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Top 120+ Impromptu Speech Topics To Write

Impromptu Speech Topics

Have you ever participated in the extempore competitions? If yes, you must know about the drill that giving an impromptu speech is.

Impromptu speeches are a popular way to improve public speaking skills and a great tool to evaluate various communication abilities, such as organization, clarity, and creativity.

Holistically speaking, delivering speeches is challenging. What makes impromptu speeches even more challenging is that you get the speech topic right on the spot.

Impromptu speeches require quick thinking and effective communication, and is here to help you rise to the occasion. With our expertly crafted topics, you'll be equipped to tackle any impromptu speaking challenge with confidence and poise.

But to give you the much needed heads up, we have curated a list of topics that are mostly likely to be assigned for impromptu speeches in 2023. Alongside, this blog will also tell you the basic dos and don'ts of delivering an impromptu speech.

Effective Hacks to Keep in Mind while Preparing Your Impromptu Speech

If you need to deliver a speech at the last minute, it can be daunting, especially if you're uncomfortable speaking in front of others. The stress involved can lead you to forgetting what to say, speaking incoherently, or seeming unconfident. However, being able to speak spontaneously can be the best possible way to showcase your communication skills and leadership abilities.

On that note, here are 10 tips to help you stand out as a strong communicator with your impromptu speech:

  1. Confidence is important

You might be very nervous, but showing the same can impact your performance, and also nobody else other than you can calm your nerves. Try and make the best effort to do so. Say something positive to yourself. Do the compulsory breathing exercise and gather all your strength.

  1. Focus on the audience

No matter if your speech is impromptu or not, winning the audience is important. If you already know the audience try to figure out what will catch their attention. In the 2-3 minutes you get before the presentation, take a chance to observe the audience. This will help you during the presentation.

  1. Less is always more

In the case of an impromptu speech, you do not get a lot of time to speak. Hence sharing too much with the audience in that short span might confuse them. So, concentrate on a central idea and keep talking about the same. Focus on a maximum of 3 key points and also keep their description brief.

  1. Have a structure

Any proper speech needs structure. In case of an impromptu speech, you can follow the below-mentioned structure –

  • Tell them what the speech is about
  • Give them the speech
  • Summarise whatever you have said

You can also go for the structure cause/ effect/ remedy depending on the topic.

  1. Primacy and recency

When addressing an audience, it's important to make a strong impression with your opening and closing remarks. This will help them remember your main point.

  1. Have a conversational tone

When you are giving the speech, ensure that you remain natural and authentic, similar to when you talk to your friend.

  1. Powerful body language is a must

If you want to deliver a confident presentation, make sure to use purposeful gestures, avoid slouching or fidgeting, stand firmly on both feet, maintain eye contact with your audience, and don't forget to smile.

  1. Add Q&A

If the speech time is longer, and you are unsure whether you'll be able to provide much information, you can add a Q&A session. The advantage here is that by using content directly from the audience, you can ensure that you are providing them with exactly what they want.


