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Character Reference Letter Writing Tips With Examples

Character Reference Letter

Many employers ask their candidates for a character reference letter to get an idea of the person who they are.  In this guide, we will learn the purpose of writing a character reference letter and discuss all the crucial strategies.

A character reference letter, also known as the personal reference letter is a written document by someone who knows the candidate personally. The main idea behind the character reference letter writing is to attest to the capabilities and character of a person who isn't your employer or a colleague. Writing a character reference letter is crucial for two situations.

  • Legal Reasons:

It is mainly for a background check or court case where the letter acts as evidence to demonstrate your innocence and qualities for a favorable verdict.

  • Job application:

If your friend doesn't have the required work experience or has been out of a job for an extended period, you may have to write a character reference letter to apply to a job emphasizing his personality and ethics. A compelling personal reference letter makes your job application stand out even if you lack a strong professional background. So one can easily take assistance for essay help writing on personal reference letter.

Essential tips for asking for a personal reference letter

A personal reference letter must showcase your personality, including your ethics, loyalty, and skills related to a particular job. Hence, you must acknowledge the following points before asking someone to write you a personal character reference letter.

  • Carefully consider whom to ask: 

Avoid asking a family member to write a reference letter. Ask someone who knows you well and can provide an honest and definite reference to highlight your abilities, loyalty, and trustworthiness.  

  • Provide him with details:

Once the person you asked for a personal reference letter agrees, you must provide all the necessary information required for her to mention. Share with him the details such as the job you are applying for, your resume, and the submission deadline.  

  • Be thankful and courteous:

Don’t forget to thank your friend for sending the letter. Be gracious and emphasize how grateful you are to him for taking the time to write you a reference letter. With your friend’s help, the letter is ready. But what do you do if your friend asks you the same in return? Don’t panic. Read on to learn how to write a suitable character reference letter and how to draft a great outline.

How to write a character reference letter: 6 key elements 

Personal reference letter writing may sound intimidating if you don’t know how to write a character reference letter. However, the process gets straightforward if you are aware of the letter format and the essential points to include in a character reference letter without any plagiarism.

  1. Introduction:

Your letter is likely to create more impact if you address the correct person. If no name is available, start with "To whom it may concern," followed by the person's name you are writing the letter and the job position he/she has applied for.

  1. Relationship with the candidate:

Try to be specific when you are describing your relationship with your friend. Choose an appropriate way to describe how you know each other without sounding way too formal.

  1. How long you have known each other:

Many experts believe it is smart to include the duration of your friendship or acquaintance with the candidate to improve the validity of your letter. Mention the period in terms of years.

  1. Outline key competencies with examples:

It is the central part of your letter where you need to describe his qualities. Refer to the list to understand the purpose and mention two or three qualities like his skills, leadership quality, and selfless character.  

  1. Writing a recommendation:

In this section, you should vouch for your friend's credibility and suitability for a particular job. Write short paragraphs highlighting the key elements.

  1. Add your contact details:

Make sure to include proper contact information so that person receiving the letter can get back to you for further details and clarifications if required. Include your email address, working phone number, or postal address. Appropriately sign off to match your salutation.

Take a look at the personal character reference letter examples mentioned below to understand the structure, style of writing character reference letters and how to paraphrase them.

Personal character reference letter examples

Example 1:

Personal Character Reference Letter for a High School Student

Dear Admissions Committee,

It is my pleasure to recommend Billy, who I taught in my 10th grade Physics class. Billy has shown immense dedication and worked hard throughout the year and proved to be a real leader to his classmates. His positive attitude and zeal to learn more are extremely important for excelling in the learning process. I am confident about his dedication to excel at whatever he does. I highly recommend Billy for admission in your institution. Billy would not describe himself as a science person. He's told me on several occasions that the theorems and formulas make his mind go frenzy. Billy did come across many hurdles towards the beginning of his semester, but his willpower and motivation to do better amazed me. When many of his classmates gave up, he welcomed challenges. It's because of the hard work Billy excelled in his final term exams. He has indeed demonstrated a growth mindset, and he inspired his peers to adopt a positive mindset. Billy is a fast learner and is well-known for his skills as a baseball player. He's played all through high school and represented the school in many interschool tournaments. He is a trustworthy, reliable, good-natured boy and a real friend to all his peers. His positive attitude is an asset for dealing with challenging situations.

I sincerely believe that he will continue to demonstrate the same diligence, perseverance, and optimism he showed in school. I highly recommend Billy for admission to your undergraduate program. Please get in touch for further discussions without any hesitation at [email protected].


Mr. Wilkins
Science Teacher
Little Flower High School

Example 2:

Personal Character Reference Letter for a Job Candidate

June 3, 2020

Mrs. Lilly Andrews
Hiring Manager
911 Florence Street, Houston

Dear Mrs. Andrews,

It is an immense honor to recommend that Katie Beckon, a dear friend, for the Content Writer Position at Andrews & Jackson’s Printing Press. I have known Katie for over 13 years. In the years I have known her, Katie has written compelling content and demonstrated exceptional skill and competence towards her line of work. From the first time I met Katie, her passion for writing and creating engaging content has amazed me to the core. I remember once she took part in an interstate writing competition and bagged the first prize because of her innovative thinking and prowess in writing. Katie has an excellent rapport with everyone on and off work. Her excellent communication skills and humble nature help her connect with people of all ages. Whenever it is an office conference or a private occasion at home, she is always called upon to speak because she is naturally articulate and connect with people. Katie is a beautiful soul, and it's an honor to have known her for this long. I recommend Katie Beckon without reservation. She is an intelligent, loyal, dedicated, and talented young lady. I sincerely feel that she would make a valuable addition to your creative team. Please feel free to contact me with further queries.

Teresa Thompson
[email protected]


7 Strategies to make your character reference letter shine

  1. Be sure before you agree to write a reference letter. It's better to say no than to create a mess graciously.
  2. Don’t get too personal or introduce irrelevant context while explaining your relationship.
  3. To improve its readability, keep the letter short and sweet. Try to keep it to one side A4 size paper.
  4. Make sure you have sufficient time in hand to deliver the letter within the submission date.
  5. Be specific about what you have to write. When you are mentioning quality, try to write a relevant example.
  6. Maintain a positive and professional tone throughout. Don’t disparage anyone in your letter.
  7. Once done, proofread your letter and make it free of errors. Keep your language clear and concise.

With the examples of character letters as your guide, keep these useful character personal reference letter custom writing tips in mind to create one of your own.

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