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How To Write A Social Media Essay - Complete Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Writing a Social Media Essay

Social media is one of the most discussed topics at the present time. There are enough reasons for the same. For some, social media is their source of entertainment, and for others, it is their source of income. Now whether this is good or bad is the question.

With every passing day, new features are being added to social media platforms. That is why it is always a hot topic for discussion. For the same reason, students are also asked to write essays on social media.

There can be several topics inspired by the same. This blog will give you a glimpse of the same. But before that, you must learn how to write perfect social media essays. Let's begin.

Social Media Essay – The Purpose

Today, nobody wants to know what social media is. It can be said that social media impacts every aspect of human life in some way or the other. Whether these impacts are good or bad is the main idea of the discussion. Therefore, the essays on social media must also cover this portion.

Worldwide, researchers are trying their best to find out how social media influences human existence. This is why educators also want the students to have knowledge of the same. Therefore, the essays should focus on explaining how each platform is impacting human life. It can also portray a clear picture of the risks and benefits of using these platforms.

To cut it short, the ultimate purpose of these pieces is to show how social media is shaping modern-day lives. So, whenever you are writing an essay on this topic, make sure to fulfill this purpose. If you are wondering how to do it, keep reading this blog to the end.

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What Type of Essay is a Social Media Essay?

From the above discussion, it must be clear that a descriptive essay is not a very good choice while writing on social media. So, you have narrative, persuasive, or argumentative essay to choose from. You can write a narrative in case you are asked to do so. If not, it is better to choose from argumentative or persuasive.

In both these types, the basic structure and requirements will be the same. The only difference will be in the tone of the essay. For the argumentative type, you have to keep a formal tone stating facts and evidence. In the other case, you have to make sure to persuade the readers using examples.

Remember that in the persuasive essay style, you must be convincing. In the case of argumentative, you do not have that pressure. You only need to put forward your point of view with evidence. If you are still confused, first learn how to write argumentative and persuasive essays. This will surely make it easier for you. Once you are clear about these, you can choose to write any one of these types as per your social media essay topic.

The Structure of a Social Media Essay

When you are writing an essay on social media, follow the general essay writing structure. It will contain an introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a concluding stanza. The minimum number of body paragraphs is 3. It can increase in number as per the need of your essay. But remember it should not be more than 5 until and unless specified by your instructor.

The introduction and the conclusion won't be very long. But it must cover all the necessary points to have a significant impact on the readers. The details of the same are discussed in the next section. Now that you have a basic idea for a social media essay let's see how to write it.

How to Write a Social Media Essay?

Form an outline

Do you know what the thumb rule of essay writing is? The answer is thinking and plotting. Yes, before you start writing, you have to think minutely about all the details concerned with essay writing. Write them down on a piece of paper. This piece of paper will help you a lot while you are writing the essay.

In this paper, note down the following –

  • The basic structure
  • The main points you want to include
  • The justifications you want to give
  • The examples
  • The case studies, if any.
  • The reference source materials.

Remember that this outline will serve as your blueprint. That is why it is important that you pay maximum attention while forming this. A well-prepared outline will help you stay focused.

Here is a sample outline for you –

Social media essay topic –

Impact of social media on teenagers

Social media essay introduction –

Teenagers are obsessed with social media. Constant use of social media has a severe impact on them. The impact can be both good and bad. Social media is playing a crucial role in shaping their future…

Social media essay body –

· Paragraph 1 – Positive points

· Paragraph 2 – Negative points

· Paragraph 3 – How social media is shaping youth’s future

Social media essay conclusion –

These platforms have changed the course of life for teenagers. But this must be controlled…


Once you have the outline, the next step is the research. This is a very common essay topic, and thus, you will have ample information available. But stay focused on your main topic. Do not state only the obvious facts. Dive deeper to find answers. The better the research, the better will be the quality of your essay. You can read newspapers and magazines for information. You can also visit the following types of websites for help –

  • University publications
  • Research archives
  • Government websites (for statistics and figures)
  • Popular blogs

All these will provide you with quality and trustworthy information. Remember not to do the research aimlessly. Follow the outline while researching.

Write the introduction

Choosing the topic for your essay can be tricky. But drawing your readers' attention is trickier. Often readers read the introduction and decide whether or not to read any further. This makes the introduction a very crucial part of the essay. To grab the reader's attention, you must highlight the interesting areas of the essay in the introduction itself. You must also create a hook that convinces the readers to stay.

The essay's introduction provides a general essay outline. Here, you must give background information and a brief summary of the paper. Lay the groundwork for your ideas and viewpoints in the introduction.

Write the body

In this section, you have to put forward all your main arguments. Use examples and evidence to prove your point. It is better if you use simple sentences and easier vocabulary. This will help the readers understand your points better.

It is advisable to explain one point at a time. For example, if you are focusing on the positive impacts, use one paragraph to do so. Explain the negative impacts in the next. This will make it easier for you to explain. Also, the readers won't get confused. You should also remember that the transitional flow between these paragraphs is significant. Last but not least, stay balanced and present unbiased opinions.