100+ Impromptu Speech Topics for You

  1. Unbiased news websites do not exist today.
  2. The most significant empire ever was the Romain Empire.
  3. In ten years, speech-to-text technologies will replace keyboards.
  4. It is appropriate to permit performance-enhancing substances in sports.
  5. Color mental health problems impact people's feelings starting there
  6. Team sports develop dependable people
  7. Is being poor a state of mind?
  8. What qualities make a villain perfect?
  9. How to improve your return on investment (ROI)?
  10. Marketing via social media: Why is it important?
  11. Management techniques to Boost Output
  12. Methods to cut production costs
  13. Top small business suggestions
  14. How can financial scams be avoided?
  15. The value of a dress code policy in a professional setting
  16. Students should have the option to select their own housemates.
  17. What causes the increase in on-campus crime?
  18. Not all scholarships are equal.
  19. Three things that frighten you
  20. Your favorite animated figure
  21. How can you win your employer over?
  22. How to get over phobias?
  23. The psychological benefits of procrastination
  24. Why does everyone detest Monday?
  25. How can you please your parents?
  26. The importance of laughing
  27. What distinguishes love from romantic comedies?
  28. Celebrities who have fallen prey to fashion faux pas.
  29. Fools never have any money.
  30. Just like people, plants have emotions.
  31. Lessons learned through cartoon characters
  32. My most successful error
  33. Most academics have a prejudiced viewpoint.
  34. Should you intervene on behalf of students who appear depressed?
  35. How to find quality internships as a student?
  36. There shouldn't be a death penalty.
  37. Should children begin learning to code at an early age?
  38. How can we increase safety on the internet?
  39. How to budget for college?
  40. How do I pick a major for college?
  41. What would you say about the typical person?
  42. The value of kindness
  43. Does homework have any purpose?
  44. What I discovered during Lockdown
  45. How is food repurposed?
  46. Should art instruction be included in school curricula?
  47. Should sign language be taught in schools?
  48. Women make better prime ministers and presidents.
  49. Why are books superior to their films?
  50. When technology was simpler, life was better.
  51. Should kids' reality TV be banned?
  52. Online learning in the wake of COVID-19
  53. Smart work versus hard work
  54. What is the fun in learning?
  55. The best inventions ever men should dress in pink
  56. AI's value for education
  57. Extracurricular Activities' Value
  58. It's not required to attend college or university anymore.
  59. Facebook decreases happiness in society
  60. Anyone can become wealthy if they put in enough effort.
  61. We haven't been discovered by any alien species because...
  62. The necessity to learn a language will be replaced by translation technology.
  63. Mars colonization is essential to guaranteeing human survival
  64. The tenure of the President and Prime Minister should be extended
  65. The key ingredients for happiness are social connections and close pals.
  66. Money and things are not true measures of wealth.
  67. Increase the minimum wage by two times.
  68. Peace is attainable.
  69. Life is incomplete without art. Advice on avoiding fraud
  70. Uniforms stifle individuality
  71. The fashion industry's victims
  72. Young Ness is overvalued
  73. Is being youthful really all that great?
  74. Why do adolescents smoke?
  75. What aspect of humanity do we require more of?
  76. Autonomous vehicles—are they the future?
  77. Why is having a sense of humor crucial?
  78. Why is it vital to vote?
  79. Changing Climate
  80. Ozone Layer Depletion Lowering Water Levels
  81. Forest loss and global warming
  82. Waste Control
  83. Water-Saver Methods
  84. decreasing the amount of greenery on Earth and protecting endangered species
  85. Regulations for fishing are crucial.
  86. The value of making investments in alternative fuels
  87. Ocean Acidification's Effects on marine life
  88. Environmentalists' wrongful use of the term "sustainable development."
  89. microbial advantages
  90. Management of E-Waste
  91. Natural disasters and the effects they have on economic expansion
  92. Alternative energy sources: The only way to reverse environmental degradation
  93. endangered rare species
  94. Disaster Management on World Environment Day
  95. misuse and exploitation of natural resources
  96. Do professional athletes receive excessive pay?
  97. Is lying ever acceptable?
  98. Intelligence and wisdom
  99. Christmas trees: real versus fake
  100. Environmental preservation is essential for survival.
  101. funny words and expressions
  102. It depends on who you ask to define beauty.
  103. The best season is summer. Why?
  104. TV viewing should be avoided among kids.
  105. Who are the typical people?
  106. The most significant life lesson
  107. How should an aging dog be taught a new trick?
  108. Describe the frog's or the butterfly's life cycle.
  109. My top three animal picks
  110. In my closet, what would you discover?
  111. Should adults be allowed to carry a firearm covertly?
  112. Does a baby's sexual orientation come with birth?
  113. Should tests be prohibited?
  114. How can bullying in schools be combated?
  115. What circumstances are ideal for lying?
  116. Who has had the greatest impact on your life, and why?
  117. Pets are only for individuals without children.


Q. How long should be an impromptu speech?

Ans. An impromptu speech is a speech that is given without prior planning. It typically lasts between five and eight minutes and requires only a brief preparation period of a few minutes.

Q. What is the style of an impromptu speech?

Ans. Unexpected speeches can happen on various occasions, such as weddings, meetings, or first-time meetings. These speeches are usually impromptu and happen when the speaker has not been given prior notice to address the audience.

Q. What makes a good impromptu speech?

Ans. Spontaneous speeches can occur at different events, including weddings, meetings, or first-time meetings. These speeches are usually unplanned and happen when the speaker has not been informed beforehand to speak to the audience.

Q. When should an impromptu speech be used when communicating?

Ans. Spontaneous speeches can happen at various events, such as weddings, meetings, or first-time encounters. These speeches are typically unplanned and occur when the speaker has not been informed in advance to address the audience. Even though this type of speech can be impromptu and reactive, the speaker usually has little to no notice that they will need to speak.

Q. What type of speech is impromptu speech?

Ans. Impromptu speaking refers to speaking on the spot or without prior planning. It is common to give impromptu speeches when invited to "say a few words" or make a toast on significant occasions. You have likely engaged in spontaneous conversation numerous times in casual settings.

Q. How do you structure an impromptu speech?

Ans. When giving an impromptu speech, including an introduction, body, and conclusion is important. The opening should establish the context and set the tone for the rest of the speech, just like in other public speaking situations.

Q. What is the rule of three in impromptu speech?

Ans. Simply put the Rule of Three states that presenting information in groups of three makes it more captivating, enjoyable, and memorable for your audience. Studies have shown that we tend to retain information better when it is presented in threes than in other groupings.

Q. How to improve impromptu speech skills?

Ans. It's possible to enjoy speaking on the spot without feeling nervous if you change your mindset. To make the most of your time, it's important to prepare, even if it's only a little bit. To control your nerves, try to slow down.

Q. How to practice for an impromptu speech?

Ans. Improving your impromptu speaking skills can be done in different ways, such as joining a debate team or taking on a leadership role. Another way is to practice with friends, family, or coworkers by concisely asking and answering random questions.

Q. How to start and end an impromptu speech?

Ans. To make your impromptu speech more informative and increase the speaking time, begin by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the topic before concluding. It's important not to fear silence when using this structure. Avoid relying solely on the five Ws.


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