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Appealing Communication Research Topics For The Academic Students

Communication Research Topics

The matter of communication may seem simple as it involves the act of 'listening' and 'conversation' at the basic. But it's far beyond simple conversation. 

For example, how are you planning to decode the message from 'Models of Public Relations'? 

Such are the difficulties one might face when working on communication research if you don't choose the right topic. Hence, here is an easy-to-understand guideline for communication research paper topics.

The 6 Principles of a Communication Research

For any topic you choose, it will pass through the 6 principles of communication research. So, make a checklist of the following when you do your research -

  • Why? 

(Set specific goals)

You must have a clear, concise, and measurable list of objectives to use as the foundation of your plan.

Ensure your communications plan's goals don't amount to a restatement of the research's original goals.

Create some specific evaluation criteria from the beginning so that you can determine whether or not your goals have been achieved.

  • What? 

(Have clarity about what you want to express)

You must create clear, succinct messaging and, if possible, include a "call to action."

To express your main points succinctly in one or two phrases, write a top-line summary.

  • How? 

(Preserve a clear message)

Avoid jargon and present your main points in plain language; audiences like journalists and policymakers are inundated with information and cannot recall your messages if they are overly complex. 

  • Who? 

(Know your target audience)

Prioritize your target and user groups based on their influence and importance concerning your goals.

  • Where? 

(Identify the area/route of the audience)

Consider the most effective methods for communicating with your target audience as well as their preferred 'channels' of communication. 

  • When? 

(Make a plan and budget)

Create a project plan that outlines all the tasks you intend to complete, along with associated prices, timelines, and responsibilities.  

But ensure of the following -

  • Don't undervalue the effort and cost involved. 
  • Don't forget to include time as a cost.  
  • Focus on high-impact, low-cost initiatives and, when necessary, hire specialized assistance to provide value for money.

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Importance of Approaches for Communication Research Topic

The topic you choose for communication research must be flexible to certain approaches. This is important so that you can bring out the simplest form of the essay topics. These are listed below -

  • Conceptualize

You must establish your areas of interest during the conceptualization phase and decide whether or not their specific questions and hypotheses are worthwhile for further investigation. 

In fact, students might need to choose a different research topic if the study has already been done on the subject or if there is no compelling reason to do so.

  • Plan and Design

Here, you will choose your methods of evaluation and determine how they intend to define their variables in a measurable way during planning and development control.

  • Implement a Methodology

Students can gather the necessary facts and information before using a methodology. For instance, they might have chosen to carry out a survey study. They would use their survey to gather information throughout this stage. This is the point at which students would evaluate their text if they were to engage in a rhetorical analysis.

  • Identify and Interpret

One can turn their facts or evidence into relevant insights when they analyze and understand it. If they choose to conduct interviews, this would be the stage of the process when they would assess the outcomes in order to derive any implications for the relevant business communication phenomena.

  • Reconceptualize

Students ask how their findings relate to other studies that have already been conducted, studies that are similar to their own, and future studies they should do to continue addressing new concerns during reconceptualization.

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The Stages Communication Plan When Choosing the Topic

Follow these steps of planning when you are determined on your topic of research -

Set definite goals/objectives

The goals of your communications research are important since, in the end, it's about providing a solution.

So, your goals must include the following:  

  • A target audience, such as potential end users, who are aware of the initiative.  
  • Obtain a target group's commitment to the project's objectives, such as that of new funders.
  • Engagement from organizations such as experts from different fields, possible partners, or partner bodies. 

Create concise messages 

It is useful when you consider whether there are any comprehensive statements about your research program. Ifements as 'previous works' so so, you can put those said stat that you can add new perspectives of your topic. This will keep your message concise and to the point.

Putting your audiences first 

Differentiating audiences in your plan is useful because there may be numerous audiences or stakeholders. 

So do these steps -

  • List each of the many audiences you wish to address first. 
  • List organizations, departments within organizations, and even specific people if you can.  
  • Organize the list into categories that make sense to you (e.g., policymakers, corporate leaders, members of civil society, media, the general public, etc.). 

In fact, here is an example of how you can do that -

Key players who are both interested in your research and influential in your field. To improve the possibility that they will make use of and publicize your case study, you should regularly contact and confer with these individuals. 

Key audiences, who may not be as familiar with your work yet, are influential or prominent in your industry. To boost their interest in your job, you should regularly interact with these folks. 

Secondary audiences are those who might be very interested in your study but don't actually have much sway in the industry. 

General audiences are the people you want to know about your work, but you don't know what they will or can do with it. In order to increase their interest and engagement over time, you should try to discover ways to speak with them frequently.

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Tips to Choose the Apt Communication Research Paper Topic

  • Find out the institution's criteria 

Curricular requirements in some institutions may streamline your communication study topic suggestions. For instance, your department might have a word limit for research articles. This means you cannot choose a subject requiring a lengthy write-up under such circumstances.

So, take measures that can help you choose a topic that's safe to write under institutional regulations.

