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100+ Marketing Research Paper Topics For Student's Next Essay

100+ Marketing Research Paper Topics for Student's Next Essay

Marketing research happens to be the most important process for businesses. The process helps evaluate the viability of a new product or service using inputs from potential customers. It goes without saying that students pursuing the course are expected to learn all the aspects of the research process to grab the right opportunities in the future.

One of the major obstacles during the course is writing market research paper. Students often find it hard to identify the problems and are unable to craft a perfect paper. But if you have chosen the right topic, things will seem easy.

On that note, we have listed more than a hundred market research paper topics for students.

Choose the one you are comfortable with and start working on the paper without further delay.

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Amazing Market Research Topics

  1. Evaluating the best distribution strategies and offshore marketing for new entrants
  2. Understanding the various marketing distribution channels and the mistakes you must avoid
  3. Online Shopping's influence and opportunities in China
  4. Reviewing the international market entry strategy of Starbucks
  5. Abandonment of e-shopping cart in the online industry: A brief discussion
  6. Understanding the influence of augmented reality on the marketing experience
  7. How does a brand play a crucial role in impulsive buying decisions?
  8. The role of social media in the promotion of German Christmas markets
  9. An insight into the development and execution of investment banking in developing markets
  10. Cross-border financial investment and the influence of European financial supervision
  11. How e-marketing influences consumer purchase decisions?
  12. The role of sensory market in customer buying behavior
  13. Business Startups and the influence of Gender
  14. Understanding the importance of leadership and culture in organizational change
  15. An evaluation of CSR with respect to Nike

Impressive Marketing Research Topics

  1. Understanding how implicit and explicit knowledge affect consumers’ buying behavior
  2. An insight into the significance and application of centralized global marketing
  3. Understanding the ways IoT, wearables, or smart devices can be integrated to automate customer service
  4. Defining CRM and how it is used in the market
  5. Understanding how brand awareness is related to repeat purchases
  6. Identifying the elements that play a crucial role in improving brand performance
  7. An insight into the best marketing strategies to use for maintaining a company reputation
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility is a marketing strategy: Do you agree?
  9. Identifying the best social media strategies that can help drive customer engagement
  10. Analyzing social media strategies that impact customer behavior
  11. Understanding how influencer marketing and lifestyle marketing are related to each other
  12. An insight into some of the most important technologies that can improve customers’ online decision-making process
  13. Understanding online shopping from Customers' Perspectives
  14. Understanding how motivation is important for future HRM leaders
  15. Understanding how performance management influences huge and diversified organizations


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Marketing Research Topics for the Experts

  1. An insight into the impact of information technology on supply chain management
  2. Understanding how total quality management acts as a competitive benefit with respect to the UK's manufacturing sector case study
  3. Formulating strategies to reduce inherent risks with logistic management
  4. An insight into Facebook from a marketing mix perspective
  5. Examining the Role of CSR in the Development of Brands
  6. An insight into the traditional business marketing dimensions and techniques
  7. Exploring market segmentation in detail
  8. Examining the effectiveness of Black Friday as a sales driver
  9. Evaluating the factors affecting customer satisfaction from the perspective of young adults
  10. Comparing the new market strategies with relation to Uber and Netflix
  11. How advertising affects children negatively?
  12. Understanding how social media marketing affects consumers’ buying behavior
  13. An insight into the benefits of Green Marketing
  14. Understanding how Facebook leads are different from that of Instagram
  15. How have progressive web apps (PWAs) affected marketing?


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Good Scoring Marketing Research Topics

  1. Understand the pros and cons of social media advertising, advertising, and business-to-consumer marketing
  2. Identifying the factors that can help determine emotional connection development with the customers
  3. Defining e-CRM and its application in marketing
  4. How can brand awareness initiate repeat purchases?
  5. An insight into radio being a good advertising technique in the modern world
  6. How can understanding smartphones’ benefits help understand customer thinking?
  7. Is there a dip in the effectiveness of display marketing?
  8. Understanding leadership’s significance in marketing team
  9. An insight into customer attention’s significance with respect to product labels
  10. The use of humor in advertising
  11. Using loyalty program as an effective marketing tool
  12. How do women's behavior influence their buying patterns?
  13. An insight into the application of technology in modern marketing
  14. How have wedding suits impacted consumer behavior?
  15. Comparing user-generated content and content mapping in marketing

High-Scoring Marketing Research Topics

  1. An insight into the issues with marketing in family-owned business
  2. Understanding how advertisements influence consumer behavior
  3. Necessity of analyzing consumer behavior in an international business
  4. Ways customers can protect themselves from the influence of direct marketing
  5. An in-depth analysis of the recent trends in online marketing
  6. Evaluating the concept of telemarketing
  7. How do impulsive buying behaviors affect businesses?
  8. An insight into the modern internet marketing era
  9. Pros and cons of SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing
  10. How information communication technology affects marketing?
  11. Understanding the ways technology is used in distribution marketing
  12. Listing some of the best social media marketing approaches that helped in breaking market monopoly
  13. Understanding if direct marketing is accepted by people
  14. Reasons sports like rowing and tennis that are expensive needs to be made accessible for social and ethnic minorities
  15. Understanding the reasons adoption rights law for single parents are so strict


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Influential Marketing Research Topics

  1. Understanding if it is necessary to follow the new approaches to city planning or stick to the traditional grid planning
  2. Understanding the relation between business sales and marketing research
  3. Understanding how globalization has influenced consumer behavior
  4. An insight into the importance of corporate social responsibility in brand development
  5. Listing some of the best ways to increase followers on Instagram
  6. An in-depth analysis of the best technique to generate leads
  7. How is the CSR of Adidas group significant?
  8. A look into some of the powerful promotion techniques
  9. Understanding consumer behavior with respect to Coca-Cola
  10. Content promotion of Pinterest: A brief discussion
  11. Tips and tricks to create engaging content
  12. A look into the advantages of following competitors on social media platforms
  13. An in-depth analysis of email marketing
  14. An examination of video marketing as a new marketing trend
  15. Understanding the pros and cons of social media platforms

