100 persuasive speech topics

Tickle the funny bone of your audience with 100 persuasive speech topics

The art of persuasion is a skill that very few people have mastered. Imagine a situation in which you have walked into a store to buy something. The salesperson notices you are roaming around and tries to recommend products you should buy. That right there is the art of persuasion in all its glory.

Now you may ask, “How do I persuade a room full of people while delivering a speech?” Well, add a little humor to the mix. There is nothing like a little humor when you are trying to persuade your audience with your speech.

Writing a persuasive speech that would at once be amusing and intriguing is definitely not a piece of cake. If you know the ideal ways to add humor, you can definitely put together a winning persuasive speech. To help you further we have come up with an exhaustive list of amusing persuasive speech topics. So, let’s get right into it.


Inducing humor into the persuasive speech:

We have already established that humor is a potent tool that will allow you to induce some chuckles and grins, if not peals of laughter. Now you don’t really have to be a stand-up comic to achieve this feat. All you have to do is follow these rules of adding humor to your persuasive speech carefully. Take note!

Now you know how to use humor while writing on a persuasive speech topic. Make sure you implement them aptly to induce a little laughter in the audience. Trust us; your audience would thank you for it.

Charm your way into your audience’s hearts with 100 persuasive speech topics:

Nobody likes to sit through a drab and dull persuasive speech. This is why it’s always wise to choose a topic that would let you play around with humor. Now, finding a humorous topic can get a little too tedious. We’ve got you covered with these funny and appealing topics for your persuasive speech.

  1. Voldemort/ Davy Jones is proof that evil has no nose.
  2. Why do people count the hours of sleep they’re going to get before going to bed?
  3. Life is a test we have not studied for.
  4. It is not alright to live with your parents when you are 30.
  5. Common sense is a virtue that’s becoming extremely rare.
  6. Money can buy you happiness.
  7. How to determine if you are addicted to social media?
  8. Murphy’s law does work in real life.
  9. Being too rich makes people less empathetic.
  10. Mistakes can bring profits.
  11. Why Oprah Winfrey should be the next president?
  12. Social media breeds relationships with no strings attached.
  13. Elon Musk might be a time traveler from the future.
  14. Women are always more efficient than men.
  15. The midweek crisis is a real condition.
  16. You can become famous for doing nothing.
  17. Multitasking gets nothing done.
  18. Earth consists of both heaven and hell.
  19. Cooking together can strengthen your relationship with your loved one.
  20. Technology can help you lose weight.
  21. Artificial Intelligence will rule the world one day.
  22. Is tattooing an art?
  23. Procrastinators get the work done more efficiently.
  24. I would rather have a substantial bank balance than being intelligent.
  25. Family gatherings are stressful.
  26. The doomsday is upon us.
  27. What it’s like to live with a withdrawal syndrome after the holidays are over.
  28. Celebrities often set the wrong examples as role models.
  29. Success in college is possible without attending class.
  30. Skills are more important than a degree while getting a job
  31. Growing up is a trap.
  32. Nothing ever is real in the age of social media.
  33. Dependence on the internet is making us less smart.
  34. People are more materialistic now than they were a decade ago.
  35.  Anxiety makes you behave rudely.
  36. People are quick to take offense and quick to make sensitive remarks.
  37. 10 lies you tell yourself all your life.
  38. We don’t grow up; we only grow old.
  39. Humans will be an endangered species.
  40.  Little children shouldn’t read fairy tales.
  41. Taking selfies is a chronic disease.
  42. This is why aliens won’t talk to us.
  43. Today’s advertisements lack imagination and originality.
  44. Children’s nursery rhymes are full of inappropriate innuendos.
  45. Dogs could bring world peace.
  46. What women say and what they mean aren’t the same thing.
  47. Urban legends are actually true.
  48. Social media makes us frivolous.
  49. Popularity in social media means everything for today’s teenagers.
  50. What would have happened if all the characters in Harry Potter existed in the real world?
  51. Is apocalypse necessary?
  52. Perfection is nothing but an illusion
  53. Meryl Streep can play the character of Dumbledore or Gandalf way better.
  54. The phenomenon of body shaming existed well before the advent of social media.
  55. Drinking tea can increase your productivity at work.
  56. If you really want something, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.
  57. Everyone should learn the art of saying ‘no’.
  58. If Shakespeare was a millennial.
  59. Everything in this world happens for a reason.
  60. The true meaning of life.
  61. The foundation of our economy thrives on consumerism.
  62. Chivalry is truly dead.
  63. Our achievements make us less humble.
  64. Technology is a blessing for procrastinators.
  65. There is no end to a person's needs. The more we receive, the more we want.
  66. Time travelers are living among us.
  67. Are optimistic people annoying?
  68. I would rather enjoy the simple pleasures of life than indulge in materialistic pleasures.
  69. Being mean to telemarketers is the only way to avoid them.
  70. Examinations are unnecessary to assess the efficiency of students.
  71. Horoscopes never tell a lie.
  72. Gratitude is the greatest virtue.
  73. Over-confidence is as destructive as under-confidence.
  74. Introverts are fun to be around.
  75. You can have the cake and eat it too.
  76. The education system is a farce today.
  77. Teaching life skills is more important than textbook knowledge.
  78. We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.
  79. Talent isn’t everything when it comes to achieving success.
  80. Chasing the idle dream is a good practice.
  81. Stereotyping has become a normal human nature.
  82. Pseudo-feminists are modern-day Nazis.
  83. Social media has actually made people distant instead of bringing them closer.
  84. Modern-day internet lingos are ruining our vocabulary.
  85. Life before Facebook was way more interesting.
  86. Why is texting better than calling?  
  87. Women are more efficient at coping with pain than men.
  88. Students should be encouraged to consider an offbeat career.
  89. Pursuing your passion is more significant than making money.
  90. We should not take life too seriously.
  91. Dogs are easier to live with than men.
  92. Two women can never be best friends.
  93. Pets would make great teachers.
  94. Humour can save your life.
  95. When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade
  96. I would rather retain my mental peace than be a millionaire.
  97. A true story that isn’t true.
  98. Breaking new year resolutions has become our second nature.
  99. The world would be a better place to live in if we spoke our minds.
  100. Shoes can tell a lot about the person wearing them.

In conclusion,

Persuading a room full of people won’t be all that difficult when you go use the valuable insights and choose from the list of topics. These insights will help you to keep the audience interested in listening to you. It will also allow you to win over the audience. So, go ahead and tickle those funny bones.

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