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Complete Guide For Extended Essay Topics

Extended Essay Topics

A majority of students enrolled in IB fear crafting the extended essay, but it doesn’t need to be a source of stress. The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a remarkable educational foundation with worldwide outreach. It was established in 1968 and provides remarkable education programs to students aged 3-19 years old.

A crucial International Baccalaureate Program is the Diploma Program which is mainly designed for students aged 16-19 years. One of the compulsory IB Diploma essentials is to craft an extended essay that contributes hugely to the total score. However, one of the issues students face is assimilating intriguing and unique ideas for their IB extended essay topics.

To aid you, we have done the extensive legwork for you. Today’s comprehensive blog will walk you through certain outstanding extended essay topics that can enable you to speed up your process and make the excruciating writing process more enjoyable. Take your pick to get your brain cells working overtime and fuel your academic success instantly.

Let’s dive right in!

List of Inspiring and Exceptional Extended Essay Topics

Biology Extended Essay Topics

  1. Explain the impacts of various kinds of exercise on the growth of muscles in human beings.
  2. Evaluate the effect of changes in climate on the distribution and behavior of the population of wildlife.
  3. Discuss the role of plant phenolics and terpenoids as antibacterial agents
  4. Evaluate the impacts of pollution on marine ecosystems and the possibilities for efforts of restoration
  5. Discuss the impact of various conditions of light on the development and growth of certain species of plants
  6. Present a study of various pesticides on the physiology of a certain species
  7. Discuss the relationship between stress and the immune system in human beings
  8. Evaluate the genetic basis of cancer and its possibilities for personalized treatment
  9. Present a detailed study of the symbiotic connection between certain species
  10. Present a comparative physiology analysis between a certain bird and mammal

English Extended Essay Topics

  1. Evaluate the usage of symbolism in  a specific novel or poem
  2. Discuss the role of gender in a certain play by Shakespeare
  3. Investigate the depiction of mental illness in a specific literature work
  4. Present research on the usage of satire in a specific literature work
  5. Discuss the effects of social networks on the construction of the English language
  6. Standard English – Discuss the growth and peculiarities
  7. Explore the Lexis, discourse, and grammatical characteristic traits of the spoken English language
  8. Discuss the usage of foreshadowing in a specific novel
  9. Evaluate the impact of a specific literary movement on the work of a specific author
  10. Discuss the representation of cultural identity in contemporary literature

Geography Extended Essay Topics

  1. Present a detailed essay on the effect of climate change on a certain geographic region or ecosystem.
  2. Present detailed research on the slow-growing local workforce of Singapore and the increased access to foreign labor.
  3. Present a comparative analysis between the living conditions of the cities of Cape Town and Geneva and the role played by public services.
  4. Discuss the effect of fertilizers on the Mississippi River ecosystem
  5. Write about polar vortex instability resulting from changes in the climate
  6. Write about massive power outages caused due to solar storms. Explore the ways to prevent them in the future.
  7. Write an essay on the revolution of the internet and the geography of innovation.
  8. Write about the accumulation of soil as an outcome of unsustainable irrigation practices.
  9. Discuss the ways education and employment of women impacted the economic expansion in Latin America.
  10. Write about the effect of water resource conservation on the ecological ecosystem of the Yellow River in China.

History Extended Essay Topics

  1. Explain the reasons behind countless colonists passing away in Early Jamestown.
  2. Discuss the positive events that occurred at the time of the revolution
  3. Present a comparative analysis between the three sections of thirteen colonies of the New England, Southern, and Middle colonies
  4. Discuss the role of Abraham Lincoln in the American Civil War
  5. Discuss the differences between northern and southern American colonies in 1600 s
  6. Present a detailed analysis of the war between the Americans and the Philippines as portrayed in the articles of Mark Twain
  7. Present your views on racism and historical blindness. Discuss the importance of comfort women that results in the Second World War
  8. Explore to what extent the historical revisionism impacted the perception of post and pre-colonial Africa in the modern world
  9. Present detailed research on the examination of the Pearl Harbor attack from a Japanese perspective
  10. Discuss the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Present a detailed evaluation of the role played by King Salman II.

