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The Benefits Of Gender Equality


Essays On Gender Equality-Writing Center 24/7

Gender equality is defined as equality in sex or sexual equality.

The activity allows equal ease of access to different opportunities and resources regardless of the gender. Equality is also known as non-discrimination which is a state, where people of any gender get equal rights and opportunities The opportunities include decision making, economic participation, states of valuing various behavior etc.

However, there are many other situation and states found where huge discrimination is considered for humans.

The discrimination results due to both geographical, gender and cultural variances. Based on gender inequality is a major concern. All over the world, men and women are failing to enjoy equal honour.

equality is defined as giving equal opportunities to all genders in the field of education, health aspects politics and economic. 

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Gender equality

Gender equality is achieved when people of all gender enjoy equal rights and opportunities across all societal sectors in terms of economy, decision making, politics education, health etc. it is very important to value the rights and needs of both men and women equally. From the beginning, the roles and responsibilities within the community for men and women are completely different. Now the differences are again converging massively. Physical differences between men and women definitely exists. Genetically it is analyzed that, men can perform physical tasks better than the women. Thus, for some people women can match men is incorrect. Although my favorite essay structure  is hamburgers,

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Gender equality is determined as a supreme concept. In many nations the concept is materialized but in some still it is not. The concept emphasises the capabilities of individuals rather discrimination based on genders. In some cases, the society promotes male domination through giving them more preferences since childhood. Today also, globally, women get lesser opportunities than men to reach their latent. Women empowerment has become a common term that is widely used in all sector globally. The term gender demonstrates the socially constructed responsibilities and roles that society itself consider accurate or best suited for men and women. Women empowerment is a very critical and controversial term. This includes enhancing woman’s access in resources and different opportunities, decision making, sense for self-worth, power and control in her own life style. Education is the primary key of focus for gender equality. Though, in gender equivalence the world is making amazing progress. The gender problems are not just focused on women but also on relationship between the women and men living in the society.

Importance of gender equality

The nation can reach higher progress and successful growth if both women and men are permitted equal opportunities. The women living in the society are mostly concerned of obtaining equal opportunities and rights in societal activities such as decision making, education, health etc. Not only this but also to earn opportunities in terms of independent wages as economic independence. In most of the cases the social structure prevails that, women cannot get equal opportunities alike men. The complete well-being of nation is dependent on the gender equality practice.

According to UNICEF boys are more educated than the girls in today’s world.  Due to this reason right from the initiation the boys get maximum opportunities and greater opportunities than the girls. Gender equality is also helpful for children. Reproductive rights are other key part for gender equality. Whenever, women make their own choices for reproductivity their lives become more improved. The rate of violence against women and girls also gets reduced a lot with proper gender equality. It will also help to make the community safe and heathier. Gender equality is healthy for economic success. It is also determined that, gender equality is the root cause of all violence took place against women and girls.  

The main drivers that increase the rate of violence against women and girls worldwide are- overlooking violence against the girls, the decision-making power is generally taken by the men in society. Unbending gender typecasts and roles. In order to prevent degree of violence the best suited action to be taken is promoting equality. Men, women and even children get benefits from the concept of gender equality. It identifies ethnic discrimination that is helpful for business improvement and economic improvements. At every level violence disturbs the entire society.

If gender quality is promoted then it will help to protect the society from human trafficking, women abuse etc. In order to organise military force than the GDP, gender equality is the better indicator of country’s probability. Innumerable benefits can be achieved from gender equality concept. Equality, justice and fairness are the foundation for human rights. The law should be equal for both men and women for creating a better world. In order to create a peaceful society gender equality is very important.

Ways to measure gender equality

There are different ways through which gender equality can be measured because for country’s overall growth this is one of the most essential factors. For measuring gender equality, many indexes are available.

Gender related development index (GDI)- It is a gender centric measure for human development index. GDI helps to consider different parameters such as education, income, life expectancy etc to access gender equality of country.

Gender empowerment measure- The GEM measurement includes detail aspects such as the seat’s proportion in economic decision-making roles, parliament, income share of the women employees etc.

Global gender gap index- The term Global Gender Gap index was introduced in the year of 2006 by the world economic forum. This index considers some important aspects in terms of political empowerment. Health, survival etc.


The discussion concludes that, for overall growth and well being of nation gender equality is very important to consider. High score on gender equality is an essential aspect. The countries with less disparity in gender is always much progressive than others. Women are generally considered as those who can be involved into house activities. It is also found that there is lesser participation of women in decision making, higher education, leadership etc. This difference is a major interference in country’s growth rate and overall success.

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