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How To Make An Essay Longer: Useful Tips & Tricks

How to Make an Essay Longer: Useful Tips & Tricks

Winning Hacks to Make an Essay Longer

Essay writing is a tough business, especially when a tight deadline looms over you like the sword of Damocles. Even if you gather all your willpower and complete the paper, sometimes it may fall short of some words here and there. Then, how to make your essay longer? Simple! Follow the points listed below:

  • Include relevant quotations:

Find quotations related to your essay topic to help your reader understand the depth of your discussion. Ensure to refer to credible sources and cite the quotations accurately. The last thing you want is to face the consequences of unintended plagiarism.

  •  Use suitable transitional words:

 Adding transitional terms gives readers a reprise and helps them follow the content without getting overwhelmed. So, use relevant transitional terms while changing from one idea to another to help your graders follow the transitions and increase the minimum word limit.

  •  Write one example for each point:

 Examples make arguments clearer, reduce the chances of misapplication of the idea in real-life situations, and help the target audience get a clear picture of the discussion. Also, if you write examples for all the discussed points, you’ll easily meet the minimum page count.

  •  Review your essay outline:

 Sometimes, developing ideas for additional paragraphs becomes easier when you go through the paper outline. Use this trick if you have already written the content and still need to catch up on some words.

 Ideal Paper's Word Count for a Longer Essay

Essay writing is a critical aspect of the modern educational setting. Educators use essays to evaluate the skills and subject knowledge of the writers and identify their weak areas. Typically, the word count of an essay ranges between 350-100. However, the limit is likely to vary based on your academic level. For instance, 

  • High school essays range between 1000-1500
  • Undergraduate college essays range between 1500-3000
  • Postgraduate university essays range between 1500-5000

 Writing long essays can be a new ball game if you lack skills and interest. The good thing is you will find ample pre-written pieces by other writers for reference. Take inspiration from them to develop your paper.   

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How to Make an Essay Longer - Key Essentials

 While adding an example or quote or using different transitional words can make your paper longer, you can try other effective ways. Here are some additional writing tips to increase the word count of your essay:

  • Read out loud: Essay aloud reading will help you identify if you have missed any key information or if there's any scope to add.
  • Write a topic sentence: Compose a topic sentence for every paragraph focusing on the main argument of that section.
  • Breakup paragraphs: Try breaking paragraphs into smaller sections to improve the readability and increase the word count.
  • Include important details: Instead of making your header longer or adding fluff, write more critical details to meet the word count and make your essay well-researched.

 Make an Essay Longer - Unique Perks

 Adding information just for the sake of making your paper longer won't help you through. You need a clear motive and find areas to include information organically. Keep in mind that all the details you add should complement the main idea and help in others’ understanding of the topic. Also, making your essay longer allows you to :

  • Conduct extensive research on the subject.
  • Find concrete evidence to back an argument.
  • Develop improved knowledge of the topic.

Writing academic papers, whether an essay or a research paper, demands time, effort, and focus. Even if you want to a write a longer essay, don’t rush with the process. Understand the significance of the task and give your best to increase its worth.

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 Add Supporting Evidence for Essay Writing 

 One of the main purposes of essay writing is to improve your research skills. Detailed research will enable you to compose a compelling piece based on proper academic evidence. The process of adding data and information is simpler than you think. Always start with a claim for each paragraph, followed by relevant evidence. Then, find a logical connection between your claim and supporting evidence to enable your readers to conclude.

Meeting the Required Word Count with the Best Transitional Phrases 

 Irrespective of what academic document you write, be it an essay or a research paper, your aim should be to craft meaningful sentences explaining the main concept. Here’s a list of transitional terms you can use to elevate your writing quality: 

  • Causation - Hence, as a result, because, consequently, etc.
  • Contrast - However, although, on the contrary, Nevertheless, etc.
  • Similarity - In like fashion, likewise, above all, in truth, etc.
  • Chronology - After, subsequently, until now, for this reason, etc.
  • Importance - Equally important, what’s more, furthermore, critically, etc.

If you need further guidance on how to make an essay longer, you can consult the writing coaches at Allessaywriter. The experts have the acumen to write all types of essays and can offer improve the overall quality of your documents.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1. How to increase the length without adding unnecessary information?

You can use the following tricks to increase your research paper or essay length: 

  • Add supporting evidence
  • Try rephrasing sentences with transitional phrases.
  • Include more examples in each section.
  • Research and expand the points
  • Add a counter-argument to each paragraph

Q.2. Will changing the font size or the margins affect the length? 

Increasing the margin size or font size won’t add length to your essay. But if you truly want to make your essay longer, add quality information to the content. Recheck your outline and check if you can ideate another paragraph for the body section. Still, think about what a reader would expect from your essay. Is the explanation enough, or should you elaborate further? Your answer will help you decide whether to add more words to explain a point or leave it as it is.

Q.3. Will adding extra spaces between line spacing lengthen my essay? 

Increasing line spacing might make your paper longer, but it is not the best way. Your primary goal should be to add value to your paper and make it worth your graders’ time. Instead of trying unethical means, expand on different ideas to make your essay longer. If you cannot determine one idea, refer to essays drafted by other writers to get inspiration.

Q.4. How to expand the introduction and conclusion without repetition?

The introduction of any paper, be it a research paper or an essay, should provide some background context for the instructors, followed by a hook. It should also include the main points of your essays but in a summarized form.

The best way to make sure the reader doesn’t find your conclusion repetitive is to add a thought-provoking question. If not, highlight the possible research option in your conclusion or explain the results from a broader perspective.

 Q.5. Are there new ideas to increase word count without affecting the quality?

You can try the following ideas to make your essay longer without hampering equality: 

  • Add transitional words between sentences
  • Try to expand one point
  • Include multiple examples to increase the paragraphs
  • Review sample write-ups for essay writing ideas.

Q.6. Will adding filler content meet the length requirement of your paper?

 The first thing you must avoid while increasing the word count is to add fillers. Including unnecessary sentences decreases the overall quality and distracts the reader from key points. Hence, do extensive research to add substance to each point. The more you dig, the better points you will find to strengthen your argument and increase the paper’s length.



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