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My Favorite Food Essay



Food is a necessity of life. We need food to gain energy, and without food, life will not sustain. There are so many varities of cusines and dishes present today that it is difficult to point out to one and say that it is my favourite dish.


Every state has a different signature dish in India itself, and every dish tastes different from the neighbouring state traditional dish. Similarly, we have Western-style dishes in a great variety, some of which are fast foods and authentic traditional dishes.


However, we have seen that western food items dominate the food industry like pizza from Italy, noodles from China, burgers from America and many more.


Moreover, people can order their favourite dish or cook them using digital platforms because of the easy food delivery facilities and digital technology. According to a report, pasta is the most favourite food around the globe. This essay writer will discuss my favourite food and what special it has to make it my favourite.


My favourite food is hamburger clubbed with french-fries. I cannot resist my taste buds when a burger is placed in front of me. I have eaten so many cuisines, but burgers are very close to my heart. Hamburgers are an American delicacy though there have been historians who have claimed that even ancient Egyptians ate grounded meat shaped in the form of patties.


Running back to history, it is read that Genghis Khana, the fierce Mongolian emperor, when travelling with his fast travelling cavalry, stayed in saddles for a long time and had very limited time to cook their meals. Hence the army required food that could be eaten easily while mounting on their horses, and grounded meat came to the rescue.


Later, when travelling to Moscow, Genghis Khan's grandson carried the ground meat diet with them, which the Russians adopted. Later in the 15th century, this idea of minced beef travelled to Europe and became a great delicacy. Although, the minced beef was salted, and smoked and eaten by the poor classes of the immigrants from Gerrman countries. These smoked minced beef patties were later eaten with soaked breadcrumbs and chopped onion.


The dish was properly brought up in America by serving the meat patties cooked on the grill and served between two bread pieces with onions and other sauces over it.


The ingredients that make a perfect hamburger are properly cooked ground beef placed in a soft bun and served with ketchup, mustard sauce, onions, lettuce and pickle. The addition of French fries is the icing to the cake. Many other variations to this burger and every American state have their rendition to the burger.


The burgers are so soft and yet crunchy, juicy and fresh because of the addition of vegetables that I completely enjoy eating them. There are many variations of burgers, and I enjoy eating all of them. The patty in the burger is so juicy when well cooked that they add an essence to the dish. According to reports, Emily in New York is the best selling burger brand in the world.


The restaurant is not an authentic burger joint, but it has one burger named Emmy burger on their menu, which incurs a great demand of votes from people. The cost of the burger is around 26 dollars and comes with a combination of French fries, my absolute favourite. I once got the opportunity to taste this delicacy, and the burger can be described as a real taste explosion. The burger is made with a toasted pretzel bun, a 30-day dry-aged beef, Grafton cheddar, pickles, caramelized onion and their speciality Emmy sauce.


The burger is a complete combination with the onion's sweetness, the tangy chilly sauce, the salty buns and the taste of pickle, along with the juicy beef patty and the cheddar above.


I like to add a good amount of vegetables to my burger to add to the healthy quota as burgers are junk food items and had a calorific value of  375 calories. I always go for burgers that come along with French fried as they are a great side dish to the burger and keep the stomach full. I have tried to make burgers at home, but I tried to cook chicken burgers as it was simpler to prepare.


Home-cooked burgers are more fresh and healthy than store-bought burgers as we can add our content according to our essay help personal choice. As burgers come in a wide variety, they can be consumed by everyone like vegetarians, non-vegetarians and vegans.



There are various buns too in the market that can be chosen to find an extra flavour to the burger. Although my personal essay structure favourite is hamburgers, I also like cheeseburgers. I find all the burgers delicious. It is so easy to cook and can also be easily eaten while travelling. Many of my friends who do not like junk foods have tried the vegetable burger and have loved it.


Along with the street joints, big food franchises like McDonald's and Burger King endure a great profit and lead the burger industry for many years. The shares of McDonald's have risen more than 50% in the previous five years showing that obesity or health concerns have not stopped people from the love of having a burger. Although, the companies have come up with healthier options of burgers such that the number of customers does not fall off the charts.


Thus, I can proudly say that I am a big fan of American burgers, and no matter how full I am, I always have space for one burger. The flavours feel exploding in my mouth with the first bite of the burger I take. I find my love for burgers are eternal, and no food can ever replace it.


However, we cannot eat our favourite food daily, and as the dish is high on the calorie charts, I make sure that the other days I am aligned to healthier food options to balance out my junk food consumption.

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