Structure of an essay

Fundamental insights of creating an essay structure & planning

You cannot build houses without walls, and an essay with a concrete structure. Writing an academic essay structure is one of the most complicated things to carry out if you are not aware of the primary points that need to be considered while framing the structure.
So, here are a few suggestions that will come into play, the next time you will sit to create an essay structure.

How to structure an essay?

Structuring essay topics comprise certain key elements to be prioritised. You cannot afford to miss out on including those components in the outline. Take a look here to get the hang of the quintessential sections to be covered while framing an essay structure.

1. Clear introduction with a thesis

First things first, you need to come up with a concrete introduction and a thesis. Here are the important guidelines one must follow in this context.

  • Do not state the obvious. Come up with something interesting. For example, if the essay is on the “Hierarchy of Management”, do not start defining the different types of management hierarchy straightaway.
  • Instead, draw a couple of references or state real-life examples that would define the topic in a unique manner.
  • Define how you wish to conduct particular research to deduce the requisite solution to the problem.

2. Rationally-framed body paragraphs

This is important. You should make sure that the body paragraphs are logically structured and well-defined from all aspects. Here are the tips one must follow to add perfection to the segment while drafting college essay topics.

  • Point out all major problems or contexts of argument in the body section.
  • Start defining or supporting your claims with relevant references that are verified, well-researched and analysed thoroughly.
  • Refrain from sounding pushy. Instead, state your references properly, cite case study instances and leave a couple of open-ended questions for your readers to answer.

3. Make the conclusion thought-provoking

Gone are the days when essay conclusions only used to be a couple of generic statements. With each passing day, as the academic curriculum turned more competitive, essay conclusions turned more interactive and thought-provoking in nature.

Here’s what you should include in the concluding section.

  • Make it interactive with a couple of suggestive measures that can be considered to solve the problems highlighted in the body section.
  • Link the essay conclusion with your introduction and the slants used in your body paragraphs.
  • Leave a few more research avenues or possibilities for your readers to follow to conduct further analysis

Types of essay structure with lucid examples

Essay structure types tend to vary depending on the genre of essay you will be working on. In case you are not sure how to go about a particular genre of the essay structure, take a look here.

Get the clear examples of the four major analytical essay structure examples for better understanding.

Analytical essay structure writing guidelines


  • Topic-based background information.
  • Overall perspective of the topic (thesis).
  • An Overview of the primary components to be discussed.

Body paragraphs

Paragraph 1

  • Outline of the topic sentence.
  • Sentences providing evidence to support all analytical topic sentences.
  • Draw a concluding sentence and link it to the next paragraph.

Paragraph 2

  • Outline the second component.
  • Give explanations and provide evidence to back a topic sentence.
  • Include a Concluding sentence and link it to next paragraph.

Paragraph 3

This includes the same structure as followed by the other two paragraphs.


  • Summary of the main points of the body.
  • Restate the primary point of view with clear justification.

Structure of an argumentative essay outline


  • Solid background information on the essay topic.
  • Include a thesis statement of your position on the topic.
  • Also, include an overview of arguments to be presented.

Body paragraphs

Paragraph 1

  • Outline the first point of argument associated with the topic.
  • Sentences giving explanations and providing evidence to support topic sentence.
  • Write the concluding sentence and link it to the next paragraph.

Paragraph 2

  • Outline the second point of argument.
  • Include sentences that will give an explanation and provide evidence to back all arguments.
  • Include a concluding sentence and link it to the next paragraph.

Paragraph 3

  • This will follow the same structure as observed in the other two paragraphs.
  • Include as many valid arguments as you wish to highlight.


Problem and solution essay structure format


  • Introduce verified background information about the problem.
  • Describe the problem and state why it is serious.
  • Provide an overview of the solutions that need to be outlined.

Body paragraphs

Paragraph 1

  • Outline the first solution with relevant examples.
  • Also, explain all the positive and negative aspects of the solution.
  • Include all major pieces of evidence to support your explanations. 
  • Write a concluding sentence and link it to the next paragraph.

Paragraph 2

  • Introduce the topic sentence to outline the second solution.
  • Draw references to highlight the positive and negative aspects of the solution.
  • Cite case studies and survey reports to support all claims using citation machine.
  • Write a concluding sentence and link it to the next paragraph.

Paragraph 3

  • This will follow the same structure as the other two with further citations of references related to the problem.


  • Summarise the problem with an overview of the solutions.
  • Now, evaluate the solutions and recommend best option.

Interpretive essay structure writing


  • Provide a brief background information on the topic.
  • Come up with an overview of the issues to be addressed in the paper.
  • Include a thesis statement with overall interpretation.

Body paragraphs

Paragraph 1

  • Include a topic sentence and outline the first issue identified from a given set of data.
  • One must also include sentences giving further explanation based on the literature and the data.
  • Come up with the concluding essay sentence and link it to the following paragraph.

Paragraph 2

  • Identify the second issue and outline the segment accordingly.

Paragraph 3

  • Introduce the third most critical issue with relevant explanations in support of the same.
  • Add a concluding sentence and draw an extension if you wish to introduce another paragraph.


  • State a summary of the overall interpretation.
  • Also, include a summary of the main issues from the data supplied.
  • Include further recommendations and suggest solutions that will give readers a breakthrough in their analytical perspectives.

I hope the aforementioned essay structure types of the four major genres will allow you to develop a broad understanding of the essentials of the essay outline. It is all about how you choose to arrange your essay or the key elements to be included in the final draft. The primary purpose of a structure of an essay or essay outline is to give your readers an overview of what they can expect to explore or uncover in the actual draft.

So, if you have got the hang of it, develop interesting topics, and implement each of the strategies as mentioned above to frame your write-up in a uniformed manner.

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