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How to Write Descriptive Essay?


Concept of Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay is defined as the genre of essay writing where the student or candidate is asked to provide a description of certain topic that might help them to show their level of understanding different topics as provided. In addition to that, it also refers to different object, place, experience, situation, person as well as emotion or situation among many others. This genre tends to encourage ability of students by creating written account for the particular experience. Hence, this genre can allow great deal for artistic freedom, which refers to the goal for painting an image, which is vivid as well as meeting within the mind of a reader.


Analysing the above discussion, it is observed that an individual or candidate might be benefitted from this type of essay. This is because, if a reader is unable in clearing form different impression for the description. This includes certain guidelines in writing descriptive essay, which are discussed as follows:

Brainstorming Different Ideas in Different Topic-

In this case, if any instructor assumed to describe any favourite food, where the individual should jot down various ideas in describing it. For example, if pizza is selected where it might start with writing few words such as cheese, pepperoni, sauce, spices, sausage, melted or hot among certain words. Hence, it is again written down through some words, when an individual can begin through compiling different descriptive lists for every topic.

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Use of Clear & Concise Language-

It means words and terms should be chosen carefully specifically for their relevancy in relation as compared to what the individual or any candidate aims to describe in the concerned essay.

Selection of Vivid Language-

It has been observed by various experts that selection of appropriate words is considered to be essential for comprehension. For example, use of stallion rather than horse is an appropriate term in an essay, which can help to attract more audience or even increase the chance of achieving higher score in a descriptive essay. On the other hand, use of tempestuous rather than the use of term, violent can also be considered as accurate or appropriate. Apart from these terms, other appropriate English terms to be used in an essay are miserly instead of cheap among many others. By reading these terms, the reader or audience will be able to comprehend nuanced meaning, which is further served for better purpose.

Use of the Concept to Write this Essay-

As discussed before, descriptive essay is comprised of different emotions and feelings of the author, which is depicted through above mentioned words or terms. Hence, it is to kept in mind during describing an essay, that appeal the reader. Explanation of smell, taste, look, feeling and sound, which is embellished in an essay through proper words of expressions.

Explanation of the Thoughts During Writing a Descriptive Essay-

It is important to describe feelings as well as emotions in an essay with the help of appropriate terms or words. This can help them to connect the audience or reader in a deeper level. Some emotions that are often explained, which is related to the concerned topic where it will be able to provide reader an in-depth concept about the topic within specific word count. These are ecstatic joy, crushing feeling due to loss an individual witnessed in their lives. It might also include mild complacency and this essay might help them to explain their emotional reservoir for achieving their full descriptive potential.

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Aiming to Provide a Clear Impression in the Mind of Readers

One of the common goals for writing a descriptive essay is to evoke strong sense of appreciation & familiarity within the mind of a reader. Hence, if the reader or audience are influenced by the explanation even in short term, then it might create a positive image for the author.

Providing Organized Solution or Description to the Reader

In order to leave a positive impact in the mind of a reader, it is necessary for them to explain solutions in an organized way, which might influence them to retain their interest throughout the essay. It is observed by various experts, incoherent rambling associated with emotions as well as senses during the writing of a descriptive essay can be dangerous or inappropriate. On the other hand, an individual should strive in representing an organized as well as logical description. This might influence the reader to go through the entire essay through their cogent sense for what it is that the individual attempting or aiming to describe.

Explanation of Descriptive Essay by Various Authors

It is observed by several studies that descriptive essay, is defined as the form of an essay that aims to describe something specific. In addition to that, descriptive essay is a genre, where students are assigned for describing different objects, experiences, situations as well as places or person. Students also tend to use sensory information that enable readers in using their five major senses, which includes taste, smell, touch, sight as well as hearing for understanding the topic given for an essay.

It is argued that three major components is involved while writing a descriptive essay, which includes:

  • Clear and concise
  • Use of the five senses
  • Use of images

Clear and concise tone is mandatory for writing the essay and describing things precisely. In addition to that, imagery is often used for making things perceived as remarkable as well as real. Hence, the use of 5 senses can create an imagery also known as mental picture for their target reader.

Significant Difference Between Descriptive And Description Essay

In case of description essay, it is often referred to just a paragraph, which can be longer that needed for describing anything. On the other hand, in case of descriptive essay, it is comprised of five paragraphs, which is often written in a very coherent manner. This also include good thesis statement in the introduction section. The descriptive essay is comprised of a good introduction along with three major body paragraphs and lastly, a conclusion. Try our Descriptive Essay Topics help to choose the best topic.

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