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How To Set Smart Goals? The Bigger Picture

"A goal without a plan is only a dream"

- Brian Tracy

Life is full of ups and downs, the good days and the bad ones. It would rather be a lie to claim that our lives are perfect. Rather, we have to make it perfect. And that can only be achieved by setting smart goals and achieving the same – one baby step at a time. Having said that, setting and achieving smart goals is certainly no child’s play. There are several aspects and key parameters to consider while chalking the right plan of action and setting smart goals. Now that you are stuck in a rut and trying to figure out life and its meaning or in case you are going through a difficult phase at this moment and wondering how to set smart goal, take some time to read this informative blog.

It shall introduce you to the bigger picture by elaborating on how to set and achieve smart goals like a boss. Read through this blog and write your next essay on life goal like a pro.

Here you go!


Understanding the Importance of Smart Goals

importance of smart goals

First things first, one needs to understand the key importance of setting smart goals or why someone should set smart goals in the first place. You see, even the most successful sportsman or politicians need smart goals in order to achieve their desired milestones. On the other hand, even the most successful architects need the plan to proceed with the building infrastructures and the key essentialities of construction. Why so? Because, we all need a roadmap in order to give the right shape to our aims and aspirations.

Take a look below and figure out the key significance of setting smart goals and achieving the same at the end of the tunnel.

Better insights and clarity

At times, we tend to look at the same thing with a different perspectives and opinions altogether. We would either not understand what’s going on or deny to embrace the real truth. This is exactly where the context of setting a smart goal gains prominence. Here’s all you need to know.

  • If you have a pre-determined goal and the fact that you decide to work on it and achieve the same, then you will have a clarity in terms of what you are supposed to do and how you are to execute the same.
  • For example, if you set a goal in terms of securing the top spot in the class in the next semester, then it is safe to assume that you will give your best and leave no loophole to evolve as promising student and bag a straight A+ in the upcoming semester.
  • In addition, the more goals you will set, the better will be the chances for you to gain the right insights and knowledge into achieving the goal and give your aspiration the right shape of success.

The right form of smart goal will always inspire you to achieve new heights and overcome all odds to bring new accolades home.

Gives you the roadmap to success

As mentioned already, we all need roadmaps in order to figure things out and gauge certain aspects in certain ways. If you have smart goals and the right strategies to achieve the same, then half the battle is won. Moreover, setting goals helps us to prioritize things better.

Here’s everything you need to know in this context.

  • Having a roadmap will allow you to understand how to proceed with a particular problem, resolve the same and come up with the perfect solution at the end of the day.
  • Once you have a roadmap, you will clearly understand how to combat the odds that may come in between you and your goals.
  • Also, you will make an effort to find solutions or strategize things in a way so that they can help you tread in the right direction.
  • Moreover, having a perfect roadmap will make you more rational, logically sound, knowledgeable and mature.
  • Setting goals with roadmaps will make you more accountable and shall instill a sense of responsibility.
  • With the right roadmap, you can measure your progress better and determine success in every step.

So, considering each of the revelations and factual insights as mentioned above, it seems setting smart goals will always have a positive impact on your life and career.

Promotes a sense of self-mastery

To be honest, there’s no substitute for being self-sufficient and accumulating the courage to go about certain odds and challenges in life all by your own self. This is again one reason that makes the context of setting smart goals really important for one and all.

Take a look below to know more.

  • If you are successful in setting the right goal, then you will naturally try to live up to it.
  • Such approaches mark the very inception of a sense of self-mastery.
  • The moment you start solving your problems all by yourself, it will help you boost self-confidence and back you up with the right tactic that can be used to resolve certain issues.

And, we all know, developing a sense of self-mastery will certainly make you self-sufficient lay more focus on each subject, point of concern, issues and the likes. As a result, you will sound more assertive and enjoy being confident across areas that used to be tricky or way too challenging for you in the past.

So, now that you have enough reasons and strong grounds to believe in the importance of setting smart goals, embrace the best practice and never look back. Afterall, life isn’t always a bed of roses.

At times, you got to pluck the thorns and keep them aside in order to mark your progress of success and prosperity. And smart goals are simply the finest ingredients to determine and gauge your success graph.

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promotes a sense of self mastery


Now that you are aware of the importance of setting smart goals, you must be eager to know how to set smart goals successfully. Interestingly, the term SMART goal has its own definition that mainly revolves around being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. Unless you are successful in getting the hang of each of these elements, you cannot attain the desired result in the long run.

So, take a look below for the broader dimension and a step-by-step elaboration.

Step 1: Be Specific

First things first, you have to be specific about what you want to achieve, what is your current status and what will it take for you to achieve that particular goal. Here are some questions you should essentially answer before heading out to achieving your end goals.

