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The Funny Bone Of Your Audience With 100 Persuasive Speech Topics

100 persuasive speech topics

Persuasive speech is a form of art that uses the power of words and narration to persuade the targeted listeners and trust in your words. 

When delivering a persuasive speech to a live audience, the speaker must be convincing, confident, and creative to keep the audience engaged. 

The speaker must satisfy the audience’s problems and doubts and make them think and act. 

Moreover, the speaker must also use apt body language, hand and eye movement, facial expressions, humor elements, emotions, and interrogations to keep the listeners hooked to his words.

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What Are The Essential Components of All Quality Persuasive Speeches?

10 Crucial Steps for Creating a Persuasive Speech

  1. Always Research Your Audience/Listeners – Determine who will attend your speech and what drives them. Also, research what values they care about most. Customer your speech to create accordingly for maximum impact!
  2. Pick a Slew of Ideas You Wish to Point out – You can use 2-3 ideas to make your persuasive speech powerful and engaging. If you have several ideas, note down the ones you intend to deliver through your speech. Leave the rest to avoid confusion. 
  3. Include Challenges to the Present Ideas & Offer Solutions– Mention the obstacles in your persuasive speech and provide solutions. It will make the speech more engaging and meaningful for those present.
  4. Hook Your Audience from the Very Start– The introduction must hook the audience and create excitement in their minds. Ensure the speech is relatable to all the listeners. 
  5. Practice Diligently –Practice delivering the speech several times beforehand. Request a friend to review your performance and suggest improvements. Keep your intensity high and incorporate improvements every try until it becomes easy and natural. 
  6. Memorize Key Points Flow & Examples –It is one way to better illustrate your arguments and solutions to problems. 
  7. Maintain Eye Contact When You Speak –Maintain eye contact when communicating with your listeners. Don’t focus on those close to you. Scan the entire room while giving your speech. 
  8. Speak in a Measured Manner – Speak slowly and in a measured way. If you have stated something important, repeat it to create maximum impact. 
  9. Always Finish Strong –Close your speech strongly with gravity and flair. After delivering a strong finishing sentence, don’t utter thanks! Remain silent for 4-5 seconds, and then accept your audience’s questions.
  10. Hear the Audience’s Questions Graciously – Carefully answer your audience’s questions. Don’t exaggerate or speak controversial terms. Remain calm and answer honestly and contextually.

120+ Best Persuasive Speech Topics

Below are suggestions for 120+ best persuasive speech topics for academic students.

Take ideas from the below list!

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Education 

  1. Is it acceptable to expel students who torment other students?
  2. Should free transportation be arranged for school-goers?
  3. Should uniforms be made mandatory for all education levels?
  4. Why is education essential for every individual in the society?
  5. Should schools provide free internet access to students?
  6. Do grades determine a student’s true potential?
  7. How can schools improve students’ talents?
  8. Should learning become more practical than theoretical?
  9. Should governments arrange free textbooks for school students?
  10. Why should online learning be encouraged?
  11. Should schools provide free breakfast and lunch to students?
  12. Should teachers avoid using harsh words to scold students?
  13. Should the government arrange for free education for backward-class students?
  14. Why should schools focus on moral education?
  15. The importance of encouraging sporting activities in school

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on College

If you're looking for persuasive speech topics related to college essays, here are some ideas:

  1. "The Importance of Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in College Essay Writing Courses
  2. "The Importance of Higher Education: Why Every Individual Should Attend College"
  3. "Making College Education More Affordable: Exploring Solutions to Student Debt Crisis"
  4. "The Value of Liberal Arts Education in a Technology-Driven World"
  5. "Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Support Services on College Campuses"
  6. "Combatting Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Strategies for Prevention and Support"
  7. "The Benefits of Diversity in Higher Education: Advantages for Students and Society"
  8. "Addressing Campus Climate: Ensuring Inclusivity and Safety for All Students"
  9. "Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation in College Curriculums"
  10. "The Importance of Civic Engagement and Political Awareness Among College Students"
  11. "Promoting Environmental Sustainability on College Campuses"
  12. "The Role of Sports and Athletics in College Life: Benefits Beyond Physical Health"
  13. "Encouraging Critical Thinking and Debate in College Classrooms"
  14. "The Impact of Technology on Education: Embracing Digital Learning Tools"
  15. "Supporting First-Generation College Students: Breaking Down Barriers to Success"

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Ethics

  1. Should one accept juvenile delinquency?
  2. Should cops be prohibited from using guns in public?
  3. Should prisoners get the right to vote?
  4. Should the death penalty be eliminated?
  5. Should prostitution be made legal?
  6. Is substance abuse a major cause of social evil?
  7. What’s the moral of committing suicide?
  8. Should underage drinking lead to jail time?
  9. Should underage driving lead to legal punishments?
  10. Should there be a ban on child beauty pageants?
  11. Should burning the national flag lead to severe punishments?
  12. Can transgender people be allowed to join the military?
  13. Should those with many DUIs lose their driver's license?
  14. Should same-sex marriage be stopped?
  15. Can couples live together even without marriage?

