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Essay on Saving Trees


From childhood, this is heard that trees are best friends; however, it is not seen that people are treating trees as friends in practical life. Trees are the most valuable source of life on earth. They benefit all forms of life indirectly or directly. Earth is also connected to them for maintaining natural balance. Trees nourish people along with protecting them in several ways. They keep the environment clean and green. Hence, this becomes the responsibility of people in repaying them for things done by the trees for people by saving them. Big trees are much more beneficial when compared to trim trees as big trees capture more water and carbon, combat the heat, provide shelter from sunlight and heat, and filter greenhouse gases. Hence, this could be said people depend on trees more instead of trees depending on people.

Importance of Trees For the Student

Trees and plants fight climatic changes, which are destroying this planet. The trees filter air and breathe and absorb every harmful chemical odor and gas from the environment. They also give oxygen and take in harmful carbon dioxide. In this essay, you will know that Trees are suitable for the diversity of fauna and flora. Trees give people shelter, food, and several other things which could not be counted. Also, the trees do not demand anything from the people and prevent water evaporation and soil erosion. They manage and control the effects of rain, sun, and wind. People have become severe and aware of the problem and began doing their best by saving the trees. Governments and forest departments have banned trees’ illegal cutting. People are going digital to save paper that would reduce overall trees cut down to make paper. Apart from this, forest area after trees’ cutting must be replanted with the new ones. In addition, people should teach their children in planting trees and asking them for passing this on to acquaintances and friends.

How to Save Trees

At least which people could do planting few pots in a garden or home rooftops and asking the neighbors to do the same. Additionally, if people see the removal of a tree, they must inform local authorities to create awareness. Also, strict laws must be made for the people who, without permission or illegally, cut down trees for their benefit. Several life forms can survive on this planet due to the trees. If people remove trees from this planet, then the survival of people would be tough. Also, trees are the source of fresh oxygen and water on the planet. Cutting the trees means the destruction of life on this planet. Hence, the time has arrived that it is the responsibility of people for an action done by people until now. Saving the trees would benefit people more than this would benefit the trees. The reason for it is that trees give people shelter, food, clean air for breathing, protection from sunlight, and countless other countless benefits that are ignored. Trees could be saved by planting more trees, creating awareness among people about trees’ importance, and stopping the trees.

All cities and towns have laws that dictate what tree species must be protected and how and when this is alright in cutting down trees. In few areas, trees that are highly beneficial, rare, or delicate are protected by the law. Knowing laws in the area help people in being a better advocate for trees. Groups or communities should be created with all other people caring to save trees in the areas and make this clear that there is an objection to cutting down the healthy trees. If there isn’t any law against cutting the trees, if some people are against it and think that trees should be protected, a change could be created. Even if this is too late from a specific tree, the precedent could be set for the next time. Objection letter could be written to a city council member or city forester. The petition could be started by changing policies and protecting specific trees. Neighbors should be rallied for getting involved to save neighborhood trees. The media could also be involved by sending a letter to the editor and contacting local TV stations.

As essential as this is in protecting mature trees, this is vital in thinking ahead and planting more trees that would get tall eventually to contribute to the canopy and help keep the temperatures cool and clean air. Several cities and towns have organizations working for planting more trees in the areas which have too few. The arborist's help could be taken about which species could be native to the areas and would get big enough for cleaning water and air. Small ornamental trees would not make many contributions. Buying trees could get expensive. There are several non-profits dedicated to saving forests all over the globe and need donations. The rain forest action network aims to save the forests which are under threat. This aims in educating people and help all in finding a way for playing a part to save trees. Also, beef products are complex on the trees, as rain forests in Amazon are cut down to make way for the cattle ranches.


Reducing paper products’ use for saving trees could seem abstract, as the trees are turned into products like napkins and paper towels. However, this is essential when viewing the connection between trees and products, as trees are cut down and processed in pulp, bleached, and pressed in tissues' shape. As saving trees would need a change in people’s lifestyle, few people oppose this idea. For saving the trees, new ways should be adopted for using lesser paper products. Cloth towels could be sued in place of paper towels. This is a simple change that could reduce several unnecessary wastes. Cloth napkins could be used in place of paper napkins. Reusable containers should be used in place of paper lunch bags. If a paper product needs to be used, the recycled version should always be used. Saving the forests should be a global effort; however, several things could contribute to saving trees.

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