A Comprehensive Guide for Opinion Essay Writing

A Comprehensive Guide for Opinion Essay Writing

A Comprehensive Guide for Opinion Essay Writing


School is the place where most of us learn to form an opinion about things in a constructive manner. Your opinion may support an issue or speak against it, but it is always better to have an opinion rather than being ignorant. Educators understand this issue, and to help students form an opinion about things, they often assign them with opinion essays in class.

Well, it is possible that you are assigned to an opinion essay for the first time. It is also possible that you don’t know much about this type of essay. But that does not mean you should go to your class the next day empty-handed. If you want to learn how to write an opinion essay on your own, this blog can serve you as a guide. Let’s start by answering the basic question:

What is an opinion essay?

An opinion essay is basically a formal piece of writing which requires the writer to share his/her opinion on a topic. While writing an opinion essay, you need to state your opinion clearly while sharing different viewpoints on the topic supported by logic and/or examples. You must also mention the opposing viewpoint in the essay to provide the readers with an objective overview.

If you didn’t know what is an opinion essay earlier, hopefully, now you have an idea. It’s no different than the regular 5-paragraph essay in terms of structure. It means an opinion essay also consists of an introduction, a conclusion and three (often a few more) body paragraphs. If you want to get a few insights into how to write an opinion essay, just keep reading.

How to write an opinion essay?

Since opinion essay requires you to present your opinion on the chosen topic, you need to focus on not only just the format but also on developing your opinion in the most convincing manner. So, before going to the writing part, you need to ask yourself a few significant questions regarding the topic:

  • What do you genuinely think about the topic?
  • What points should be conveyed in the content?
  • Are any of the points inconsistent or contradictory?
  • How can you improve your arguments?

Well, to answer these questions as well as to support your opinion, you need to gather information. Make sure the data you gather to support your arguments shares a similar point of view:

Get ready for writing the essay once you are done with your research, and prepared an opinion essay outline. Well, it is really important to create and follow an outline while working on an opinion essay. Just chalk out what points you are going to discuss and organize your thoughts in a linear fashion.

Here’s how you should approach your opinion essay:

  • Create an impressive introduction:

To create a significant impact on the readers, it is crucial to present your subject and state your opinion in the beginning as clearly as possible. Like any other essay, it should also contain a thesis statement that will summarize the main point of the essay in a single sentence. To make your essay engaging from the very beginning, use these following tips:

  • Address your readers directly.
  • Ask rhetorical questions that the readers can relate to.
  • Put a direct quotation, or sentence from a book or film to grab attention

Obviously, you need to make sense of the sentences you write in the essay. If the quote or direct reference does not comply with the theme of the essay, it is better not to use it.

  • Make sure the body paragraphs are flawless:

The body paragraphs are the segment where you need to justify what you have stated in your thesis statement. Use each paragraph to a separate point of view supported by reasons. It is important to introduce something new in every paragraph.  Also, remember to start each paragraph with a topic sentence that you want to establish with arguments.

Also, make sure the paragraphs are flawless. Use these tips for high-quality content:

  • Use present tense for this type of essay.
  • Use linking phrases or transition words to maintain the flow of information.
  • Maintain a formal tone throughout the essay using formal vocabulary and punctuation.
  • Cite sources of external references where it is necessary.

Even though your focus should be on establishing your opinion and explaining why the opposing viewpoints are invalid, you need to make sure the opinion essay format is perfect.

  • Drawing the conclusion with perfection:

In this segment, you need to conclude your opinion essay. Restate your opinion by summing up the arguments you made in the body paragraphs. Besides proving your point and justifying your opinion, you should also keep these following things in mind:

  • Do not introduce any new idea in this paragraph.
  • Do not apologize for your opinion.
  • End the paragraph with a warning or perhaps an indication of consequences.

Once you are done drafting the paper, evaluate your essay and make sure the work is perfect. Also, make sure that you write the paragraphs in paragraph format and not in a listed format. Since it is basically an opinion piece, lists do not fit the context.

