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100+ Funny Topic Ideas for Your Next Persuasive Speech


Developing a persuasive speech is one thing, and making people laugh while proving your point is another. When someone mentions persuasive speech topics, people generally think of serious issues being presented by speakers from their point of view. What if you are able to infuse humor with your persuasive speech? Won’t that help you win the audience more easily?

As a student, you may need to prepare a persuasive speech as a part of your curriculum at some point in your academic career. The key to a good persuasive speech is the choice of topic. If you are able to grab the audience’s attention at the very beginning, you are more likely to persuade them into agreeing with your stand on the topic. With funny speech topics, it's easier to achieve.

Before sharing some funny persuasive speech ideas with you, let’s discuss some basic things about persuasive speech and the essay help topics.

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What Is a Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive speech is a specific form of speech in which the speaker aims to convince the audience to accept his/her point of view. Such speeches are generally arranged in a particular way to convince the audiences into agreeing with all or part of the expressed opinion.

Persuasive speeches come in several forms – debates, sales pitches, legal proceedings and more. A persuasive speech may utilize the three modes of persuasion – ethos, pathos and logos. The success of a persuasive speech depends on elements like the body language of the speaker, the willingness of the audience, and the environment in which the speech is being delivered.

If you choose interesting persuasive speech topics, you have a better chance of getting the attention of the audience. So, choose the topic carefully while preparing for a persuasive speech.

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What Are the Best Persuasive Speech Topics? 

There is no particular definition for the best persuasive speech topics. It may vary from one speaker to another. For a speaker, good persuasive speech topics need to fulfill these following criteria:

  1. Something the speaker is confident about:

Unless a speaker is confident about the topic of the speech he/she is about to deliver, it is not possible to get the audience’s attention. With confidence, the speaker prepares the content more enthusiastically, and it reflects in his/her speech. Moreover, the speaker’s confidence allows him/her to discuss arguments with more conviction, making them sound more convincing.

  1. Something that the audience can relate to: 

Great persuasive speech topics should also connect with the audience. If the audiences don’t find any interest in the speech topic, they may choose not to pay attention to your arguments, making your arguments and persuasion pointless. So, it is recommended to analyze the likes and dislikes of the audience and choose a topic that they will be interested in listening to.

  1. Something that has enough data available on it:

On a persuasive speech, you need to make sure there’s enough data or logic to support your arguments and persuade the audience into agreeing with your view. If you cannot produce enough data or facts to back those arguments, the speech won’t be successful. So, it is wiser to choose college persuasive speech topics that have an adequate amount of data available on them. It is optional whether you want your persuasive speech to be funny or serious. But in my opinion, funny persuasive speech topics are more appealing to a major portion of the audiences than the serious one.


How to Select Good Persuasive Speech Topics? 

Now that you have a decent idea of what are good topics for a persuasive speech, it is time to learn how you can find such topic ideas. Here, we have listed down a number of measures that you can use to select the best persuasive speech topics for college:

 1. Understand the requirements: 

Before you find out what are the best persuasive speech topics that you can use, you should be aware of the requirements and instructions. If you end up choosing a topic that does not adhere to those instructions and requirements, your speech may be considered disqualified.

2. Brainstorm:

The next step is to have a brainstorming session to generate ideas for persuasive speech topics. You can ask a few of your classmates or friends to take part in the session and brainstorm together for the right ideas. Write down all the ideas on a notepad, even if the idea seems silly or absurd at that point. A lot of unique persuasive speech topics sound absurd in the beginning.

3. Choose a topic that you fully understand:

Finally, you need to select the persuasive speech topics that you fully understand. If you have doubts about the topic, how will you be able to persuade the audience? It may be a wiser thing to choose easy persuasive speech topics and nail the speech than choosing a difficult topic and failing miserably. If you want the persuasive speech ideas to be funny, use these tips and consider funny as one of the major requirements for the topics. Also, consider the elements that we discussed earlier while determining what make a good persuasive speech topic.

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100+ Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students 

If you are having difficulty finding funny persuasive speech topics, you can check out the list of topic suggestions mentioned below, and take inspiration from them. There are several humorous, problem-solution persuasive speech topics as well. Hopefully, these topic ideas are going to be helpful.

  • Animals

  • Cats are more self-aware than other pets

  • Pandas are not stupid; they are just lazy

  • In horse racing, the horse deserves more appreciation than its rider

  • Pandas are on the verge of extinction because of their laziness

  • Snakes can be good pets

  • The animal rights committee should have animal representatives

  • Pigeons are vengeful

  • Animated movies should stop misrepresenting the animals as characters


  • Arts/Culture:
  • Rappers are poets of today
  • Books are better than their movie adaptations
  • Indian food is more than just the spices
  • The clothes shown in fashion shows are impractical
  • If Shakespeare was born in the 2000s, he couldn't become a successful artist
  • People like foreign cuisine more than their local food
  • Travelling the world should be made mandatory
  • Erotica should not be considered literature


  • Automotive:
  • Vehicles should be priced based on their mileage
  • Flying cars in the future won’t be same as we have seen in Sci-Fi movies
  • Rolls Royce cars are expensive because of their brand value
  • There should be breath analyzer in every car to prevent drunk driving
  • Trains are the best form of the transportation system
  • Sports bikes should not be sold to the normal public
  • Electric cars are equally harmful to the environment
  • Automated cars will be worse than human-driven ones