Global Politics Extended Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the lasting effect of the deathly pandemic COVID-19 on global governance and coordination between various world powers.
  2. Discuss how the BRIC countries gave rise to the current transformation of international politics in the 21st
  3. Discuss the impact of social media on international relations
  4. Explain the significance of human rights in foreign policy
  5. Explore the importance of energy security in international relations
  6. Discuss the effect of globalization on the inequality of income
  7. Explore the efficacy of economic sanctions as a remarkable foreign policy tool
  8. Discuss the role played by international institutions in the resolution of various conflicts
  9. Explain the relationship between trade interruptions and inflation. Explore the consequences of the Ukraine War on the economy of Europe
  10. Discuss the role played by non-governmental companies in the promotion of human rights

Physics Extended Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the scientists associated with the 'Theory of Light'. Write a detailed essay on their key ideas.
  2. Write an analytical essay on a CCTV using the speed monitoring system
  3. Write an analytical essay on a high-speed rail. Present your views on its pros and cons
  4. High-Speed Rail – Present a general overview and its distinct categories
  5. Evaluate the connection between human behavior and physics
  6. Explore the ways temperature impacts the viscosity of soda or X juice
  7. Discuss how sugar concentration impacts the refractive index of the water
  8. Write a detailed paper on the design and construction of an apparatus to estimate the lipid concentration in milk
  9. Oberth Effect  - Write a detailed essay
  10. Explore the ways a wheel's diameter impacts stability in various weather conditions.
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Film Extended Essay Topics

  1. Write a detailed essay on film techniques in 'Alice in Wonderland' movie by Tim Burton.
  2. Discuss the themes and ideas presented in different Halloween films
  3. Write about the psychoanalytic theory in the movie ‘La La Land.'
  4. Explore the issues of sexual abuse in the  movie industries
  5. Present a comparative analysis between films and novels of Snow White
  6. Explore the ways science has contributed to the movie and television industry. Also, discuss its effect on the society
  7. Discuss the correlation between IMDB marks. Explore how these ratings differ around the world.
  8. Discuss the crucial elements of social protest in the movies of Charlie Chaplin.
  9. Explore semiotics in movies. Describe crucial theories, functions, and examples.
  10. Explore the role played by technology in the science fiction movie Gattaca.

Economics Extended Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the theory of 'Capitalism'. Explore its crucial features
  2. Present an overview of the Worker’s Compensation Law
  3. Discuss the issue of the wealth gap in contemporary American society
  4. Present an evaluation of the impact of compensation and reward systems in improving the productivity of an employee
  5. Write an essay on fraud cases associated with credit cards and their effect on the perception of consumers
  6. Discuss the sociocultural impacts of inequality in racial income in the United States
  7. Explore the ways the tax reform in the country impacts its development and growth
  8. Discuss the effectiveness of the Big Mac Index in assessing the parity of purchase power
  9. Discuss the effect of natural resources on economic development in a certain area
  10. Explore the determinants of savings and spending behavior of consumers

Visual Arts Extended Essay Topics

  1. Present detailed research on the long-lasting impact of traditional African architecture on Modernism
  2. Explore the ways the controversial nature of street music in Egypt offered a remarkable platform for famous expressions.
  3. Discuss the importance of color in contemporary art. Present a detailed analysis of the work of Mark Rothko and Henri Matisse.
  4. Evaluate the significance of context in the elucidation of contemporary art through the case study of Banksy’s Graffiti.
  5. Explore the ways women artists have contributed to the growth of art movements in the 20th and 21st
  6. Explore the convergence of technology and art. Discuss the growth of digital art in the 21st
  7. Discuss the role played by art in recording historical events. Present a detailed analysis of The Third May 1808 of Goya and Guernica of Picasso.
  8. Explore the importance of architecture in shaping urban environments through the case study of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
  9. Discuss the effect of the Avant-Garde movement on the contemporary practices of art.
  10. Discuss the impact of African Art on European Modernism. Present a detailed evaluation of the work of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

