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Top 100+ Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topic

How to Pick Suitable Descriptive Essay Topics?

  • The topic must be interesting.
  • It should be important and relevant to other readers.
  • The subject must have strong points to make readers study it.
  • It must provide ample scope for description.
  • The chosen coverage must have sufficient information available.

Here are a few basic topics to get started:

  • The person you respect the most.
  • Your favorite movie
  • Your worst nightmare.
  • What superpower would you want?
  • Your first school crush

Listening Out 100+ Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

  1. A memorable sky-diving experience 
  2. Your 1st college crush.
  3. Your favorite professor.
  4. Life as 1 week of a newly married couple
  5. Your worst college-date
  6. Best college excursion
  7. 1st ever bungee jumping memory
  8. Describe your days as a newbie college student
  9. Your toughest 1st year college exam.
  10. Describe your best college friend.

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Favorite cartoon villain
  2. Fishing trip with your school buddies
  3. Best vacation in High school
  4. Your most cherished song during HS days
  5. Favorite animated superhero  
  6. Best real-time hero 
  7. Your greatest inspiration during HS
  8. First-ever team exercise
  9. Worst experience in HS
  10. Kissing the girl you liked in High school

Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. Your best achievement so far
  2. Remembering the loss of your closest friend
  3. Details about the teacher you had a crush on.
  4. How would you transform the world?
  5. Narrate your greatest loss during school days
  6. The moment when you felt powerless 
  7. Your proudest moment thus far
  8. A trip to Grandma last summer 
  9. Narrate the story of your favorite touring destination
  10. Your scariest experience 

Descriptive Essay Topics for University Students

  1. First day of your part-time job during university days
  2. Describe your initial university memories
  3. Your worst university excursion
  4. Describe what you loved and hated about your university
  5. Your feelings when you passed the first year.
  6. Your most challenging subject in the university  
  7. Memories of your first semester examinations
  8. Most embarrassing moment
  9. How did you deal with study pressure during the final semester? 
  10. Emotions after passing the final exams with distinction

Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 7

  1. The first time you scored zero in mathematics
  2. Describe your strangest habit 
  3. Describe your pet
  4. Who do you admire the most?
  5. A trip to the city museum with siblings
  6. A meal you can’t go a day without
  7. Your favorite toy 
  8. Your first storm experience 
  9. The weirdest person you met
  10. The prettiest girl in your locality

Descriptive Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Best overseas trip with family
  2. My First Impression about Facebook
  3. An unforgettable experience in middle school
  4. Best TV show
  5. Preferred music genre 
  6. First childhood recollections
  7. Describe the day you cried the most and why
  8. The happiest day in middle school
  9. Building a fort with friends at the beach
  10. When you topped in class.

Funny Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. The funniest worn dress you’ve seen
  2. A hilarious painting or picture 
  3. When your friend farted in class
  4. What does your pet think about you?
  5. What do you think about your neighbor?
  6. Why do you think adding pineapple to pizza is funny?
  7. When your dad tripped and tore his pants
  8. An amusing teacher you met 
  9. A friend who makes funny noises when laughing
  10. Silly habits of your distant aunt Freya

Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. The most interesting book character 
  2. A memorable encounter with a circus clown
  3. Your favorite season
  4. Noise pollution in your locality
  5. Your all-time favorite musician
  6. How you saved someone from getting mocked
  7. Describe what will happen if you become famous
  8. Your first solo trip to another city
  9. Most exciting book you’ve read
  10. What interests you about winter?

Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 8

  1. The movie you loved the most in class 8
  2. Your most loved game
  3. How you helped an injured dog on the road
  4. Your best birthday celebration
  5. Describe your favorite sibling  
  6. Your preferred clothing
  7. Your best trip to the zoo
  8. The most important lesson learned 
  9. First night-over at your best -friend’s place
  10. Your dad, as a source of inspiration

Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 9

  1. The first soccer match you helped win
  2. Visiting your distance relative in Spain
  3. Favorite historical character
  4. Preferred music band
  5. Your first Photoshop session with parents
  6. Your worst birthday
  7. Describe your unique talents
  8. A special spot you loved visiting 
  9. Your most trusted friend 
  10. Giving food to an old lady on the street

Descriptive Essay Topics for Class 10

  1. Your most cherished item
  2. Your best friend in class 10
  3. Experience moving to a new school
  4. First interaction in class and with whom
  5. Your first solo trip on a subway
  6. The road from home to school
  7. Describe your dream home 
  8. The most annoying person you met
  9. Your best birthday gift ever 
  10. Your first spending with your saved money

Descriptive Essay Examples – For Your Writing Help

Example 1 - My first pet dog – Coco!