How to start an opinion essay?

Starting an opinion essay from scratch is certainly a challenging task to complete. And it may take you a significant amount time to kick start the essay. Having the opinion essay outline may help you get to the point faster, but you still need a few hacks to get started with the opinion essay. We have some suggestions on how to start an opinion essay.

There’s no denying that introduction is the first thing that the reader find in your opinion essay. But it can be difficult to come up with something interesting as well as engaging at the beginning of the writing session. Instead, start with the body paragraphs.

You already know what information you need to share. So, writing the body will be comparatively easier. Once you get going with writing, you can finish it and then prepare the introduction. This way, you won't have to look for words or slants. You already know what you have written in the body segment. So, you can decide the best way to introduce the essay to the readers.

Also, you can take reference from a book, a play or perhaps a movie, as mentioned earlier, while writing the introduction. This trick allows you to grab the attention of the readers from the beginning. You can go through a few opinion essay samples available online to study how others prefer to start their opinion essays.

Opinion essay topics

If you have no clue about opinion essay topics, don’t worry. We got that covered too. Our experts at Allessaywriter.com have assembled some good opinion essay topics which you can use for your next essay.

  • Is Chess a sport or just a game?
  • Whistleblowers in politics are controlled by the government.
  • It is unethical to use animals in circuses and zoos.
  • Effects of poaching on the economy of a country.
  • Reasons why parents need to involved in the child’s education process.
  • Humans should be treating animal habitats more carefully.
  • Reasons why the current system of taxation is completely unfair.
  • Listening to music helps you to complete assignments faster.
  • People should try things that they are afraid of every once in a while.
  • Is progress always a good thing?

Well, you can take a hint from these topics for an opinion essay and generate your own opinion essay ideas with brainstorming. However, if you can’t think of any interesting topic, you can avail assistance from the experts at Allessaywriter.com.

Opinion essay examples

To get a better understanding of the opinion essay writing, it is recommended to go through a few opinion essay examples yourself. At Allessaywriter.com, you can have access to a good number of opinion essays for free. And for your reference, here’s one:

Title: Is Technology A Threat To Our Livelihood?

A lot of people are of the opinion that modern technology, especially artificial intelligence, and machine learning, is taking people’s jobs. However, I don’t think it is true. I believe, modern technology is creating more number of jobs than destroying them. I have two solid arguments to support my opinion, which I would present in this essay.

One of the most significant gifts of modern technology, the internet allows us to do work from the comfort of the home, whether you are a college student or a corporate officer. In fact, all the clerical tasks, including checking emails, using spreadsheets, etc. can be done easily from home computers. Also, smarter telephonic devices have made it quite easier to have seamless communication with the other team members. So, it is harder for people to escape work.

Moreover, new technology has created plenty of new job opportunities. Now almost every sector needs new people to manage their online services. From selling things on eBay to creating viral videos for YouTube – there is a whole new range of work in today's market. 30 years ago, no one could even imagine things like these. Also, as the businesses become more reliant on AI-based technology, the demand for AI experts and software designers are increasing.

A lot of arguments are there focusing on the issue that AI is going to make a lot of jobs obsolete. And it should not come as a surprise. The jobs that are becoming irrelevant to the progress of technology aren't exactly the jobs of the future. And since companies are finding the technology to be more profitable and less erroneous than using man force, they are anyway going to lay off some positions which will no longer be required in the coming days.

In conclusion, AI automation has become inevitable. And instead of blaming the technology for taking certain jobs, it will be more fruitful for the people if they start developing certain skills that are going to be useful and relevant in the days to come. There are plenty of areas where AI cannot replace human efficiency. So, blaming technology for taking jobs is ridiculous. 

Hopefully, the opinion essay example was helpful to you. However, if you need any further assistance with an opinion essay, you can get in touch with the essay experts at Allessaywriter.com. All the writers here are skilled and experienced at handling complex essay topics. In addition, we offer plagiarism-free, well-structured solutions at a low price. So, it’s a win-win deal for you.

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