Psychology Extended Essay Topics

  1. Do you think there is a connection between witnessing violence on TV and the demonstration of violent acts?
  2. Discuss how relationships change or end.
  3. Explore how social variables like parenting, poverty, and educational environment may impact the cognitive environment.
  4. Explore how mindfulness can aid people in coping with General Anxiety Disorders (GAD)
  5. How to use self-esteem and self-satisfaction as remarkable tools to be happy?
  6. Explore the ways cognitive behavioral therapy aids in everyday life
  7. Discuss the association of morality with the function of a human
  8. Explore the relation between depression and ideation of suicide in children. Discuss how cognitive behavioral therapy is a remarkable way to eliminate child depression
  9. Explore the effect of social media on self-esteem
  10. Discuss the impacts of mindfulness in minimizing stress

FAQ Asked by Students 

Q.1. How to choose a good topic for an extended essay?

  1. Select a theme in your scope of study
  2. Keep adequate time aside for brainstorming remarkable topics
  3. Select a topic you genuinely have an interest in
  4. Refrain from subjects that are excessively narrow or broad
  5. Take a look at the EE subject guide and statistic bulletins
  6. Consider your future major and constraints

Q.2. How is the extended essay scored?

Each IB extended essay is scored internally by examiners who are appointed directly by the IBO. The range of scores for an IB extended essay varies from 0 to 34. However, as students, you will only witness typical letter grades like –

  1. A – Excellent
  2. B – Good
  3. C – Satisfactory
  4. D- Mediocre
  5. E – Elementary

Q.3. What is a good extended essay topic?

  1. Describe the effect of human influence on an aquatic ecosystem
  2. Explore the profitability of airline companies
  3. Discuss the way unemployment impacts the market
  4. Present a comparative analysis between theories describing altruism in human behavior.
  5. Do you think the bombing of Dresden in 1945 was justified? If so, how?
  6. Describe the way Sylvia Path used inanimate objects in Bell Jar.

Q.4. What are the rules for writing a perfect extended essay?

  1. The extended essay must be crafted in a clear, accurate, and formal academic style.
  2. It should be suitable for the subject from which the topic is taken
  3. It should be written in 12-point, readable font (Calibri or Times New Roman)
  4. The essay must have double-spacing
  5. It should be page-numbered
  6. It should include six crucial elements like the title page, contents, introduction, body, conclusion, references, and bibliography.

Q.5. What is a passing score on an extended essay?

One needs to secure a score of 14-20 points to pass on an extended essay. This is equal to a C as per the grading descriptors of the IB extended essay.

Q.6. What are the minimum sources for an extended essay?

As a rule of thumb, one should use at least 10-15 sources for an extended essay. However, it is crucial to note that the credibility and quality of your sources are much more significant than the quantity. The motto is to always offer a well-supported and balanced argument through the use of countless relevant, credible, and updated sources.

Q.7. What is not included in the word count of an extended essay?

The minimum word count of an extended essay is 3500 words. This incorporates the main body paragraph of the essay. However, it doesn’t incorporate the page of contents, abstract, bibliography, or appendices.

Q.8. Which subject is easiest and hardest for an extended essay?

Certain easiest and most popular subjects for an extended essay are English, visual arts, psychology, business, and management, as they allow for a more subjective approach to research. On the other hand, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and history are generally considered the most difficult subjects for an extended essay.

Q.9. What is the 5-year rule in an extended essay?

The current extended essay guide incorporates specific references to the '5-year rule'. This rule is stated on pages 155-162. The five-year rule claims that the subjects should never be historical. They should entirely be associated with economic information, outcomes or events, and policies that are not more than five years old on average.

Q. 10. What is the aim of an extended essay?

The objective of an extended essay is to offer the chance to conduct extensive research on a focused topic independently. It also enables an individual to develop effective research and communication skills. It should help in developing critical and creative thinking skills. Further, it should enable you to engage in a systematic research process suitable to the theme or subject.

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