  • Examine market research studies

Industry-related surveys aid you in selecting an appropriate topic if you want your study to address a particular industry pain point. The results of several communication and media companies' surveys are made public. These surveys can be examined to determine the course that your research should take.

  • Read scholarly publications

You can get ideas for your communication topic from journals like The International Journal of Communication or the Journal of Health economics Communication etc. These trustworthy sources cover a wide range of topics and include information that can point you in the correct direction.

  • Attend Seminars and Conferences

Conferences are a reliable place to find out about the direction that communication research is taking. Having this expertise can essay guide help you select a subject that will generate much interest. A list of forthcoming communication conferences can be found online at sites like

  • Avoid topics that are over-researched

Numerous communication-related research issues have already been extensively studied. It's best to avoid overly researched issues because there is nothing new about a said discussion. Instead of reiterating previously published thoughts, pick topics that allow you to offer original knowledge.

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Amazing Ideas on Communication Research Topics

Topics on Interpersonal Communication Research

  • Is Love in the 21st Century Moving Online?
  • How to Rekindle the Spark in Long-Term Relationships?
  • Friendship in the Digital Age: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Investigating Corporate Employment Practises for Commitment
  • Which is preferable, and why, between no-strings-attached relationships and one-night stands? The main factor influencing marriage and divorce
  • The Effect of Platonic Relationships on the Idea of Romance
  • How Are Financial and Emotional Dependency Linked?
  • What Can Be Done Better Regarding Emotions and How They Are Expressed During the Pandemic Empathy for Tragedy Victims?

Topics on Intercultural Communication Research

  • Investigating prophecies based on culture and region to see which ancient custom writing have survived into the modern era
  • Religion and Its Impact on Society and Politics
  • Customs and the Effect They Have on Society
  • The Meaning of Ethnicity to Ethnic Minorities
  • Comparing Nationality and Nationalism and Their Differences
  • Race and Modern Communication: Its Effects
  • How has Racism Affected Our Communication?
  • Cultural Appropriation's Growing Threat in Multi-ethnic Societies
  • Globalization and Cultural Individualism Loss
  • How Are Cultures Connected and Disconnected by Language?
  • The Importance of Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Politics
  • The Use of Phonology and Sign Language in Contemporary Communication
  • How Rules and Laws Change Cultures?
  • What Binds All Cultures Under One Flag?

Topics on Mass Communication Research

  • Democracy in Modern Political science assignment help Systems and Its Surprising Absence
  • How Shadow-Authoritarianism is Spread Among the Masses?
  • Honesty, Morals, and Ethics in Politics: A Study
  • Population Control Through Media Manipulation
  • How Phrasing Modifies the Situation?
  • The Benefits of Innovation for Contemporary Communication
  • How is Technology Transforming Communication? Ancient Communication Techniques and Their Use Today?
  • In the US, there is freedom of speech and expression.
  • Global Virtual Communication and Digital Cognition

Topics on Journalism Research

  • American Politics' Division at the Moment
  • Perspectives of Voters and Socioeconomic Factors
  • How Can Moral and Ethical Change in Modern Digital Journalism Be Trigger by News and Broadcasting?
  • The Unsettling Presence of Virtual Propaganda in Everyday Journalism
  • How the media manipulates trends and earn money off of them?
  • Instability in Areas Affected by War
  • Freedom of Expression for Minorities in the US: Recent Efforts to Empower Women and Minorities
  • How is Information Access Affected by Technology?
  • The Chances of Fraud in Developing Nations
  • Gossip and How It Destroys Lives Permanently
  • Journalism and Emotional Manipulation
  • How has prejudice altered journalism forever?
  • Half-Truths and Lies in Crisis-Stuck Regions

Topics on Media Research

  • How to Stop Media Manipulation?
  • How a Broadcast's Phrasing Can Make or Break It?
  • Copyright Concerns in the Future Cyberspace
  • Censorship of Literary Works and How It Presents in the Real World
  • The Background, Current State, and Future of Biased Media Outlets
  • Opinionated Content in the Delivery of Information and Data
  • Information manipulation and Communication Monopolies
  • How do Current Events Influence Our Memory and Communication?
  • How Historical Facts Have Changed How We View Communication Controversies, Shaming, and How These Affect Communication Development?

Topics on Public Relations Research 

  • How Are Public Relations Affected by Corporate Reputation?
  • The Practise of "Corporate-speak" as a Cult and How It Creates Confusion
  • The Data-Driven CMS Solutions Industry and How AI Is Transforming Human Communication
  • How Does Education Affect and Modifies How We Interact with One Another?
  • The Magnificent Influence on Transmitting Ideas
  • Demographics and Backgrounds: What They Mean for Public Relations Community Relations and Tension: How They Reshape Modern Communication
  • Whether or not characterization should affect public relations?
  • How Comedy and Communication Complement Tragedy?
  • Do contemporary media platforms affect how we communicate with one another?
  • The impact of administrative and menial work on interpersonal relationships
  • Using tracking and data science to reshape public relations
  • How Are Public Relations Managed?

