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Exploring Thought-Provoking Discursive Essay Topics

60 Impactful Discursive Essay Topics for a Stellar Paper

You’ve done at least a couple of writing courses in a day and finished writing your share of essays. When you think you have written every possible kind of paper, BAM!!! You're hit with a new kind of essay – the discursive essay.

With the word 'curse' in the middle of the name, cursing might be exactly what you feel like doing now when thinking about mastering how to craft a whole new essay.

We understand. There are countless kinds of essays, and you still feel like you like you have already written every one of them. Learning another writing style may not be how you want to spend your time right now. However, trust us, gaining an in-depth understanding of how to craft a discursive essay isn't that bad.

Learning to write a discursive essay is significant for your educational career. The process of crafting a discursive essay structure educates you about constructing the basic outline of all academic papers. If you can comprehend how to start or end a discursive essay effectively, you will know how to write and interpret other academic papers.

Seems important now, isn’t it? No need to worry. Now that you have landed on the perfect guide to writing a perfect discursive essay let's make this process 10X easier. We have significant guidelines and unique discursive essay topics to help you nail your next paper like a champion.

Ready? Fasten your seatbelts. Let’s take off!

What is a Discursive Essay? A Quick Overview

Before learning how to craft the perfect discursive essay format, it is essential to get the hang of what is a discursive essay.

A discursive essay is mainly written to present a topic in a balanced way. It offers all sides of an argument and gives the reader objective evidence about a specific topic. It is usually crafted in an impersonal style, allowing to keep things unbiased.

This implies that, as the essay writer of a discursive essay, you must be incredibly careful to avoid arguing for one perspective. Rather, you should try to keep your opinion out of the discussion. If you start to argue a point, your essay will become argumentative.

The key objective of writing discursive essays is –

  • To offer an unbiased assessment of a subject
  • To offer a balanced discussion on the subject
  • To present true facts and research reports
  • To offer one’s opinion on the topic
  • To formally present both sides of a subject

These are some reasons behind the significance of writing a discursive essay. Now, let's take a look at different types of discursive essays.

To learn more, consult our Guide on exploratory essay topics.

Discursive Essay: What are the Types?

The discursive essay can be categorized into three kinds, as enlisted below –

  • For and Against Essay

This kind of discursive essay will argumentatively discuss either for or against the theme or the topic. When writing an essay of this kind, you should ensure to focus on both advantages and disadvantages of the subject. It is also crucial to present your views neutrally.

Especially before concluding these essays, you should demonstrate your opinion on the subject by specifying your preference.

  • Opinion Essay

In this kind of Opinion essay, you must describe your opinions or arguments on a specific topic with valid supporting evidence. However, before you conclude the essay, you should offer your arguments against the subject and describe why they are not persuasive.

  • Solutions Suggesting Essay

This kind of discursive essay will always highlight an issue and suggest countless potential ways to solve the problem. When concluding the paper, you should also make sure to convey your opinion on the best solution to the issue and must describe the reason why it is effective.

These subtle differences between different kinds of discursive essays shape the way you approach your writing. Hence, before you start writing the paper, carefully note the instructions to figure out the best ways to craft the perfect discursive essay outline.

How to Write a Discursive Essay?

A close look at a discursive essay example will help you understand that it is a formal essay that should be structured remarkably to make your readers understand your perspectives. Like most essays, it starts with an introduction and conclusion.

Have a look at certain effective guidelines to craft a perfect and impeccable discursive essay –


After crafting a detailed discursive essay outline, the first question you may ask is how to start a discursive essay. Here’s how you can write a remarkable discursive essay introduction –

  • Provide your readers with a hook – something that would seem interesting to them.
  • Offer a brief explanation of the issue. You can use quotations along with rhetorical questions.
  • Demonstrate to your readers both sides of the argument and sum up.

Main Body

While crafting the discursive essay structure, the next step is to start working on the main body paragraphs of the paper.

  • Develop your argumentation and present it while writing discursive essay body paragraphs. If you have several arguments for your perspective, provide them in separate paragraphs. This will enable you to keep your essay distinct and comprehensible. Further, do not forget to submit supporting evidence.
  • Write the essay body in an alternate manner. If your first paragraph supports the argument of the paper, then write something the opposite of it in the second paragraph. This unique combination of supporting and opposite paragraphs will make your essay look organized and well-research. It will also allow you to stay neutral.
  • Also, remember to incorporate topic sentences and evidence. Present a summary of the argument at the beginning of the paragraph. It will help your readers understand what the paragraph is about easily. You can also offer evidence to show that you are not making up facts.