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Politics Should the government impose a penalty for not voting?

  1. How must governments prevent human trafficking?
  2. Should there be a borderline fence between the USA and Mexico?
  3. Should the 51st stage be Puerto Rico?
  4. Should drug possessors be sent to recovery programs rather than serve jail time?
  5. Should governments ban marijuana production?
  6. Should the army budget be lessened or increased?
  7. Should the government pay ransom to terrorists to protect hostages?
  8. Should Scotland announce their independence from the UK?
  9. Should parliamentary terms be limited?
  10. Should celebrities stay out of politics?
  11. Should hate politicians be restricted from campaigning?
  12. Is global leadership possible?
  13. How can one make free and just elections?
  14. How to stop terrorism threats in the United States of America?

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Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Health 

  1. Should schools incorporate sex education curricula?
  2. Should marijuana medication be used for patients in severe agony?
  3. Should people regulate the quantity of meat consumption to stay healthy?
  4. Why must people avoid fast foods?
  5. Should one with diabetes refrain from strenuous physical workouts?
  6. Should assisted suicides be considered ethical, or should they be restricted?
  7. Is concealing the HIV status with the person you sleep with considered immoral and illegal?
  8. Should kids over 12 years old be taught CPR (Chest Compressions)?
  9. Can euthanasia help reduce suicides?
  10. Should healthy people turn into regular donors for the weak?
  11. Should plastic surgery be restricted to special medical cases?
  12. Should smoking be prohibited for recovering patients?
  13. Should governments pay more attention to producing healthier foods?
  14. Should patients be prevented from using mobile phones to avoid possible health issues?
  15. Should the consumption of birth control pills be controlled or restricted?

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Religion 

  1. Can women be permitted to become priests?
  2. Should schools teach world religions irrespective of certain students’ religious beliefs?
  3. Is Islam a peaceful religion?
  4. Why is religion a major cause of so many wars?
  5. How to prevent worldwide religious conflicts?
  6. Should religious hate among students make grounds for expulsion?
  7. Should discussions like ‘Existence of God’ be done inside classrooms?
  8. How can one make people less volatile towards those of other religious beliefs?
  9. Should kids be allowed to choose their religious beliefs?
  10. Should slaughtering animals in the name of religion be prohibited?
  11. Can priests be permitted to marry?
  12. Should countries accept refugees/immigrants of different religious beliefs?
  13. Can there be one universal religion?
  14. Should same-sex Christian marriage be accepted?
  15. Should religious establishments be exempt from paying taxes?

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Family 

  1. The role of daycare in a child’s all-round growth
  2. Is the internet becoming a dangerous place for underage children?
  3. Are older parents more patient than younger ones?
  4. Is Middle Child Syndrome truly a thing?
  5. Is it advantageous to bear children when young?
  6. Is the eldest kid more reliable?
  7. Why are family traditions important in shaping kids?
  8. How important is family game night for kids?
  9. Does allowing kids to play outside make them more creative?
  10. Are kids’ lives more stressful than their parents when they were children?
  11. Should kids be allowed to believe in Santa?
  12. How does teenage pregnancy hamper the entire family?
  13. Should parents allow kids to sleep on nights?
  14. Should parents avoid smoking in front of their children?
  15. Should parents reserve time alone for themselves?

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Fashion & Music 

  1. Should males wear pink or shouldn’t?
  2. Does clothing define a person and set the first impression?
  3. Do fashion brands negatively influence society and young children?
  4. Is eco-fashion a glimpse of the future?
  5. Is Indie Pop popular today?
  6. Is jazz becoming extinct?
  7. Is country music still a people’s choice?
  8. Is music addiction a good thing?
  9. Is Chuck Berry the Godfather of rock and roll?
  10. Is Michael Jackson a legend despite the bad press?
  11. Is rap music a form of rebellion?
  12. Do musicians make decent money?
  13. Should music learning be a part of school curriculums?
  14. Should parents stop kids from watching X-rated music videos?
  15. Is today’s mainstream music becoming repetitive and boring?

