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100+ Amazing Opinion Essay Topics And Ideas

Opinion Essay Topics

Opinion essays can be one of the toughest forms of writing and, at the same time, be an interesting one to write. Understanding the correct ways to write one and having the right data can make things easy for all. However, forming an opinion on a topic and backing it up with data can be difficult if the topic is not interesting enough.

There are instances when even the best students have failed to write a perfect opinion essay because the topic was not good enough. You have heard from your teachers as well as experts how topics play a crucial role in any form of writing. So, when it comes to this type of essay, you need to be careful while choosing the topic.

To ease your problems and to ensure you get all types of opinion essay topics in one place, we have curated a list of 100+ topics.

Find the one that you are comfortable with and start writing without getting stressed.

Opinion Essay Topics For Political Science

  1. An argumentative discussion on minor’s right to vote
  2. A discussion on law being equal for everyone
  3. Arguing if gun control is a political control instrument
  4. An argumentative discussion on the efficiency of the US foreign policy
  5. Discussing the ways that can eliminate corruption
  6. Understanding if political leaders can rely on technology
  7. A discussion on whether religious practices should be controlled by governments
  8. Media does not have any freedom of speech: An argumentative discussion
  9. Understanding the President’s role from your perspective
  10. Advantages and Disadvantages of Socialism
  11. Identifying the actual reasons behind the Civil War
  12. Understanding the causes of the relationship meltdown between the US and Cuba
  13. Are political whistleblowers controlled by the government?
  14. Understanding if private prisons are ethical or not
  15. Should politicians be allowed to represent media outlets?

Opinion Essay Topics For History

  1. Monarchy is advantageous in modern society: Do you agree?
  2. Exploring the life of Mahatma Gandhi and his work as a messenger of peace
  3. A Discussion of Ancient Egypt's Symbolism
  4. Share your opinion on gender bias in Ancient Rome's ruling
  5. The history school curriculum is unnecessary in the present world: Do you agree?
  6. A discussion on the benefits of learning history
  7. The Legacy of the Holocaust
  8. A discussion on the biases during the Vietnam War coverage
  9. Understanding the cause and effects of Pearl Harbor
  10. A discussion on Bernie Sanders’ role as a socialist
  11. The controversy over slavery abolition
  12. A detailed discussion on the history of propaganda in the US media
  13. Do you agree with the fact that Martin Luther King's message is being distorted in the present world?
  14. Are American workers ignored in modern society?
  15. Share your opinion on the need to make World War II archives available to the public

Topics For Environment

  1. Do you agree that global warming is a hoax?
  2. Ecology education is not sufficient in schools
  3. Greater penalties can be controlled by emissions
  4. Do you agree that the governments keep information about ecological damage hidden?
  5. Is it wrong to assume that Green Peace activists are always ethical?
  6. Polar bears are very important for the entire world
  7. Is it necessary to control fishing wars at global levels?
  8. Mobile networks affect rainforests: Do you agree?
  9. Understanding if electric cars are beneficial
  10. A look into the flaws in the tsunami prevention system
  11. A discussion on the creation of the Panama Canal: Was it necessary?
  12. A discussion on the necessity of a global earthquake prevention financial fund
  13. Understanding the ways social strikes can shed light on environmental damage
  14. Globalization and the dangers it brings with it: An argumentative discussion
  15. Understanding if animal chipping is ethical or not

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Topics For Nursing

  1. Understanding if nurses need to focus more on nursing theorists
  2. A discussion on the ways stress management is supervised in ER rooms
  3. The need for closer cooperation between pharmacists and physicians
  4. Should vaccination be forced?
  5. Understanding the causes behind autism
  6. A discussion on the need for global mechanism control: Is it necessary?
  7. Can herbal practitioners be considered the same as traditional medicine?
  8. Exploring the reasons there's a shortage in the number of medical personnel
  9. Exploring the Failures of Barack Obama
  10. Understanding the things that can prevent medical errors
  11. Is it important to include culture in the healthcare curriculum?
  12. A discussion on the need for potentially dangerous medical information to be made accessible
  13. Should the government make medical marijuana illegal?
  14. Is there racial bias in healthcare?
  15. Understanding if children can have the opportunity to make decisions in critical situations

Social Media Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Social media has an adverse effect on education and has taken away the analytical element
  2. Facebook makes relationship depth limited
  3. Smartphone applications are a major cause of addiction
  4. Understanding if there is a necessity to censor the internet
  5. Students are dependent on technology too much: Do you agree?
  6. Social media promotes environmental issues: Do you agree?
  7. An insight into online theft
  8. Understanding the differences between cyberbullying and physical bullying
  9. Finding the best ways to protect children online
  10. Understanding if online media networks are responsible for cultural bias
  11. Can Twitter be considered a political messenger?
  12. Smartphones and their influence on youth
  13. Piracy must be punished severely: Do you agree?
  14. Technological developments are dangerous: Do you agree?
  15. Understanding if Facebook is synonymous with a successful personality

Opinion Essay Topics For Education

  1. E-books are dangerous: Do you agree?
  2. Smartphones should be restricted in college
  3. Private schooling is affecting standard education
  4. Understanding if teachers should be allowed to punish students
  5. A comparative analysis of American education with that of any other country
  6. Online resources are not reliable for research: Do you agree?
  7. Understanding if students adjust to non-traditional schools more than the traditional ones
  8. Will students be allowed to learn only what they like?
  9. Understanding if distance learning is beneficial
  10. Video games are responsible for campus violence: Do you agree?
  11. GPA must have an alternative
  12. Should unintentional plagiarism be allowed?
  13. Colleges are only financial debts: Do you agree?
  14. Understanding if religion should be included in education
  15. Understanding if studying Latin is necessary today