Well, now that you have almost finished your writing, it’s time to know how to end a discursive essay in the best way possible. Here's how you can wrap up your essay effectively –

  • While writing the conclusion of the essay, try to summarize your paper, including the key points specified in the body paragraphs.
  • You can also logically express your opinions. Make sure it resonates with the evidence stated in the body paragraphs.
  • Do not repeat your findings; simply summarize them.

10 Golden Tips to Craft a Unique Discursive Essay

Remember, writing a discursive essay is no rocket science.

To help our readers craft the best discursive essays possible, we have provided unique tips and techniques to successfully answer your question, 'How to write a discursive essay on difficult topics?’ Not only that, but it would allow you to take your discursive essay to the next level.

Have a look –

  • Craft the discursive essay in a formal, third-person speech.
  • Use the right words and formal language conventions to craft this paper.
  • Avoid using any emotional writing style and cliches to exaggerate your viewpoints.
  • Adhere to the standard discursive essay formatthat includes separate sections for the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Describe the arguments using a calm and balanced tone.
  • Utilize famous real-life examples as proof to describe the key arguments.
  • Never change the original structure of a discursive essay.
  • Ensure to use transition words in between the paragraphs to maintain a seamless and smooth narration flow.
  • Incorporate remarkable persuasive writing techniques like hyperbole, imagery, oxymorons, metaphors, repetitions, and similes at the appropriate places if required.
  • Include references for all the critical ideas taken from external resources.

Clear till now? We are sure you have developed a profound understanding of how to write a discursive essay. Let’s proceed to understand how to choose interesting topics for a discursive essay. 

Foolproof Strategies to Choose Intriguing Discursive Essay Topics

The scope of a discursive essay hugely depends on the topic. Half the battle of delivering an incredible discursive essay will be won when you choose interesting discursive essay topics. Undeniably, the creative process is in no way easy.

Have a look at these below-mentioned sure-fire strategies that will help you choose a theme that’s perfect for you –

  • Choose a controversial topic that can be easily argued with various opinions or perspectives.
  • Select a unique topic where you have strong knowledge and opinion.
  • Choose a complex topic with at least two sides to generate more arguments for and against the subject.
  • Give preference to a topic that is comfortable for you to write about.
  • Determine a topic that has the power to captivate the attention of the readers.
  • Select a topic that has countless relevant facts or evidence to support your opinions or arguments.

With all these foolproof strategies up your sleeves, you will surely be prepared as a soldier for the battle. For those looking for inspiration, look at this extensive list of discursive essay topics we have compiled for you. You can be assured of securing high grades with any of these.

Here you go!

An Extensive List of Inspiring and Unique Discursive Essay Topics

  • Simple Discursive Essay Topics

  1. Is it essential to pose a restriction on the freedom of speech of people?
  2. Will robots in the future increase our efficiency?
  3. Explore the challenges in the workplace faced by women
  4. Explore the way negative public relations can allow an individual to become famous and successful in the entertainment industry
  5. Explore how the excessive usage of social networking sites and gaming platforms impacts the academic outcomes of adolescents and children.
  6. Is it wise to watch an action movie on the big screen or in your home?
  7. Do you believe online matrimonial platforms are an excellent place to find and meet potential partners to marry?
  8. Do you think capital punishment must be restricted in every country?
  9. Discuss the pros and cons of video games among teenagers
  10. Explore the pros and cons of globalization
  11. Explore how excellent peacekeeping missions can bring peace to a nation
  12. Present your views on the healing capacity of listening to a favorite song
  • Interesting Topics for a Discursive Essay

  1. Do you think a college education is compulsory to be successful in life?
  2. Listening to your heart or mind – which one is better?
  3. Do you think parents should always be honest with their children?
  4. Present your views about the marriage of convenience
  5. Do you believe Graffiti is art?
  6. Do you think social media sites must be restricted from collecting the data of their users?
  7. Do you think athletes are the best role models for children?
  8. Explain the key factors or components of a brilliant office culture
  9. Is reading Shakespeare obsolete in the modern era?
  10. Do you think the average driving age in your country can be minimized or increased?
  11. Do you think it is essential for people to develop religious tolerance in Muslim countries?
  12. Is social media essential for a small business to gain success?
  • Best Discursive Essay Topics

