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100+ Suggested War Essay Topics For Your Research

War Essay Topics for Your Research

"I have never advocated war except as a means of peace, so seek peace, but prepare for war. Because of War... War never changes. War is like winter, and winter is coming." – General Ulysses S. Grant.

Since the dawn of human civilization, conflicts have plagued our society. We have fought & still fight for several reasons, from ideological & political differences to territorial disputes, unlawful occupation, coups, ethnic cleansing, and the like. Experts consider wars inevitable phenomena resulting from the inherently violent nature of human behavior and the complexity of human interactions. The genesis of conflicts arises from impulsive aggression, clash of interests & ideas, biological & cultural survival, and incompatibility of objectives among the parties involved. Studying the causes and consequences of conflict is crucial for safeguarding peace & security and fostering progress & prosperity. There have been numerous kinds of research over time and will continue as long as there are power-hungry authorities & malicious groups whose actions lead to the inevitability of war.

Essays, assignments, and research paper writings on war and conflict are prominent across numerous domains. Students of political science, social science & sociology, international relations, psychology, etc., are frequently tasked with writing essays on the socio-economic causes of conflict, policies to prevent wars, events & disputes, aftermath, etc.

Human conflict is complicated, and finding the right topic is crucial to developing an exceptional essay. Find 100+ war essay topics of different kinds, along with precise instructions about how to use them in your essay guide right here.

Read on and be enlightened.


