elaborate your arguments.
  27. Imposing dress codes is against a flexible work culture. Discuss.
  28. Shakespeare’s works would be more intriguing if they were not so lengthy.
  29. Is the quality of air deteriorating in the developing countries? Justify your answers
  30. Hybrid cars- Are they good or bad for our environment?
  31. Should Euthanasia be legalized? Justify your stance with valid examples.
  32. The perception of an individual is based on stereotypes. Discuss.
  33. Should testing products on animals be banned?
  34. The pressure to perform well in studies and co-curricular activities is driving children to mental illness.
  35. Can childhood obesity result in far-reaching implications in life?
  36. Why the consumption of processed food should be limited? Justify your answer with proper evidence.
  37. Schools should focus on imparting valuable life skills.
  38. Colleges and universities should install vending machines for condoms.
  39. Is it necessary to learn a foreign language in school? Elaborate on your stance.
  40. Are teenagers always after gaining popularity? Pick your stand and justify it.
  41. Schools should increase recess time for students. Discuss.
  42. Is popular media compelling us to idolize false role models?
  43. Was Severus Snape a hero? Justify with valid examples.
  44. Intelligence depends on the environment, not on genetics. Discuss.
  45. Can social media usher in social reforms?
  46. Are STDs still considered a taboo? Justify your answer.
  47. Can video games be used to educate children in the class?
  48. Technological innovations have made us lazy. Elucidate on your stance with apt arguments.
  49. Does texting help in enhancing our reading skills?
  50. Ecotourism is an effective way to conserve the environment.
  51. Should hypnosis be used to cure addictions? Present your arguments with examples.
  52. Electronic music can be as beautiful as the classics. Discuss.
  53. Music is essential for an individual’s mental and physical wellness.
  54. Skills are more important than academic degrees. Justify your answer.
  55. The content produced on TV or the internet shouldn’t give out unrealistic beauty standards for teenage girls.
  56. Should schools implement stricter measures in case of video camera surveillance?
  57. Lord of the Rings trilogy movie version is better than the novel.
  58. People with high self-esteem have better chances of success.
  59. The American Dream isn’t a fallacy. Elaborate on your stance.
  60. Do colors have a connection with your moods? Elaborate on your stance.

In conclusion,

Presenting an awe-inspiring discursive essay will not take a humongous effort on your part once you are aware of the ways to write a stellar paper. That’s how your essay paper will always fetch you straight A’s.

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