  1. Explore the advantages and disadvantages associated with using mobile phones.
  2. Do you think Blockchain improved trade finance in 2018?
  3. Is the present education system productive?
  4. Do you believe English is one of the most challenging languages to learn?
  5. Explain the best kind of parenting you have observed in the country
  6. Present your views on how rock music is associated with Satanism
  7. What do you think is better – reading an e-book or paperback?
  8. Do you think reading non-fiction tends to develop the creativity of a writer?
  9. Explore the pros and cons of peer pressure
  10. Explain the situation of medicine and healthcare in the 1900s
  11. Do you believe contemporary people across the world are relying excessively on technology?
  12. Present your views on how virtual reality can turn out to be incredibly dangerous for youngsters.
  • Top-Rated and Trending Discursive Essay Topics

  1. Is exercising compulsory for losing weight effectively?
  2. Explain the correlation between happiness and wealth
  3. Is plastic surgery beneficial?
  4. Do you think texting and texting apps like WhatsApp and Telegram are ruining the English language?
  5. Will Google bring the end of privacy?
  6. Do you think having an extensive knowledge of grammar is essential?
  7. Present your views on which one is worse – white-collar or blue-collar crimes.
  8. Do you believe plastic surgery is essential?
  9. Do you think it is necessary for parents to be on the same social network as their kids?
  10. Do you believe having MBA is essential to be successful in business?
  11. Present your views about the childfree movement
  12. Present your views on the penalty for cyberbullying or internet trolling
  • Captivating Discursive Essay Topics

  1. Do you think there exists a connection between tattoos and paganism?
  2. Do you believe dating websites are an excellent place to meet romantic partners?
  3. Present your views on why rape victims must be hanged to death
  4. Explore the difficulties faced in outsourcing to foreign countries
  5. Explore why an assassination can never be justified
  6. Do you believe earning money through the lottery is a remarkable idea?
  7. Explore the prospects of having a women president.
  8. Do you consider radio a significant form of media in the 21stcentury?
  9. Present your views on how slavery should have a positive influence on world economics.
  10. Explore how the gaming world encourages problematic gender and racial stereotypes.
  11. Do you think social media platforms impact the academic performance of students?
  12. Do you think technological advancements are making us lazy?
  • Outstanding Discursive Essay Topics

  1. What do you think is better – watching a movie in your home or big screen?
  2. Do you think a college education is essential to be successful in life?
  3. Present your views on the marriage of convenience
  4. Is it necessary to restrict animal sports?
  5. Do you think the military’s use of drones is an invasion of privacy?
  6. Do you think public schools need to teach social-emotional skills to students?
  7. Explore the positive and negative impacts of Blockchain on energy
  8. Do you believe cutting hands is the only effective way to eliminate corruption?
  9. Do you think it is essential for parents to be honest with their kids?
  10. Is it necessary for all adults to have eight hours of sleep?
  11. Do you believe the government censor should rap music culture?
  12. Present your views on how the best music is often founded on social oppression.
  • Compelling Discursive Essay Topics

  1. Present your views on which one is the best – joint families or nuclear families?
  2. Discuss how social media is more relevant these days than traditional media.
  3. Present your views on how beauty contests must be restricted
  4. Explore how politicians must depend on the media to remain in power
  5. Discuss how video games must have educational value
  6. Do you believe apps are more of assistance or a waste of time?
  7. Present your views on how female dress codes must be enforced in the workplace.
  8. Present a comparative analysis between dress codes and students' liberty to select their looks.
  9. Discuss why fast food must be restricted within 400 m of schools
  10. Is it essential to reward children for behaving remarkably?
  11. Do you think it is essential to have Facebook to stay in touch with each other?
  12. Do you think renowned people in society should get involved in politics?
  • Unique Discursive Essay Ideas 

  1. Present your views on how space explorations guarantee long-term survival
  2. Explain the concept of the mortgage crisis in the economy
  3. Discuss how the celebrity culture is ruining the moral values of young teenagers
  4. Present your views on the positive and negative impacts of using blockchain technology on the performance of the international financial market
  5. Discuss why social media platforms are becoming more significant in comparison to conventional print and broadcast media
  6. Explain why internet slang like LOL should be included in the dictionary
  7. Do you think it is ethical for the government to ban same-sex marriages?
  8. Discuss the adverse impacts of detox diets
  9. Do you believe print media is almost dead?
  10. Explore the reasons behind policymakers pushing STEM education nowadays
  11. Discuss how students can contribute to the safety of nature
  12. Present the association between fitness, food, and weight
  • Amazing Discursive Essay Topics of 2024