  • What are the issues I am facing at this moment?
  • What are my short-term and long-term goals?
  • What potential roadblocks can hinder my progress in this matter?
  • What resources do I have in hand in order to combat the odds?
  • Who all are there to help me through the hurdle or do I need to go about it all by my own self?
  • How should I plan to make things work out? What should be my primary standpoint?

Once you have concrete answers to each of the questions mentioned above, you will naturally get the hang of the rest of the context and how to proceed with the same constructively.

Step 2: Measure all probabilities

This is again one crucial point to be noted when it comes to setting smart goals and achieving the same. Things will always go haywire if you mail to measure all probabilities and decide on things accordingly. So, take a look at the following suggestions and get introduced to the needful essentialities.

  • Gauge your present situation and take a look around to identify the elements hindering your success.
  • Now evaluate and decide on how you wish to meet your goals.
  • Measure and evaluate the potential roadblocks that might affect your performance.
  • See if they are meant to be fixed by yourself or the fact that you need external assistance for the same

It is imperative that you must pay heed to each of the checkpoints cited above for a clear perception and actionable roadmap.

Step 3: See if the goals are attainable

There is no point in setting goals that are irrelevant or way too unrealistic to attain in the long run. Rather, a goal should be attainable, based on the fact that it is relevant, realistic and achievable.

Here are a few suggestions that will come into play for you.

  • Sit back for a moment and focus on the goals.
  • See if they can be achieved through hard work and dedication.
  • Do not take up too many responsibilities at the same time.
  • Rather, break them down into smaller chunks.
  • Make it a point to achieve one goal at a time.

The idea is to keep things attainable, relevant, and easy to comprehend as well. If you know the goal is attainable by all means, nobody can stop you from embracing excellence at the end of the day.

Step 4: Check relevancy of your goals

This is yet another major point of concern when it comes to context of setting SMART goals. Unless the goal or your actionable point is relevant enough, you shouldn’t ideally proceed with the plan in the first place.

Take a look below for some useful suggestions in this context.

  • Re-focus on your goals closely.
  • See if they are relevant enough to be termed as rational and relevant.
  • Take a close look at the resources available for you to achieve the goal.
  • Make sure the goals are within your ability and key area of expertise.

It is only after a thorough evaluation of each of the dimensions mentioned above, you should take a step ahead in your quest to achieve the desired goal.

Step 5: Set your own time

The entire idea of achieving a goal will simply go down the drain if you fail to achieve the same within a specific frame of time. Unless you are disciplined enough in the matter of strategizing and meeting your goals down the line, things will not work out in the way they are supposed to be.

Simply refer to the following suggestions and shine on.

  • Make time-based evaluations and ideate how long will it take for you to achieve the goal?
  • Focus on the “when’s” and the “how’s” – when are you planning to achieve the goal and how?
  • Now, mark the date or make a note of the tentative deadline set by you.
  • Make it a point to follow the deadline carefully and achieve your goal within the particular frame of time.

All said and done, there is a thin line between theoretical knowledge and the pragmatic reality. At times, things don’t work out in accordance with the theory.

For example, if you come across situations and scenarios that are not aligned with the theories or conventional formula of achieving goals, you need to tweak things a bit and improvise your plans according to the situational differences.

So, you have to quite dynamic in such cases choose the cards wisely.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Smart goals?

SMART goals are basically based on the five most essential elements – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based.

2. What are the three types of goals?

The three types of goals include:

  • Outcome goals
  • Performance goals
  • Process goals

3. Who defined Smart goals?

Smart goals were defined by George Duran, Arthur Miller and James Cunnigham in their 1981 article.

4. What is the full meaning of SMART?

As mentioned earlier, SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based.

5. Is SMART goal a concept?

SMART goal is basically an objective that encompasses five of the most important elements. The goal has to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based in all shapes, forms and probabilities.

6. What are the benefits of SMART goals?

Here are the key benefits of setting SMART goals.

  • Setting smart goals allows you to visualize and idea specific goals - both long-term and short-term.
  • It refines your decision-making expertise and instills a sense of self-confidence as well.
  • In addition, setting smart goals will only make you more responsible and motivated towards achieving new heights.
  • It helps you to identify your weaknesses and measure your growth at the same time.

7. What is the conclusion of SMART goals?

All SMART goals are meant to be concluded successfully, based on the achievements bagged by incorporating the five most important components and transforming probabilities into possibilities.

8. Do we need SMART goals in education?

Yes, absolutely! Academic career is full of ups and downs and things can only be achieved or streamlined if students set SMART goals and implement the right strategies to embrace success at the end of the day.

9. What is the last step of SMART goals?

SMART goals should come with an end date and that is apparently the last step. It deals with time-based evaluation of scenarios and how the candidate plans to bring a closure to the goal, once set.

10. How many SMART goals are there?

There’s only one SMART goal with five major components encompassing it.

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