I always wanted a pet dog. Luckily, my wishes were granted on my 9th birthday. My dad brought home a Labrador for me. His name was COCO. I was delighted to meet him. So was he the way he wagged his tail.

Coco had a lot of energy for a little mutt. He was beautiful, too, with his golden furs, shining eyes, and cheerful nature. Everyone loved it, but it was his favorite. 

Every weekend, I took him out to the park. Coco loved running on the grassy field. He also liked my friends when they came along. Most times, we were inseparable.

Coco would sneak into my room at night, climb atop my bed, and sleep with me. After some time, he even woke me in the morning before Mom. With Coco around, I felt my family was finally complete!

Example 2 - My First Soccer Match at High School

The lead-up to my soccer match was very tense. I was nervous and unsure if I would be useful. I never played before that day. My first response was it was too challenging for me. So many players were chasing after a ball.  

It took me some time to feel at ease. Then my coach Mr. Chester encouraged me. He even said if I scored or saved a goal, I would get 2 extra power bars.

The game started, and immediately, our team pressed forward. I got the ball early on and quickly passed it to my captain. He confidently marched forward and was about to shoot. Suddenly someone tackled him from behind and hurt his leg.

I was mortified witnessing this. All I thought what if it was me lying on the turf? My anxiety and fear came back. Fortunately, the stoppage of play gave me time to pull it together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How Long Is A Descriptive Essay?

The word limit varies per the teacher’s needs. It ranges from 500-2000 words. Confirm beforehand that the word limit is not given.

Q. 2. How Long Should the Introduction and Conclusion Be?

The introduction and Conclusion must be 10-12% of the descriptive essayThe breakdown must appear as follows –

  • Introduction (10-12%)
  • Body (88-90%)
  • Conclusion (10-12%)

Q.3. What Purpose Does A Descriptive Essay Serve?

It tests the student’s ability to describe a topic for a dissertation uniquely. The writer can recreate a memory or event. They can even narrate about an interesting character- fictional or real.

It must also contain facts, sensory elements, and background information.

Q.4. How to Plan Your Descriptive Essay?

  • Find a suitable topic
  • Find useful and sufficient information
  • Create an outline – Introduction, body, and Conclusion
  • Write each section confidently
  • Cite used sources correctly 
  • Revise your work
  • Check plagiarism 
  • Get a second opinion from someone trustworthy

Q.5. Where to Find Good Descriptive Essay Topics?

You can find good descriptive essay topics by browsing similar pieces online. Ask a friend/teacher for topic ideas. You can also ask our experts for topic help. 

Refer above for topic ideas. 

Q.6. How to Make the Descriptive Essay Flawless?

  • Edit and proofread 
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Write in active voice 
  • Use short sentences 
  • Keep 3-5 lines in each stanza
  • Check source citations
  • Use transition words between lines and stanzas
  • Scan plagiarism and correct it whenever needed 
  • Ask a friend to review the work and share feedback

Q.7. What Are the Common Forms of Descriptive Essay Writing?

Descriptive essay writing comprises writing in the following forms.

  • An object
  • A person
  • A holiday 
  • A memorable moment 
  • A special place 
  • A favorite animal

Q.8. Can I Take Help in Writing A Descriptive Essay?

You can if you want. Many online platforms offer writing help – including us. Connect with our experts today and share your task details. 

Q.9. What Writing Tone to Use in A Descriptive Essay?

The tone must be descriptive or narrative. It must also be confident, clear, concise, and sophisticated. Avoid academic writing tone. 

Q.10. What Are Excellent Descriptive Essay Topics?

 Descriptive essay topics can be on any subject. A memory, person, event, vacation, emotion, etc. So, choose one of any of these coverages. For topic ideas, refer above! 

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