Topics For Generation Gap

  1. Understanding if parents must learn to communicate online
  2. The Role of Music in the Generation Gap
  3. Understanding the ways one can overcome the problems with the generation gap
  4. How are fashion needs and crime related to each other?
  5. Lack of knowledge in a few subjects leads to a generation gap: Do you agree?
  6. Identifying the signs to understand the generation gap
  7. Examining the effect of age gaps in the workplace
  8. Impact of Hollywood on Different Age Marriage Cases
  9. Typical signs of millennials
  10. Understanding if there's a need for educational Internet courses for above 60 people
  11. Social media control tools are necessary for parents
  12. Is it necessary for parents of teenage children to follow the same fashion style?
  13. Understanding the extent of generation pattern
  14. A look into the things the next generation must have
  15. Should smartphones be allowed for preschool children?

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Opinion Essay Topics For Literature

  1. A discussion on the concept of gender bias during the 17thcentury English literature
  2. Exploring Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from a satirical aspect
  3. Understanding the concept of love and death in sonnets by Shakespeare
  4. Is there a need to preserve English language grammar?
  5. Can your spelling be better with reading?
  6. English literature is not necessary in college: Do you agree?
  7. Engineering students do not need to learn English: Do you agree?
  8. Learning composition essays will help you succeed in your career: An argumentative discussion
  9. Fyodor Dostoevsky portrays the image of Russia: Do you agree?
  10. Martin Luther King was the voice of African-American people
  11. Understanding if science fiction can help advance technology
  12. Reading acts as a medicine for PTSD patients: Do you agree?
  13. Will there be no paper books in the future?
  14. There should not be any charges for classic books
  15. Explore some methods that can make children read


Opinion essays motivate you to explore various topics and share your views on the same. While some of you might feel that the essays are too difficult, it is recommended that you start working on one. Students rarely get a chance to share their views. These essays will give you an opportunity to write what you feel about a subject or a topic. But it is not wise to share your views without proper data. So, go through samples, ask your professor, and learn how to write an opinion essay. As far as the topics are concerned, we have already got you covered.

List Of Some Essay Topics Example:

1. How to Write a Perfect Essay - Infographics

An essay is a written piece of work that expresses a particular point of view on a specific topic. Writing an essay can seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step process to help you write a perfect essay. 

2. Essay Writing Service

An essay is a piece of writing that presents an argument, interpretation, or evaluation of a particular topic or subject. It is a structured piece of writing that typically consists of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction sets the stage for the essay, providing background information on the topic and outlining the writer's thesis or main argument. 

3. Reasons to Go to College

Reasons to go to college differ, yet one thing that stays steady can be summarized as taking a stab at a better life. Certain individuals accept that attending a university is an unavoidable piece of life since a degree procured assists with better open positions, while others become associated with research work. 

FAQs For Academic Student:

Q.1. Do opinion essays need evidence?

Opinion essays need the support of evidence. You cannot state your argument or opinion on a particular topic without supporting it with evidence. These essays need supporting evidence for each argument/reason. The evidence can be in the form of additional research, quotes from academic papers/research, data, and graphics.

Q.2. What makes an effective opinion essay?

An opinion essay depends on the correct use of facts that support your opinion and help readers understand your view on a particular topic. You must ensure that the sources are reliable, and the proofs must also be leading. It must help readers understand what led you to believe a particular thing.

Q.3. How do you identify an opinion essay?

Opinion essays, also known as 'agree/disagree' essays are the ones where you need to pick a side and write the essay accordingly. These essays can be identified with words like 'agree/disagree' or 'to what extent do you agree/disagree?’ So, if you come across topics with such prompts, work on your answer as per the rules of opinion essays.

Q.4. What is an opinion essay also known as?

Opinion essays can also be called argumentative essays. These essays follow the same characteristics as argumentative essays. You have to take a stand and frame your answer accordingly. It is impossible to justify an opinion essay if you don't provide the necessary information to support your topic or be persuasive enough.

Q.5. What should be avoided in an opinion essay?

Avoid phrases like ‘I think,’ ‘I believe,’ and ‘In my opinion’ in opinion essays. These are unnecessary opinion essays and ruin your chances of scoring well in the papers. So, to make sure you have a perfect essay, concentrate on using persuasive statements and supporting them with strong data.

Q.6. Does an opinion essay need a thesis?

You cannot write any essay without a thesis statement, and opinion essays are no exception. You have to write a well-defined thesis statement with the first two reasons supporting your stand. It is equally crucial to support both of these reasons with strong evidence.

Q.7. What is the most important part of an opinion essay?

The thesis is the most crucial part of an opinion essay. It is necessary to support your thesis statement with proper data. You must not write a thesis statement just for the sake of it. Ensure to provide data from different sources to prove your point in the essay. You can use three pieces of evidence in support of your thesis.

Q.8. How long should an opinion essay be?

Opinion essays need not be too lengthy. It does not need creative elements. The essays depend on strong analysis and proper information on the topic. Generally, opinion essays are not more than 800 words. However, you can check with your professor and follow the instructions shared by them.

Q.9. Do opinion essays need a counterclaim?

Given the fact that opinion essays depend on your views on a topic, it is equally crucial to highlight the other side of the arguments as well. The essay will lose its effectiveness if you focus on your side of the story only. Hence, make sure to provide counterclaims on the topic you are working on.

Q.10. What is the structure of an opinion paragraph?

You must structure an opinion paragraph in three parts. The first part will state the opinion followed by the body sentences with reasons supporting your opinion and must end with a statement restating the opinion. You must look for opinion essay samples to understand the structure and write the same accordingly.

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