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700+ Words Essay on Leadership


Essay on leadership

The term “leadership" comes from a leader. This mainly refers to the quality of the leading people. On the other hand, it is one of the most important aspects of human life. On the other hand, leadership means the ability to influence a group of people or individuals in an organization. It also helps to create a clear vision and also establish goals and provide flowers into the knowledge and tools to achieve the goal. Leaders must be founded in society, from business to politics and regional leaders have a vital role to play here.  Although leadership helps to lead the progress of human civilization. Without good leadership and opportunity, it is more difficult for an organization to succeed in its goals because effective leadership might require certain important characteristics. 

On the other hand, leadership is characteristic of those successful women or men who are never inherited but learned and imbibed. Leadership is a term that provides a responsibility to the other employee and is also motivated. It is quite difficult to express the proper definition of leadership, but it can be said that leadership runs this world peacefully. Additionally, the growth of an organization depends on the leaders. 

Quality of a good leader

In the above study, it was defined that leadership is one of the most important parts of an organization. The entire organization's development is dependent on the leaders. By analyzing these statements a good leader is one of the first choices for an organization to society to politics. In the above study, the author described the good quality of a leader.

Integrity- It is the area where leaders are increasing their cut-throat competition for the successful development of an organization. It was a real phenomenon that helps to find the integrity of people, and if an organization leader lacks integrity, then it must be wrong to expect the traits from the followers. This kind of trend leads to a very useful and kind of dystopian future. 

Confidence- It is one of the most important abilities to become a good leader. In the above study, it was defined that increasing the other employee's confidence is a category of a good leader.  Confidence always helps to increase the spirit of the work and on the other hand self-confidence is very important to become a good leader. If the leader is not confident with himself then how he/ she can motivate others so self-confidence is one of the most important parts for developing a good leader opportunity.

Delegate ability- It is a core responsibility for the leader but on the other hand, it can be tricky to delegate effectively. This is enabling the direct report like a facilitated framework and deliver autonomy. It is the ability that helps to make a quick decision-making strategy for the leader and also helps to redirect it. To delegate in a well standard method it was helpful to build the team as trusted. 

Communication- without communication, it is quite difficult to run a successful organization. With the help of effective leadership and communication, it provided different types of ways for communication, from transmitting the information up to coach junior employees. A good leader must have good communication skills that help to communicate to different types of employees in the organization. The quality and effectiveness of communication across the business strategy and also learned how an organization's culture is improved. 

Respect- In an organization, lots of employees are working together just like a family, by the help of respect it helps to improve the effectiveness. Respect is more than the absence of disrespect and it might be shown in different ways. For example, it can be explored how a leader cultivates a climate of respect and learns to become more about other employees in the assignment help organization.  

Self-awareness- This is paramount for leadership, it is better to understand the leadership style which is more effective custom writing for the development. In the current century, most leaders need complex challenges in different types of innovative ways. It helps to build leadership development programs and now it is available for any kind of format.  

Leadership style

Based on the type of leadership, it has been divided into five leadership styles. Every leadership style helps to motivate the other employees in the organization. Different types of leadership styles were defined below. 

Authoritarian leadership- In this leadership style, it allows leaders to impose expectation and also help to define the outcome. In an organization, one person can turn out successful in a situation where the leader is most knowledgeable in the team. Moreover, it is an efficient strategy for time-constrained people. On the other hand, this leadership style is used when most of the team members need a clear guideline.      

Participative leadership- This leadership theory is based on the democratic theory. According to this theory, team members have to join in the decision-making process. On the other hand, team members are engaged, motivated, and included to contribute to organizational success. The leader normally has the last word in the decision-making process. If in an organization there was disagreement with a group then it might be a time-consuming process to reach a consensus. On the other hand, a precipitate leadership style mainly helps in the creation of a strong team. 

Delegate leadership- This leadership style is mainly focused on the delegation attentive to the team members. This might be a successful philosophy essay strategy if the team members are competent and take responsibility and also prefer to engage the individual work. Additionally, most of the members may split and be divided into groups leading to poor motivating and low morale.

Transactional leadership- In an organization transactions between followers and a leader exchange when the job is done and team members are also known to give and take the leadership style which is more concerned in an efficient manner.  

Transformational leadership- In the transformational leadership style, leaders are inspired by the follower's vision and then encourage and empower them for achieving it. According to this leadership leaders also served as role models for the vision.    

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