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Sports 

  1. Why women’s sports don’t get similar recognition as their counterparts?
  2. Should athletes use performance-enhancement drugs?
  3. Are professional athletes paid sufficiently?
  4. Should extreme sports be prohibited?
  5. Should cyber sports be given equal status to other forms of sporting activities?
  6. Should men coaches be restricted from working with women athletes?
  7. Have the Olympic Games become obsolete?
  8. Is cheerleading a sport?
  9. How to prevent betting in sports?
  10. Who is greater – Messi or Maradona?
  11. Should the NBA incorporate stricter dress codes?
  12. Is Michael Jordan the greatest basketball inspiration for young kids?
  13. Should Wiffle Ball be used during training sessions?
  14. What determines the outcome of a hockey game?
  15. Should students get money for participating in sporting activities?
  16. Should hunting be banned as a sport?
  17. Should animal fighting be prohibited?

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Final Thoughts

Explore a comprehensive collection of persuasive essay examples curated to inspire and guide your writing journey. From compelling arguments to effective structures, find diverse examples covering various topics to enhance your persuasive writing skills at

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FAQs on Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

How do you make a good persuasive speech? arrow

You must first pick a suitable topic for your persuasive speech. Then you must gather data and reference notes on the topic and organize them per the set layout. You must craft a persuasive speech concisely and always stay authentic in the presented information and arguments. 

You can add humor elements or use creative flair to make the speech engaging and thought-provoking for the audience. Finally, your speech must compel the audience to take meaningful action for their betterment.

What are the 5 critical steps of a quality persuasive speech? arrow

Your persuasive speech must incorporate these 5 critical steps.


  1. Audience’s hook
  2. Conviction to audience’s problems 
  3. Introduce the solution and satisfy the audience’s needs
  4. It should provide the audience with a glimpse of the future
  5. Finally must compel the audience to take a meaningful call to action

What are the 7 main fundamentals of a good persuasive speech? arrow

Every good persuasive speech must comprise these 7 critical fundamentals. They entail as follows –

  1. Scarceness
  2. Authority
  3. Relevant evidence 
  4. Empathy 
  5. Mutuality
  6. Uniformity
  7. Unanimity

Contact our expert writers if you require more clarification on the nitty-gritty of producing persuasive speeches.

What are the 3 main pillars of a persuasive speech? arrow

The 3 main pillars of a persuasive speech include as following –

  1. Ethos
  2. Pathos
  3. Logos 

Speak to our experts if you require individual explanations for each of these crucial pillars/techniques of a persuasive essay.

How to determine a good persuasive speech topic? arrow

  1. Pick something you are familiar with
  2. Ensure the topic of discussion is interesting 
  3. The topic must hook the audience’s interests
  4. It should allow you to visualize 
  5. It should be relevant to the audiences
  6. It must provide the desired outcome to the presented problem
  7. It must motivate the audience to take action

What are some trending topics for your persuasive speech? arrow

  1. Is country music still a people’s choice?
  2. Is music addiction a good thing?
  3. Should cyber sports be given equal status to other forms of sporting activities?
  4. Should men coaches be restricted from working with women athletes?
  5. Why is religion a major cause of so many wars?
  6. How to prevent worldwide religious conflicts?

What should be the ideal start to your persuasive speech? arrow

Begin with a strong introduction that hooks the audience’s interest. You can use emotions, humor, riveting data or statistics, or an interrogation! Once you engage the audience, you can introduce the topic in the thesis statement.

Need persuasive speech samples or writing help? Contact our specialists anytime. 

What are the steps to writing a 5-minute persuasive speech? arrow

  1. Always analyze your listeners
  2. Craft a speech outline
  3. Begin with strong/compelling words. You can also use emotions, humor, riveting data or statistics, or an interrogation
  4. Be clear on the main speech message 
  5. Wrap up your speech with words of inspiration  

How should you format your persuasive speech? arrow

Your persuasive speech must comprise an introduction (with the thesis statement), a body (with all the main points), and a conclusion (what surmises everything covered).

Consult our experts if you require writing guidance and insights on each. 

What should your persuasive speech ending entail? arrow

  1. Surmise all main points in the speech
  2. Recap the thesis statement
  3. Create excitement and a feeling of finality
  4. Trigger a call to action among the listeners 
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