Topics on Research on Virtual Communication

  • What Can We Infer From the Earlier Forums?
  • How Blogs Affect Our Purchasing Behaviour
  • Emails and Wordsmithing: The Importance of Style
  • On the modern Internet, customer feedback and communication are common.
  • Face Time, Zoom, and Skype are examples of business virtual communication.
  • How Video Communication Teaches Us About Each Other as People?
  • Information Communication Through Selfies as a Phenomenon
  • Addiction to virtual communication and Its Effects on mental health
  • Is file sharing morally right or illegal?
  • How Social Media Has Changed Humanity Already Forever?
  • What Do the Growing Numbers of Messaging Apps Mean?
  • Anonymous Communication and Expression Rights
  • VPNs, privacy protection, and other safety precautions
  • Data Collection using Digital Means
  • How AI, Webinars, and eLearning Are Transforming Education on argumentative essay topics?

Topics on Social Media Research

  • Social media platforms' astronomical growth and adaptation
  • Targeting and Retargeting: How Social Media Tailors to Our Needs: The Wild West of Social Media Advertising
  • Do You Think Cross-Media Communication Will Ever Take Off?
  • Do Social Events on Social Media Displace Traditional Events as the Centre of Attention?
  • The Effects of Social Media Video Games on Interpersonal Communication and Compatibility
  • Is Social Media Addiction the New Norm, Given the Alarming Amount of Social Media Monitoring by US Employers?
  • Cyber bullying Is Very Real Threat and How It Ruins Lives Forever
  • How to Combat Sexual Abuse on Social Media?
  • The Revenge Porn Phenomenon and Its Effects on the Individual
  • Vlogging and video content as a form of contemporary communication

Important Essay Examples For Students:

1. Essay On Police It Projects

To establish a decision-making structure for an IT project, the first step the police should take is to identify relevant stakeholders, from those directly affected by the implementation of such a project to those that may influence its success rates. After that, identify and iron out their concerns. An example in this regard is the issue of the police, especially in ethnically diverse jurisdictions such as the United States. Read More..

2. Essay On Logistics And Supply Chain Management

The Secure Fright Initiative or SFI is enforced by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) according the SAFE Port Act of 2006 (Young, Gordon & Abrams, 2021). This program enables the “no-instructive Inspection” as well as Radiation Detection process to detect any kind of risk in the United States governed international trade. Considering the fact that this program is aimed at reducing any kind of risk and miscellaneous activities in international trade, it can also increase a major vulnerable factor of international trading system that is the delay in port operation. According to Ratnawati et al. (2021), delay in port operation is already contributing to 32% of cost-inefficiency in international maritime freight operations. Read more..

3. Essay On Social Foundation And Policy

The concept of information security is basically referred to protecting the confidential information of a user using the information technology elements for their personal or professional purpose. For instance, it includes the protection of personal and confidential information or data from any unauthorised use, unnecessary disclosure, destruction, disruption, etc. Read more..

4. Essay On Whole Life Cost Implications

This report will present a brief understanding of different cost components that are being included in a prefabricated building throughout its life cycle. Through this report, clarity of cost components and cost implications involved in the project of prefabricated building, the cost components involved in each phase of the building construction will be discussed here briefly. Read More..

FAQs For Students:

Q.1. What are communication research paper topics?

Communication research topics include a wide range of subjects and issues like - how people convey information, behavior in humans, different receivers of messages, etc.

Q.2. What subjects are relevant to the study of communication?

The following are typical subjects you will come across when paper writing a research paper on communication:

  • Ethics in journalism.
  • Cartoons and Animations
  • Journalistic freedom.
  • Transcultural & International Communication.

Q.3. What are the 4 types of communication research on a topic?

For any topic you choose in communication research, below are the types of communication you will do -

  • Non-verbal communication.
  • Verbal communication.
  • Written communication.
  • Visual communication.

Q.4. What are the communication subtopics?

Here are the subsections or sub-topics in communication research -

  • Intercultural communication.
  • International communication.
  • Interpersonal communication.
  • Intrapersonal communication.
  • Mass communication.
  • Nonverbal communication.
  • Organizational communication.

Q.5. What are some methods of communication?

Here are the commonly used methods of communication for any topic or case you choose -

  • Active listening
  • Written communication
  • Oral communication
  • Voice modulation
  • Rapport development
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Presentation / Visual communication
  • Nonverbal communication

Q.6. What are the eight communication areas?

The eight key communication elements are the source, message, channel, receiver, feedback, environment, context, and interference. 

Q.7. What are the skills of communication research?

The skills in communication research involve listening, speaking, observing, and empathizing.

Q.8. What constitutes a communication research paper's seven Cs?

The seven Cs of communication are clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.

Q.9. How does one become a good communicator?

A warm tone of voice in the discussion, open and honest communication, and active listening abilities are all characteristics of effective communicators. 

Q.10. What is research in mass communication?

The study of communication processes involving the mass media is the main emphasis of mass communication. In addition to some applications of newer, more interactive media, such as digital games and social networking sites, this includes classic media such as television shows, newspapers, and movies.

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