  • Business and economy:
  • Businesses without social media presence are invalid in today's date
  • The economy was already struggling before the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Businesses who offer freebie are more likely to succeed
  • There will not be any brick and mortar stores after 20 years
  • E-commerce stores have made all of us shopaholics
  • Every business should change their strategy at least twice a year
  • Popular brands charge unnecessarily for their products
  • You can build a business without external funding


  • Education:
  • Home-schooling is better than sending kids to regular schools
  • Education limits your imagination
  • Education for all is a utopian idea – not a practical one
  • Online education is not as effective as the traditional one
  • Students should have the liberty to take some time off from the studies
  • Social media handling should be part of the curriculum
  • Sex education should be made mandatory worldwide
  • Students should be awarded on the basis of their creativity


  • Ethics:
  • Marijuana should be legalized
  • The minimum age for voting should be 25
  • It should not be called plagiarism if it is better than the original
  • People who break someone’s trust are the worst
  • If schools don’t want the students to cheat they should make the curriculum easier
  • Talking to strangers can be useful
  • Bullies should be treated like criminals
  • Respect elders only when they deserve it


  • Health:
  • You are more likely to catch an infection at hospital
  • COVID-19 would not have been a pandemic if people practiced basic hygiene
  • Cosmetic surgeries are unnecessary
  • Common illnesses should be treated at free of cost at hospitals
  • Health professionals should stop talking jargons to patients
  • There should be a reverse cheat day for unfit people where they should eat only healthy food
  • AI doctors cannot replace human doctors
  • Always sleep in your own bed


  • Law and politics:
  • People who do not vote should be penalized
  • Putting pineapple on pizza should be considered a criminal offence
  • A politician with criminal records should not get an important position in government
  • People abide by the laws only to avoid punishment
  • It is easier to get a confession from drunk people
  • Downloading movies from torrent should not be considered illegal
  • Female world leaders are more organized than their male counterparts


  • Media:
  • If Facebook crashes for one day, people will lose their mind
  • Entertainment news should not be considered news
  • Printed newspapers are still better than their electronic versions
  • Live streaming is the future of entertainment
  • Televisions will become obsolete in a few years
  • Hollywood movies should stop glorifying America
  • Anyone can be a reporter these days
  • A majority of the news channels are biased


  • Religion:
  • No religion is superior in this world
  • Prayers don’t work until you do
  • Karma is real
  • Science and religion cannot co-exist
  • Priests should be allowed to marry
  • You don’t need special clothing to be baptized in
  • The holidays are the best part of any religion


  • Science:
  • Chicken is the closest relative of the T-Rex dinosaurs
  • Humans need to relocate from Earth very soon
  • Aliens walk amongst us
  • Time travelling is possible, and people have done it several times
  • There are more colors than what human eyes can see
  • Oxygen is actually poisonous and takes 70-80 years to kill us
  • We, humans, are still evolving
  • Most stars that we see in the sky have already died thousands of years ago


  • Sports:
  • Club footballers are paid an unnecessarily high amount of salary
  • School-level players should receive money for their performances
  • American football is too violent for school kids
  • Referees are biased
  • Adventure sports is the only sport where you cannot afford to lose
  • Basketball rim needs to be placed higher than usual
  • Cricket is no longer a gentleman’s game
  • If a final match is drawn, the title should be shared between both teams


  • Career:
  • E-sports is going to be one of the popular career choices in the next 10 years
  • The world needs more farmers
  • The education system should offer specific career-oriented lessons to young students
  • Sportspersons need to have a second career as their retirement plan
  • Social media influencing is a serious business
  • AI cannot take your jobs if you don’t have a job in the first place
  • The pandemic showed us that we do not need to go to the office to get things done
  • Choose a career than computers cannot replace


  • Technology:
  • Technology is making us lazier
  • Technology detoxification is an essential thing
  • Privacy on the internet is a myth
  • Internet addiction is our new reality
  • Cell phone radiations don’t cause cancer
  • Computer games affect one’s IQ
  • Technology is only useful for smart people
  • Everyone should not have access to every piece of technology

Hopefully, these humorous persuasive speech topics are enough to get inspiration from. You can also use them as funny persuasive essay topics and also you can hire Essay writer. However, if you still need more help, you should seek personal assistance.

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Professional Writing Help for Persuasive Speech Topics 

Allessaywriter.com is one of the leading academic solution providers on the internet. If you are struggling to select the right persuasive speech topic or having trouble in preparing the speech, you can ask our team of experts for help. We have 1,100+ qualified writers in our team who can deliver the necessary assistance on your request.

With every order of persuasive speech, you also get a number of additional benefits, including

  • Error-free, well-structured solutions as per your requirements

  • 100% plagiarism-free content with an on-demand report

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  • Complete privacy of data from the third parties

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  • Hassle-free transactions, ensured by safe and secure payment gateways

So, what are you waiting for? Place your essay order today, and receive impressive content for your preferred persuasive speech topics. We also help you choose the right topic for your speech. Our essay writers delivered 75000+ orders and helped thousands of students with their studies to succeed in their academic careers.

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