  1. Discuss how students can contribute to the safety of nature
  2. Present your views on the negative impacts of detox diets
  3. Explore the relationship between food, fitness, and weight
  4. Write about the restriction on steroid takers from sports
  5. Do you believe homeschooling is a disadvantage for students?
  6. Do you think capital punishment should be restricted in every country?
  7. Explore why space explorations guarantee long-term survival
  8. Do you think the recent education system has been productive?
  9. Present your views on how offshore drilling must be widened
  10. Do you believe afternoon naps must be allowed at work?
  11. Do you think religious organizations need to pay taxes as companies do?
  12. Present your views on how religious people must be allowed to marry and have children.
  13. Can electric vehicles reduce overall emissions?
  14. Do you think all businesses should offer paternity leave?
  15. Present your views on why women must be allowed to play professional sports on teams of men.
  16. Discuss why cloning is unethical
  17. Explore how beauty pageants dangerous for the participants
  18. Present your views on how athletes and professional coaches must make the same amount of money
  19. Present your views on how designated hitters are good or bad for the baseball
  20. Discuss why most companies move to a four-day workweek
  21. Present your views on why the current American tax system must be fair
  22. Present your views on how children must not be too cuddled
  23. Explore how companies need to offer paid parental leaves
  24. Present your views on how Graffiti is an act of vandalism or the creation of art
  25. Do you believe affirmative action is effective?
  26. Do you think it is necessary for drunk drivers to have their driver's licenses revoked permanently?
  27. Do you believe marketing designed for kids must be illegal?
  28. Present your views on how people must be fined for not recycling
  29. Discuss how steroid users must be restricted from their sports forever
  30. Is it necessary for most companies to make the four-day workweek a new norm?
  31. Present your views on how students must be allowed to use computers for research when giving exams.
  32. Discuss how music and other kinds of art should be made free online
  33. Explore how schools need students to say the 'Pledge of Allegiance.'
  34. Discuss how alcohol sales must be made illegal between midnight and noon
  35. Is it necessary for the government to control what we will eat?
  36. Is it essential for America to automate voter registration?
  37. Do you believe America will function remarkably without the electoral college?
  38. Discuss how car seats are effective at keeping children safe in car crashes.
  39. Present how medical professionals can be allowed to market pharmaceuticals to their patients.
  40. Write about the detrimental impact of excessive school noise on academic performance.
  41. Do you think there should be concerts with holograms of no longer living superstars?
  42. Write about the effect of hyper-realistic beauty filters on modern society.
  43. Explore the no-backpack trend in schools. Discuss the other ways to foster the creativity of students.
  44. Do you think it is unethical for parents to exploit their children to gain followers and likes on social media?
  45. Do you think fast fashion will drown us in cloth piles?
  46. Who can be held responsible for pollution – end-users or corporations?
  47. Discuss the dark side of overexercising
  48. Explore the ways we can combat verbal and physical abuse from coaches
  49. Explore the description of violence against African people in literature
  50. Investigate the views on the multiple intelligence theory of Gardner
  51. Can traveling be considered sustainable?
  52. Do you think the trend for secondhand can ruin the destructive results of overconsumption?
  53. Do you think mental straws or tote bags are a drop in the sea or beneficial for the planet?
  54. Discuss the significance of racial representation through skins in the metaverse.
  55. Discuss how the fetish of Japanese people can be detrimental to their culture.
  56. Present your views on the fine line between cultural appropriation and appreciation.
  57. Discuss the issue of doing Asian-inspired makeup
  58. Do you think it is time to shift from the hustle culture?
  59. Discuss the reasons behind university graduates overestimating their future salaries.
  60. Explore the necessities of mental health days in schools and universities
  61. Explore why countless people are skeptical about NFT
  62. Write about the potential threats and possibilities of deep fake technology
  63. Do you think drones can take our privacy away?
  64. Do you think excessive skincare treatment steps are essential?
  65. Write about the boom of SPF products and its impacts
  66. Explore the impact of weighted blankets on our physical and mental state
  67. Do you think baby sensory videos can be a short-term pleasure or a long-term nightmare?
  68. Do you think listening to healing frequencies is simply a trend?
  69. Explore how the theory of the American dream is presented in the film ‘The Great Gatsby.’
  70. Evaluate the influence of family issues on children and recommend ways to enhance the situation.
  71. Discuss different complications of working with groups
  72. Present different views on the definition of love
  73. Discuss the effectiveness of motivational interviewing
  74. Write about the significance of metaphors used by Virgil in 'Aeneid.'
  75. Evaluate various opinions on withdrawing treatments of the patients
  76. Do you think superhero movies don’t have any cultural value?
  77. Discuss how driverless cars can be more dangerous than we can imagine
  78. Do you think an arts degree translates into a lucrative paying career?
  79. Present your views on how monarchy must be abolished everywhere in the world.
  80. Do you think the age of legal smoking and drinking must be increased
  81. Do you think all prisoners should be allowed to vote in elections?
  82. Discuss your views on how being an Instagram blogger is not a real profession.
  83. Do you think professional sports at a young age are not healthy?
  84. Do you think award ceremonies are becoming more diverse?
  85. Explore various opinions on mysticism and explain your attitude towards it
  86. Explore the diverse perspectives on spirituality
  87. Evaluate the issue of police misconduct
  88. Explore the issue of the shortage in nursing and recommend a solution
  89. Present your views on the significance of parents being included in children’s education
  90. Present arguments for and against random drug testing
It will definitely help you learn persuasive speech topics if you follow this Guide!