To make it a complete set of information, you must also present a few counterarguments toward the end of the body paragraph.

Frame the conclusion

To create an excellent social media essay, it is crucial to have a strong conclusion. Use your writing skills while writing the conclusion. Begin by reiterating your thesis statement and reminding readers of the important points you made throughout your writing. Explain the importance of these discussions. Tell them how they relate to the overall situation. Additionally, try to encourage your audience to act based on the facts they've learned. Else, you can leave them with an open-ended question to think about.

Revise and proofread

For any form of essay, proofreading is a crucial step in the writing process. It will enable you to assess the clarity and organization of your writing. Make sure to revise and check whether you have mentioned all the points properly. See if there are any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Make sure that no silly mistake is found in your essay. If need be, do multiple rounds of revisions and proofreading.

Now do you understand how to write a social media essay? it is time for you to look at some great essay topics for the same.

100+ Topics for Social Media Essay

  1. Relationships between Students and Social Media
  2. Social Media's Place in Aviation Crisis Management
  3. Social Media: Benefits of Blogging.
  4. Tweeter-Drama: Using Social Media as a Stage
  5. Social Media Rumours and How They Affect People
  6. Social media Friendship and communication
  7. Using social media in the classroom and how teachers feel
  8. Eating Disorders in the Media, both Print and Online
  9. Why are you insecure because of social media?
  10. What advantages do multilingual individuals have when participating in social media discourse?
  11. What Information from Social Media Affects Your Job Prospects?
  12. Why Should Age Restrictions on Social Media Be Tighter?
  13. What Justifies People's Use of Social Media?
  14. Can social media aid in environmental preservation?
  15. How Has Hip-Hop Culture Been Affected by Social Media?
  16. What part does social media play in encouraging brand loyalty?
  17. Does social networking make people feel lonely?
  18. Talk about how social media has affected food culture.
  19. Describe the racial and religious issues on social media.
  20. What Effect Do Social Media Have on Leadership?
  21. The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Brand Loyalty for Automobiles Using Media to Promote and Influence: Social Media Campaign Steps
  22. Social Media Participation in Public Administration in the United Arab Emirates
  23. Branding Yourself on Social Media
  24. Mental Health and Social Media
  25. Psychology of social media, smartphones, and privacy in the healthcare system. Using social media to bully
  26. Effectiveness of Social Media in Reducing Youth Alcohol Consumption
  27. Sports Teams' Exposure to Social Media "Teachers, Social Media, and Free Speech" by Vasek
  28. Social Media: Advantages and Drawbacks
  29. Social Media and Body Image Definition
  30. Youth Activism, Social Media, and Political Change Through Children's Books: Final Project on the Use of Social Media Outlets for Business Enhancement Communication
  31. Use of social media with outdoor recreation
  32. Effects of Social Media on Consumer Behaviour
  33. Social media Users' purchasing patterns
  34. Social Media's Effect on China's Tourism Sector and the Social Media Presence of Healthcare Organisations
  35. The Effect of Social Media on Organisational Performance
  36. Activity on Social Media and Nursing
  37. What does social media actually offer?
  38. Describe how social media has affected the practice of public relations.
  39. Is sharing personal information on social media sites a wise idea?
  40. Utilizing social media for activism
  41. Social media communications between teachers and students
  42. Families and social media
  43. Social Media as a New Promotional Tool Excessive Use of Social Media and Addictive Behaviour
  44. The Privacy in the Social Media Age
  45. Marketing Luxury Fashion Brands on Social Media
  46. Technology and social media influence our reading on the topic of social media's impact on adolescents' body image.
  47. Social media's effects on eating disorders and depression
  48. Social media's role in activism and revolution is discussed in the following 10 steps for getting started with social media marketing.
  49. The Use of Social Media in Education: Fake News in the Digital Age
  50. Strategies for Social Media Marketing to Advance Your Career
  51. Social media, branding, and advertising
  52. Social Media Discussions Regarding Race
  53. Effects of social media in the movie "Cyberbully."
  54. Students' Use of Social Media for Cross-Cultural Activism in Language Learning
  55. Social Media's Negative Effects on Western Women Students' Online Lives
  56. Social media and youth aggression
  57. Social Media and the Internet during the Egyptian Uprising
  58. Ethical Issues Counsellors for Rehabilitation and Social Media
  59. What does social media weaponization entail?
  60. Are individuals becoming more self-centered because of social media?
  61. What are the psychological harms that social media causes?
  62. Why shouldn't kids use social media?
  63. Describe how social media portrays immigration.
  64. What impact does humor have on mental health in online forums?
  65. Why are social networks bad?
  66. While passing judgment, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using social media posts.
  67. Is social media to blame for promoting sexual exploitation and prostitution online?
  68. Discuss how access to social networking sites affects employees' productivity.
  69. Social media's part in cyberbullying
  70. Is there widespread usage of social media surveillance? Why shouldn't/should this method be preferred?
  71. When cultures converge, ethnicity and self-representation in social media change.
  72. Social media's impact on younger generations' purchasing decisions in Saudi Arabia's regions
  73. How do social media and Internet communication affect global politics and societal awareness?
  74. The importance of social media in contemporary marketing as well as for kids and teenagers.
  75. What effects do social media have on how people communicate?
  76. Describe the ways in which social media affects protest and activism around the world.
  77. Describe the effects of the widespread use of hate speech on social media.
  78. What social media channels do child traffickers use?
  79. Discuss how social media affects happiness and connections with others.
  80. Discuss how social media has affected public relations techniques.
  81. Papa Pita Bakery's effects when social media marketing is lacking.
  82. The Internet as a social media platform: immediacy and connectedness
  83. Social media's influence in encouraging healthy or unhealthy lifestyles and the ideal of beauty
  84. Does social media help or hurt in-person interactions?
  85. Describe the impact of social media in forming public policy.
  86. How is the self-image of women affected by social media?
  87. Talk about the value of social media in businesses.
  88. Talk about how social media has affected online journalism.
  89. What impact has social media had on elections?
  90. Examine how teens are being body shamed on social media.
  91. Describe how social media has affected the hotel industry's approach to revenue management.
  92. Does gender affect social media influence?
  93. What role has social media had in the development of the cosmetics sector?
  94. How does social media impact your ability to find work?
  95. Talk about how social media has affected artists.
  96. How can you gain friends on social media and keep them happy?
  97. For the younger generation, social media is turning into an addiction: Whether or not.
  98. Social Media and Technology's Impact on Humans
  99. Social media's impact on American food culture
  100. How does the fashion sector use social media?
  101. Examine how social media influences green consumption.
  102. How Has Social Media Influenced Hip-hop Culture?
  103. Why Social Media Has a Huge Influence on Society?
  104. How Does Social Media Marketing Affect Brand Loyalty?
  105. Should social media be used to advance social justice?
  106. Should people who make remarks on social media face legal consequences?
  107. How does social media threaten marital fidelity?
  108. Describe how social media is used in healthcare.
  109. Discuss the impact of social media on teen suicide deaths.
  110. Is social media gaining ground as the most influential force in world politics?
  111. Describe how social media was used during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  112. Describe the usage of social media influencers by brands.
  113. What impact does student addiction to social media have on their academic performance?
  114. What effect does social media have on the growth of ecotourism?
  115. Before the development of social networking services, life was better and more ethical. Explain why.