Top-Notch Marketing Research Topics

  1. How are giveaways used for driving marketing success?
  2. Understanding the impact of leads generated from social media platforms
  3. Understanding the best ways to use Snapchat and WhatsApp in marketing and promotion
  4. An insight into the giveaway technique of social media
  5. Pros and cons of consumer marketing, social media marketing, and advertising
  6. A look into Facebook and Instagram: Which is a better marketing platform?
  7. A comparison between the quality of small business products and popular business products
  8. Comparing the lead generation technique of Facebook and Instagram
  9. How has Brexit influenced the UK’s financial institutions?
  10. An analysis of social media management and marketing
  11. A comparative analysis between the distribution systems of multinational companies and small-scale company
  12. Understanding the ways Facebook helps in the growth of a business
  13. Reasons customers look to buy products online
  14. A look into some of the effective remarketing strategies for small-scale companies
  15. An insight into the marketing strategies used by the US oil companies


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Impactful Marketing Research Topics

  1. Understanding the influence of Google’s mobile-first index on online marketing
  2. An insight into viral marketing strategies and how it is advantageous
  3. Understanding how the emotional targeting of brands affects customers
  4. How does celebrity endorsement affect ROI for the CPG brands?
  5. Listing the steps to implement efficient e-CRM
  6. How automated service interaction helps in retaining existing customers and attract new ones?
  7. Understanding the significance of organizational support programs in improving employee behavior and performance outcome
  8. Understanding the various challenges and trends of supply chain management and the impact of globalization and digital revolution
  9. An insight into the impact of multinational trade agreements on developing economies
  10. Investment in developing markets from the perspective of UK shareholders
  11. Analyzing the factors promoting Foreign Direct Investment in the Asian economies
  12. How has e-marketing influenced consumer purchase decisions in India?
  13. Understanding the new digital marketing trend, Metaverse
  14. Understanding the application of cloud storage systems in marketing
  15. How have UK's policies influenced online marketing?


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Final Thoughts,

Marketing research has always been a crucial process for all companies. So, students pursuing the subject must ensure that they are well-versed with all the methods and follow appropriate rules to craft the papers. You can refer to samples online to understand how to write one. The topics above can help you ease the task of topic selection and kickstart your project.

FAQs Searches By Students:

Q.1. What questions should you ask while doing market research?

These are some questions you must ask while doing market research:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • What does your ideal customer really want?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Who are your current customers?
  • Why others are not buying from the company?
  • Who are the prospective customers?

You need to ask these questions while working on a marketing research paper.

Q.2. What are the major limitations of marketing research?

Marketing research is crucial for companies. However, there are a few limitations to it, such as:

  • It is a costly affair
  • It is lengthy and too time-consuming
  • The scope of marketing research is limited
  • The practical value of marketing research is limited
  • It is not the best tool to predict consumer behavior
  • It will not be able to give 100% accurate results

Students pursuing the subject must know the various aspects of marketing research and learn how to do an effective one despite the disadvantages.

Q.3. What are the four pillars of market research?

You will come across various market research methods. It is essential to know the best method for market research. Maximum companies use one of these four methods to do an effective market research:

  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Personal interviews
  • Observation

It is necessary to understand the methods of marketing research and choose the one you are comfortable with while doing your project.

Q.4. What is the most important step in market research?

It is important to understand how to do market research before you move forward with the process. Students often take a leap of faith without analyzing the problem. You cannot ace marketing research projects without understanding the problem. Identifying the problem is the most important step in market research.

Q.5. What is the hardest part of marketing research?

Market research is an important aspect of all businesses. Students pursuing the subject are expected to be well-versed in all methods and be able to answer all questions. Topics on product innovation are the most difficult ones. Product innovation is considered to be the hardest part of marketing research, and students must work on it to ace the papers.

Q.6. What is the scope of marketing research?

The scope of marketing research is defined as the various areas or aspects covered in marketing research. Students must take into account the scope of marketing research before working on a paper. The scope can also be defined as the various areas where one can apply marketing research methods. The subject considers all aspects of marketing management.

Q.7. What are the key factors affecting marketing research presently?

These are the key factors that affect present-day marketing research:

  • Assessing the sector
  • Knowing the target market
  • Analyzing the competition
  • Technology
  • Automation
  • Speed
  • Real perspectives

You have to take into account all these factors to do market research projects. It is essential to understand each of the factors mentioned here to ace the projects.

Q.8. What are the ethics in marketing research?

Ethics in marketing research can be defined as the moral principles that are necessary to conduct and analyze research and ensure authenticity. While working on a project, you must ensure to follow all the ethical practices and create a paper that is original. You must not manipulate raw data and ensure to collect relevant information to justify the project.

Q.9. What makes a marketing research study valid and relatable?

It is necessary to understand the essence of a marketing research study while working on it. A valid marketing research must have accurate facts and evidence and a proper analysis. Students often try to get things done quickly and ignore collecting relevant information. Hence, look for the right information while working on a marketing research project.

Q.10. What are the benefits of marketing research?

Here are a few benefits of marketing research:

  • Maintaining a customer-centric approach
  • Connecting with the audience in a better way
  • Identifying growth opportunities
  • Reducing risks by testing concepts
  • Making more informed decisions
  • Gives an edge over competitors
  • Staying on top of trends

It is important to understand the benefits and work on your project properly.

Useful Examples For Students:

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