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Corruption Essay Guide for the student


Corruption is considered to be a fraudulent or dishonest activity which is generally conducted by the people who are in power which primarily involves bribery and other dishonest behaviour. Corruption is considered to be extremely unethical and it only brings temporary gains to people as when activities like this are exposed, it is likely to have a long-term essay editor effect which is mainly negative with the people who are involved in these activities.

Corruption is seen to erode the trust of the buy essay people and other associated in the scenario, it is seen to highly weaken the democracy and also hampers the economic development of a country in a negative manner. Corruption is seen to exacerbate poverty, inequality, environmental crisis as well as the social division which exists in the society.

It has been seen that exposing corruption and being able to hold the corrupt into account is a difficult task and is mainly possible when one understands how this works and how it is the system which encourage and help in enabling it.

The basic factors of corruption is the fact that it can take various forms and there are many types of behaviours that suggest corrupt activities. For example, public servants taking or demanding money to do their job and also offer favours that too in exchange for services and money as well.

The other behaviour is that the politicians and the people in the ruling or governing party misusing all the public money, encouraging nepotism by providing contracts and jobs to their friends, families and sponsors and dismissing the deserving candidates for the job. The other behaviour which also indicate corrupt behaviour is the corporations bribing the officials so that they can gain lucrative deals.

It can be seen that corruption can take place in various different scenarios like in government, business,  media, courts, civil society and also in many sectors from education, heath, to sports and infrastructure.

One of the examples of this is the fact that, it has been seen that there are many politicians from the ruling party who pay the media so that they can portray them in positive light to the citizens of the country which leads to the manipulation of facts. Corruption can also involve any person like government officials, politicians, business people, public servants, members of the society and many more.

It has been seen that corruption often takes place in the shadow, with help of the professional enablers like lawyers, bankers, agents of real estate, accountants, shell companies and many more. it can be seen that they allow these corruption schemes and also help in flourishing as well as hider and launder all the illicit wealth which they own. Corruption is seen to adapt to various circumstances and contexts. This may be the essay typer changes made in legislation, technology and rules.

It is due to corruption that there is still this class gap where the deserving people do not have access to proper employment opportunities and facilities and where certain people are continuously becoming rich whereas there is the other class of people who have been struggling their way just to survive the world with all the little amenities they can get. It has been seen that most of the powerful people are the ones who take disadvantage of their power and misuse it and often launder money from innocent people as well.

It is important to curb corruption as it does not only have a huge impact on the society where the divide and the gap between the rich as well as the poor increase, however it also leads to economic issues in the countries. Thus, one of the most important things which will help in eradicating this issue is having transparency.

Transparency is basically about having the knowledge of why, who, how much and how. This basically means that shedding of light on the informal and the formal processes, plans, actions and rules. Transparency will help people and all the public to be able to hold all the power to proper account in order to achieve the common good.

Receiving and seeking information is considered to be the basic human rights and it can be seen that this can be an action of safeguard against the corruption that exists in the society and will ensure that trust is increased on the public institutions and the decision makers. However, it this transparency is just not about focusing on making all the information available but see and ensure the fact that these are accessed in an easy manner and is also understood as well as used by the people in the world in an efficient manner.

Moral values is one of the most important aspects as well as it is the conscience of the people which will also restrict them from indulging in activities which are fraudulent and unethical. It is important that people understand the grave consequences of corruption and how it impacts the society and the economy.

However, apart from transparency, strict rules and regulations are considered to be an important method which can restrict the rise in corruption in the society. There are many underlying issues and root causes which is why corruption exists and one of the major reasons is the lack of adequate salary and remuneration which is provided to the people. It is important for companies, governments and other entities to come up with strict laws in terms of proper remuneration provided to people so that they do not engage in unethical activities like corruption.

Strict laws and legal actions and charges need to be pressed on people who are convicted of crimes like this so that other people work by aligning with the laws and the rules which are provided. This will help in ensuring everyone follows the rules and also ensure that people do not commit crimes like this especially because of the fear of the punishment which will help in curbing corruption. Corruption has had devastating impacts on the countries and it is important that steps are taken and these issues are addressed to uplift the society as well as the economy.

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