Example of a Social Media Essay

Social Media Example

Page 1

social media example

Page 2


Q.1. How do I start an essay about social media?

A strong opening for a social media essay should incorporate key terms and a summary of the major points. Students should focus on including keywords related to the subject at hand. Additionally, the first few sentences should use eye-catching language that gives readers a clear understanding of the information that is being conveyed.

Q.2. How long should be a social media essay?

The length of the social media essay can vary. It is mostly dependent on the evaluator's instruction. Generally, they range between 500 – 2000 word essays.

Q.3. How to conclude a social media essay?

A strong conclusion is one that makes people pause and consider how they utilize social media in their daily lives. Also, keep in mind that essays don't always need to incorporate pros and negatives. Depending on your hypothesis, they may have a lot of advantages, disadvantages, or both. Just make sure they're pertinent.

Q.4. How to choose a topic for a social media essay?

Your topic should be something you are passionate about, already have some knowledge of, and would like to learn more about. Also, take into account the subjects that elicit a response from you, leave you perplexed or skeptical, or inspire you.

Q.5. What are the criteria for good social media argumentative essay?

Argumentative essays, regardless of the quantity or type of research used, must develop a distinct thesis and adhere to logical reasoning. The following elements hold the argumentative essay's structure together. A thesis statement that is crystal clear, succinct, and well-defined appears in the opening sentence of the essay.

Q.6. What makes a good persuasive essay on social media?

As it makes an effort to influence the reader to take a specific position or action. By stating facts, providing logical justifications, offering instances, and citing authorities, the argument must always make use of sound reasoning and convincing proof.

Q.7. What should I write for the social media essay?

Include the following -

  • Start with the main topic, highlight its importance, give some context, and then finish with a compelling thesis statement.
  • Thesis assertion. Keep away from the obvious or simple facts.
  • The paper's main body. Put your justifications here.

Q.8. What is the right tone for a social media essay?

To admissions officers, an academic, formal tone will come across as excessively clinical, while a too-casual tone would be perceived as unprofessional. Find a suitable midway ground without using jargon or petty words. For instance, abbreviations used in text messages are unacceptable, yet contractions are okay.

Q.9. Can I write a narrative essay on social media?

Yes, you can write, but if instructed by the educator. Your first instinct should be persuasive or argumentative.

Q.10. Can I write a descriptive essay on social media?

Yes, you can if you are asked to describe any particular feature of social media.



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