100+ War Essay Topics

  1. Capitalism vs. Communism In The Cold War
  1. The American War of Independence
  1. The Heroes of World War 2
  1. Nazi Germany & The Epitome of Evil
  1. Why Do We Fight? The Neuro-Psychological Impact of War
  1. The Origins of the First World War: Investigating The Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
  1. A Review of the Greatest Technologies Developed During Wartimes
  1. How To Make Things Worse? The Devastating Consequence of the War on Terror in Iraq
  1. How Have Wars Changed Since World War 2?
  1. India vs. Pakistan: A Never-Ending Conflict of Ideals, Religion, and Powerplay
  1. The East Pakistan War: Bloody Slaughter, Ethnic Cleansing, & Other Horrors
  1. Mercenaries in Modern Wars: The Business of Death & Destruction
  1. A Look into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders Among Soldiers
  1. 9/11 and the Beginning of the Global War on Terror
  1. The Significance of Alliances Among Powerful Nations During Wars
  1. Cyberwarfare is an Integral Tactic in Modern Warfare
  1. Why World War 2 Soldiers are considered the Greatest Generation of them all?
  1. Special Forces and Black Operations: Preventing Wars Before They Happen
  1. Aggression, War, and Resounding Victory in the World’s Highest Mountain Range: An Essay on the Kargil War
  1. The International History of the Korean War
  1. The War in the Mahabharata: Its Symbolism, Meaning, & Morals
  1. How Defeat in Russia Sounded Hitler's death knell?
  1. Diplomacy & Policy-Making as Measures for preventing conflict
  1. A Personal Account of War & The Devastation It Brings Forth
  1. Socio-Political Impact of Wars
  1. How The Nature of War Has Changed Through The Years?
  1. The Causes and Consequences of the American Civil War
  1. The Critical Role of Intelligence In Military Planning
  1. Religion as the New Instigator of Conflict
  1. Is World War 3 Inevitable?
  1. An Analysis of the Ideas & Concepts in Star Wars & Their Similarities to the Real World
  1. A Look At Three of the Greatest Wars of Ancient Times
  1. USA's War on Drugs & Mexico's Role in It
  1. Coups and Wars Through History
  1. War Crimes and Humanitarian Crises During Wars: What Causes Them & What Can Be Done To Prevent Them
  1. The Syrian Civil War and the Utter Destabilization of a Country
  1. How Women Sustained the US War Machinery during World War 2?
  1. How World War 2 Ended the Dominance of the British Empire?
  1. The Downfall of Imperialism & Colonialism After World War 2
  1. A Look at the Deadly Battles in the Pacific Theatre During World War 2
  1. Napalm in the Morning: The Atrocities Inflicted on the Vietnamese People
  1. The Rise of America as a Superpower after World War 2
  1. War Movies across the World Cinema
  1. The Ethics & Morality of War
  1. Is War Truly Inevitable?
  1. An Article on War Journalism & Journalists
  1. The Total Futility of War
  1. Theology and Conflict: An Intricate Connection
  1. The Iraq and Vietnam War: Two of the Biggest Failed Wars in History
  1. Clash of Ideals or Justice vs. Injustice: Looking Back at the American Civil War
  1. A Fictional Account of World War 3 and the Nuclear Devastation of the World
  1. The Cuban Crisis during the Cold War: How Close were we to a Third World War?
  1. The Cold War and the Rise of Taliban Rule in Afghanistan
  1. The Undeniable Importance of War Propaganda
  1. Terrorism and Insurgency: Understanding the Evils of the 21stCentury
  1. A Comparative Analysis of the Two World Wars
  1. How World War 2 Helped Free The British Colonies?
  1. The Forgotten Conflicts of these Times: Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Congo, Armenia & Azerbaijan
  1. Japan’s Role in World War 2
  1. Germany’s Resurgence after World War 2
  1. The Greatest Military Strategists in History
  1. The Most Game-Changing Machines & Technology in Modern Warfare
  1. Wars & Conflicts as Subjects of Media Entertainment
  1. Why does the USA Intervene in every conflict around the world?
  1. A Look at the Biggest Civil Wars & Their Long-running Impacts
  1. Advancements in Technology through Military Enterprise
  1. Are the USA and Iran heading toward War?
  1. The Critical Role of Fighter Planes in the World Wars
  1. The Korean War: Causes, Consequences, & Long-Running Aftermath
  1. An Article on Dwight D. Eisenhower: One of the Greatest American Generals in WW2
  1. Just Another Soldier Fighting for the Other Side: A Story about the German Wehrmacht
  1. A Study of the Russo-Japanese Wars
  1. The Cost of Conflicts: A Look At The Long-Running Economic Impact of Wars 
  1. The Military Analysis of the Wars that Led to the Downfall of Romans
  1. The Lost Children of War-Torn Regions
  1. How has War changed through history?
  1. A Look at the Military Doctrines & Strategies Employed by the Nazi War Machine
  1. The Role of Media During Wars
  1. The Abject Phenomenon of War Profiteering
  1. The Silent Hunters of World War 2: A History of Submarine Warfare
  1. A Look at Some of the Greatest Wars in Fiction
  1. How did the Cold War lead to the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Afghanistan?
  1. Analyzing the Key Factors Behind the Israel & Palestine Conflict
  1. A History of Violence in the Cradle of Humanity: The History of Wars in the Arabian Peninsula
  1. Clean Water & Energy: The Most Probable Causes of War in our Future
  1. A Look at the Shortest War in History: the Anglo-Zanzibar War
  1. How A War Started and Ended in Six Days? Insights on the Third Arab-Israel War
  1. South America’s War on Drugs
  1. How Close are we to a nuclear war outbreak?
  1. The Plight of Civilians During World War 1 and 2
  1. Religious Fundamentalism: The New Enemy of Peace
  1. Examining The Biggest Naval Battles in World War 2
  1. Why did the End of the Cold War lead to the USSR's downfall?
  1. A Look at the History of Covert Military Operations
  1. The History of the Biggest Coups & Civil Wars in Africa
  1. What brought about the Defeat of the Nazis in World War 2?
  1. The Mexican War for Independence
  1. A Historical Analysis of the Great Crusades
  1. Energy Crisis, Nuclear War, & the Downfall of Society in the Fallout Universe
  1. The Media as a Tool for War Propaganda
  1. Liberation of the German Concentration camps during World War 2
  1. How the Second World War aided India's Independence Movement?
  1. Global Terrorism and a New Age of Proxy Warfare
  1. Did American Capitalism win the Cold War?
  1. Nationalism, Politics, Religion, & Greed: The Personal Henchmen of the Horseman

Those were 100+ topics to help you craft an excellent war essay. Most topics above require substantial research, data gathering, careful analysis, and synthesis. Chalk out a well-defined and structured plan pre-emptively &, if need be, seek professional essay aid from an expert essay editor.

