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Tips to Create an Excellent Descriptive Essay Topic


A descriptive essay presents a vivid picture of a person, place, or thing. Contrary to a narrative essay, which focuses on meaning through a personal story, a descriptive essay elucidates on the meaning of a subject through explicit, sensory observation. The descriptive essay requires the writer to use the power of language and the human senses to breathe life to a subject for the reader.

The readers should have a feeling that they have gone through the experience themselves, only then can the writer be sure that he/she has done a great job. If readers also feel an emotional connect with the write-up and harbor a genuine appreciation for the gravity of the subject, then the essay will turn out perfectly.

However, finding a topic that would resonate with your readers can be quite troublesome. That’s why we have elucidated some strategies that you can adapt to produce a compelling descriptive essay topic.

1. You don’t need to follow a logical pattern.

You will often find that a good idea stems from strange origins. We all know the story about gravity was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. Similarly, Mary Shelley had a dream, and that helped her to breathe life into the pages of her literary classic, Frankenstein. So, bottom line? It doesn’t matter how you get an idea, it is vital for you to find a good one for your descriptive essay sample.

2. Talk about it as much as you can

Discussing the ideas for your descriptive essay with a classmate or an acquaintance often helps you get closer to new options and approach the ideas you have and lets you find ideas you’ve not yet considered. These people can also provide you with a clearer picture of a descriptive essay definition.

3. Take your ideas from generic to specific

The first good idea that pops into your head does not have to (and normally will not) take the shape of a good thesis statement. Find a concrete topic before you can establish an argument. Ponder over your argument in general terms before you attempt to make it more precise. You can check out various descriptive essay samples available online.

4. Carry out a brainstorming process

Write down whatever ideas that you can think of will help you to make clear points, and take notes on them as you go along. When you think you’ve noted down everything that’s connected to an idea, move on to a new idea, or explore another related idea in finer detail. This way, you might have clarity on the descriptive essay definition.

5. Create momentum and don’t be too critical

Being overly critical can obstruct your creativity. If you worry too much about the loopholes or drawbacks in your ideas for a descriptive essay sample, you will end up losing the momentum. Creative momentum is vital. Now, the first ten in a chain of connected ideas might be rubbish, but the eleventh could be remarkable. But, if you completely block your thought process at the second, you can never proceed up to the eleventh idea.

6. Indulge in free writing

This technique resembles the process of brainstorming, but it’s a lot faster and less reflective. Allow yourself to have a wide topic to write about. Then, on a note-pad or a word processor, keep writing without a break for two or three minutes continuously. Don’t pause, not even for a second.

Write down everything you are thinking about, irrespective of how nonsensical it seems, but try to stay focused on writing the topic you began in the first place. If you must, you can time yourself to ensure that you have written for a few minutes nonstop. When you are done putting together a descriptive essay sample, go through what you’ve written and determined any appropriate ideas that have emerged as a result of this activity.

7. Let go of ideas that don’t fit

Try not to get too attached to the first appealing idea you come up with. You may think that the idea could work well for your essay, but it might turn out to be a dud once you give it serious thought. Also, exploring one idea does not mean completely eliminating the old idea. You can definitely come back to it later.

8. When you find a number of ideas to be appealing enough, you can start analyzing them

You will eventually have to carry on with a single idea for your essay topic. So, when you are left with a few good ideas, you need to rule them out one by one until you get that one central idea on which your topic will be based. If you think that none of those will work, start searching for more.

9. Focus on an idea that you will have fun writing about

If you don’t find your ideas on a topic to be appealing enough, you can’t expect your readers to show interest in it either. You can proceed with it in two ways; you can either find a topic that intrigues you or a way to infuse your interests within the topic. In the worst-case scenario, choose the least drab topic of all the arid ones you’ve come up with so far.

10. Keep a notepad handy at all times.

Like we had stated in the beginning, good ideas will appear when you least expect it, and when they do, you need to make sure that you take note of it. For example, many people produce their best ideas just before retiring for the night, and if you fall under this category, it would probably be best for you to keep a notepad by your bedside at all times.

With all these ideas, you can present an impeccably written descriptive essay without wracking your brains too much.

Compelling topics for a descriptive essay:

You may not always be hit by inspiration while working on your descriptive essay, even when the task seems too simple. That’s why we have created a list of descriptive essay topics that will allow you to stand out in class. 

  1. A movie that you think is way ahead of its time or was under-appreciated by the critics.
  2. A place you would not want to visit again.
  3. Can the 21st century be called the age of enlightenment? Elucidate.
  4. An unforgettable meal
  5. The significance of healthy competition
  6. Write about a prized possession that’s extremely dear to you.
  7. An important artist from the Renaissance era Europe.
  8. Capital punishment and its implications.
  9. The first sport ever played in your country.
  10. A sport you consider to be too underrated.
  11. Animal cruelty and veganism.
  12. A renowned musician and how he/she has impacted you.
  13. Your best memories while spending summer vacation.
  14. Write about a person you miss.
  15. The abuse of animals in the cosmetic industry.
  16. Describe a life-altering experience.
  17. Elucidate on your experience connected with moving to a different city.
  18. Write about a particular drawback you have and how you plan to overcome it.
  19. Describe a health condition that you may be facing or someone you know must be grappling with.
  20. Describe your experience of traveling solo.
  21. Elaborate on your tryst with a particular natural disaster.
  22. A music genre you don’t find appealing.
  23. Video games as a substitute for outdoor games.
  24. Dealing with stage fright or performance anxiety.
  25. A visit to an art history museum
  26. The joy of creating something new.
  27. A profession you would like to get into.
  28. The latest movie that you’ve watched.
  29. Write about your neighborhood.
  30. The career you would like to take up if money wasn’t involved.
  31. A play by Shakespeare that you have grown to love.
  32. Your experience of reading a book from your favorite genre.
  33. Write about your experience of submitting complex homework at the last minute.
  34. The significance of the last minute revision before the exams.
  35. Discuss what the first house on the moon would look like.
  36. Write about your perfect fantasy vacation destination.
  37. Elaborate on a place you have dreamed about that doesn’t exist in real life.
  38. Write about yourself as if you are talking to a stranger.
  39. Describe the things that you would do differently if you were filling in for your favorite fictional character.
  40. How would you describe an ideal world? Provide a valid explanation.
  41. Describe an era you would like to visit if you could turn back time.
  42. Describe a chance encounter with an influential figure.
  43. Describe a random act of kindness you have performed for someone.
  44. Talk about an incident that has left an indelible impact on your psyche.
  45. Describe what it’s like to live with anxiety.
  46. Write about a social issue that you feel very strongly about.
  47. Describe an experience of getting lost in an unknown city and finding your way back.
  48. Write about your first experience of flying in an airplane.
  49. Describe an experience of indulging in an adventure sport.
  50. Talk about a particular childhood photograph and the memory attached to it.
  51. Discuss a road trip experience with friends.
  52. Write about a meeting that changed your life.
  53. Describe the memory of your first day at school.
  54. Write about a particular place that you visit whenever you are sad or confused.
  55. Describe a school subject that you had initially hated but have grown to love later.
  56. Write about the experiences of an old family member when he/she was your age.
  57. Describe a family member’s house where you enjoy spending leisurely hours.
  58. Discuss your favorite cuisine and what makes it so special.
  59. Write about a family heirloom that you would like to be handed down someday.
  60. Write something about your life that you would like to convey to your past self.
  61. Describe an experience of surviving a harrowing situation and what you did to overcome it.
  62. Write about what you do to overcome the daily stress that life has to offer.

With all these tips at your disposal, you can prepare an impeccable descriptive essay.

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