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Reflective Essay Topics & Ideas For Interesting Writing

Did you know, some of the most celebrated authors of all time often took elements from their own experiences to create timeless classics? This is perhaps the reason why most of their narratives sound so real and relatable to us – the readers. Well, you may or may not aspire to become a professional essay writer, but you may get the opportunity to reflect your experience through words in the form of a reflective essay.

A reflective essay is a form of writing that you may get to perform while studying in school or college. However, it’s more than just a description of an event or experience from the past. You also need to analyze the meaning of the event or experience and then highlight what you have learned from it. A reflective essay requires the writer to open up about his/her thoughts and emotions so that the readers can experience the same thing while reading the essay.

How To Create A Reflective Essay Outline?

Like any other essay, a reflective essay can also be broken into three major segments – the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, the reflective essay outline needs to be followed a bit differently than regular essays.

1. The Introduction:

While preparing this part of the reflective essay outline, you need to take care of these following things:

  • Grab the attention of the reader at the beginning by telling what you will be writing about.
  • While drafting the essay thesis statement, you also need to include information about the experience.
  • Since this part introduces the reader to the rest of the content, you need to be a little creative without spilling too much information in the introduction.

This first portion of the reflective essay outline needs to be engaging. Otherwise, the readers won't find any interest in reading the rest of it.

2. The Body:

In this part of the reflective essay outline, you should be explaining the event in chronological order. A linear storyline sounds more natural. It would be easier for you to reflect on the experience in the order it took place.

  • Start by describing your expectations. Prepare the reflective essay outline accordingly.
  • You can then jump to the part where you start experiencing “the feeling”.
  • While sharing your emotions and thoughts of that time, you should also try to include other experiences besides the one you are writing about.
  • You should also incorporate the details about the new understanding and mindset that you got because of that experience or event.

The body part usually consists of three paragraphs. So try to discuss the various stages of the experience of the event in different paragraphs.

3. Conclusion:

The conclusion is the last part of the reflective essay outline. Here you need to wrap your ideas up and demonstrate the development in brief. You can even include the possible future that you find relevant to the event and experience, but most importantly, try to mention the newly found discoveries in this part.

Things You Should Look For In Reflective Essay Examples

Before you start writing your reflective essay, you should check out a few reflective essay examples to get the idea about the essay. You can ask your professor to show you a few reflective essay examples. Asking the professor for reflective essay examples can be helpful as the professor may show you how he or she wants you to draft the paper.

Furthermore, there are a number of online sites where you can find enough reflective essay examples. In fact, some website categorizes the reflective essay examples based on the type of events and experiences. Here are a few things that you should focus on while reading those reflective essay examples.

  • The choice of topic
  • The way the introduction is written
  • The thesis statement
  • The development of the topic
  • Points mentioned in the body
  • And most importantly, the style of story-telling

While going through the reflective essay examples, you can certainly learn a lot about reflective essay writing. In fact, if you want, you can write an essay on a similar topic to the reflective essay examples. However, if you are running out of ideas, here is a list of creative, reflective essay topics that you can work on.

50 Creative Reflective Essay Topics

  1. Climbing a mountain for the first time
  2. Your first trip abroad
  3. Playing football in the rain
  4. Trying out an adventure sport for the first time
  5. Your first trip without the parents
  6. Running through woods
  7. Your first experience of swimming in a lake
  8. Experiencing wildlife up close
  9. The time when you went boat riding
  10. The most unusual place you have been to
  11. Your favorite weekend gateway
  12. An intriguing place that you will never visit again
  13. The restaurant you and your family visits often
  14. A house or building on your way to school that intrigues you the most
  15. A place that you can never get tired of visiting
  16. The most haunting experience you had as a kid
  17. The day before your first flight
  18. Visiting the zoo for the first time
  19. Being involved in a fight in school
  20. Your first day in high school
  21. Your favorite vacation spot as a child
  22. Watching a football match in the stadium for the first time
  23. A movie that has changed your perception about life
  24. Your favorite activity during summer vacation
  25. The TV shows you grew up watching
  26. Your favorite comic book store in the town
  27. A movie that you can never get tired of watching
  28. Everything you loved about your school
  29. An afternoon with a stranger
  30. Your first date
  31. Earning money for the first time
  32. The first week of moving to a new place
  33. Learning how to ride a bicycle
  34. A place that you were frightened to visit as a child
  35. The night before final exams
  36. The subject you hated as a kid
  37. Your first job in life
  38. Your worst moment on stage
  39. The first time you intentionally skipped a period in the school
  40. You favorite Christmas moment till date
  41. A party that went terribly wrong
  42. Attending the wedding of a cousin
  43. Being trapped in a blizzard or storm
  44. Being appreciated for your effort
  45. Taking part in a community service
  46. Receiving an unexpected gift
  47. A nightmare that you cannot forget
  48. A lazy Sunday morning
  49. Being stuck in an elevator
  50. The career-defining moment in your life

Well, you always have the option to pick any of these reflective essay topics and get started. However, it is always better if you choose the one that you have experienced yourself. Since reflective essay writing is all about reflecting your experience through words, real stories are more engaging than the made-up ones. See which of these reflective essay topics you can relate to most, and start drafting the essay without any second thought.

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