At, we have teams of professional essay & assignment writers on standby, ready to help you with all your writing troubles. And it is our experts who have laid down the following war essay outline for your convenience.

Check it out below.

A Generic Outline For Your War Essay

A pertinent and flexible outline is one of the first steps to developing an excellent essay. Irrespective of the type or topic, a well-crafted outline aids in organizing thoughts & ideas, acts as a framework for further research, and helps to develop a cohesive, engaging, and seamless narrative.

War essays can be narrative essays, descriptive, or argumentative essays. You will have to dig into the key causes, main events, the major burning or controversial questions turning points, immediate & long-running consequences, etc. A proper essay outline can aid you in organizing all the different kinds of information and the most vital ingredients of a typical war essay.

Here’s a tentative war essay outline for your reference.


An attention-grabbing hook, precise but sufficient background information, the burning question that defines the essay’s purpose, and your primary argument/viewpoint/ answer to the controversial question find a place here.

  • Start with a quote/fact/statistic about the event under study.
  • Deliver necessary background information concisely, touching upon all notable events, triggers, turning points, major battles, decisions, etc. Be sure to mention only those that aid you in answering the essay prompt or question.
  • Review the main essay prompt/question. Build and dissect it to help the audience understand things better.
  • Add the thesis statement and your answer/argument/opinion on the essay's burning questions.

The Body Paragraphs

  • Add major ideas, observations, analysis, deductions, and explanations in the body; back everything with substantial, relevant evidence.
  • Each idea/explanation/deduction must have its paragraph.
  • Logic, coherence, and a seamless & engaging narrative – are basic features of any essay.
  • Each body paragraph must start with a topic sentence to help readers understand the discussed idea.
  • The concluding sentence of each paragraph must transition smoothly and seamlessly to the topic sentence of the next body paragraph.
  • Follow the essay guidelines and instructions while developing your discourse.
  • Remember to add citations.
  • Keep it tight and to the point. Please stick to the word count and remember, nobody wants to read chunks of text, no matter how informative they are.
  • Always keep the audience while working on your essay.
  • Use the thesis statement as your guide whenever you start losing focus

The Conclusion

Restate the thesis, highlight your key analysis, and summarize all vital points of your essay in the conclusion. Mention the primary essay prompt & question, and then mention the most crucial insight uncovered to wrap things up nicely.

Well, that's it for this article on 100+ war essay topics. I hope all this information aids you in your research and in conjuring an exceptionally written essay that guarantees an A+.

Here are some frequently asked questions about writing an essay on war:

Q.1. What should I consider when choosing a topic for my war essay?

When choosing a topic for a war essay, you should consider the scope of the conflict, its historical significance, and its impact on society. You can focus on specific aspects such as the causes of the war, the tactics and strategies employed, the experiences of soldiers and civilians, or the aftermath and implications of the conflict.

Q.2. How should I approach researching my war essay?

You should approach researching your war essay with a critical eye, using a variety of reputable sources such as academic journals, books, and primary sources like letters and diaries. Pay attention to the reliability and relevance of your sources, and be sure to fact-check your information before using it in your essay.

Q.3. What should I include in the introduction of my war essay?

The introduction of your war essay should provide background information about the conflict and introduce the main points you will be discussing. You should also include a clear thesis statement that outlines the argument you will be making in your essay.

Q.4. How should I structure my war essay?

A typical war essay should be structured with an introduction, several body paragraphs that support your thesis with evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes your main points and restates your thesis in a new way. You should also include topic sentences and transitional phrases to help guide the reader through your essay.

Q.5. What should I do to ensure that my war essay is well-written?

To ensure that your war essay is well-written, you should revise and edit your work carefully. Pay attention to your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and be sure to check for consistency and clarity throughout your essay. You should also have someone else read your essay to provide feedback and help identify any areas that may need improvement.

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