FAQs Related to Discursive Essay

Q.1. What is a discursive essay?

A discursive essay is a kind of essay that discusses a certain problem, a controversy, or a recent issue. This is written to present a topic in a balanced way. It offers all sides of an argument and provides the readers with objective evidence on a specific topic. Additionally, it is crafted in an impersonal style which aids in keeping things unbiased.

Q.2. How to write a discursive essay?

There is no definite answer to this question. Like any other essay, a discursive essay must have a clear structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion. The most crucial thing is that the essay needs to be persuasive, cohesive, and intriguing to read.

Q.3. How to start a discursive essay?

To start a discursive essay effectively, it is crucial to –

  • Take a close look at the topic and think about the relevant points to cover
  • Select the most relevant points and craft the body of the paper
  • Add an appropriate introduction and conclusion

Q.4. What are the steps involved in writing a discursive essay?

  • Select a topic which you are interested in and that you have in-depth knowledge about
  • Conduct in-depth research to collect information on all sides of the argument.
  • Brainstorm ideas and organize them into a clear structure
  • Write a strong introduction that captures the reader’s attention and formulate your thesis statement
  • Craft the body paragraphs, presenting all sides of the argument in a balanced and objective manner
  • Craft the conclusion that summarizes your key points
  • Proofread diligently for errors in grammar and mechanics

Q.5. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a discursive essay?

  • Not conducting in-depth research.
  • Offering only one side of the argument
  • Writing in a conversational or informal style
  • Using personal biases or opinions
  • Not having a clear structure or organization
  • Making grammar or mechanics errors

Q.6. What are some good discursive essay topics?

Good discursive essay topics are those that are controversial or have various perspectives. Here are some good discursive essay topics –

  • Do you think energy drinks pose serious threats to people under 18?
  • Should GMOs be allowed in food?
  • Do you believe a technology addiction is a real addiction?
  • Do you think the drones used by the military invade privacy?
  • Do you think public places, like libraries and restaurants, should be allowed to use internet filters?
  • Is it essential to expand offshore drilling?

Q.7. How do I choose a discursive essay topic?

When selecting a discursive essay topic, it is significant to consider the below-enlisted crucial factors –

  • The topic must be controversial or have multiple perspectives. This will enable you to explore various perspectives and present a balanced argument.
  • There should be adequate information available on the topic to support the argument.
  • The topic must be long enough to support a 500–700-word essay.

Q.8. How do you end a discursive essay?

  • Return to something you mentioned in the first paragraph
  • Assess the things that you presented before
  • Hint at something you may have followed up on if the scope of the question allowed it.
  • Offer an opinion

Q.9. What are the different types of discursive essays?

There are mainly two kinds of discursive essay topics –

  • Consensus Topics – These are the topics when there is a general agreement on the issue.
  • Controversial Topics – These are the topics without general agreement on an issue.

Q.10. What are examples of discursive?

Discursive texts can be found anywhere. Opinion pieces in newspapers are a remarkable example of a discursive essay. Other examples incorporate essays we read or speeches and lectures. Most TEDx talks are discursive as well.

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