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Girls Education Essay



As stated by Malala Yousafzai, “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” This statement is considered to be powerful and extremely relevant considering the educational issues faced by girls in the world today.

As a Pakistani activist, Malala has been fighting for female education rights since a very young age. As a young child, she loved going to school but the Taliban took control of her town in Swat valley and girls were banned from going to school for buy essay.

On strongly fighting back for education, she was targeted and shot by the Taliban to recover with more strength and courage. She later went on to establish the Malala Fund, which is a charity that aims at making education more accessible to every girl. She also received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 becoming the youngest receiver of the prize.

Education can be defined as the process of receiving or providing instruction through school or university. The concept of girl education can be extended to providing instruction beyond school or education to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Girls not only need to be essay editor educated but at the same time be provided with an environment and support system to develop and share their thoughts and views.

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The importance of education among women and especially young girls has been an area of priority in several countries across the globe. According to the findings of UNESCO, almost 132 million girls across the globe do not go to school to receive primary education.

These figures vary from county to country depending upon the political, economic and demographic conditions of the country. The number of uneducated girls is higher in countries suffering from economic or political distress.

Girl education is considered to be important as well educated women can receive the knowledge that they require to grow into responsible members of society. The importance of girl education lies in the fact that girls are the future mothers of any society.  

Education empowers women to make more reasonable analytical essay decisions about their lives to give back to society and contribute to the growth of communities. Girls require education to understand the importance of nutrition and healthcare which affects them as they grow towards adulthood.

Girls need to be educated to make well-informed choices about their careers and family planning.  Well educated girls are found to marry at the right age and have healthier children. Educating girls benefits society in the long run as child mortality is reduced as girls gain access to a space to discuss and learn about life skills, reproductive knowledge and social issues.

Girls may also face several barriers to receiving formal education. Some of the most common barriers faced by girls include violence, poverty, lack of infrastructure, and gender biases. These factors restrict girls from attending school or completing their education.

Some countries which face the above issues include South Sudan, Central African Republic, Niger, Afghanistan, Chad, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Ethiopia. In contrast to the above countries, certain countries allow girls and women to thrive by investing in their education. Some of these countries include Norway, Switzerland, The United States, Estonia and Costa Rica. It is found that Scandinavian countries such as Norway rank first as per the United Nations Human Development Index. Norway has the necessary infrastructure to offer a good education to women with a high literacy rate.

Poverty is found to be one of the most important factors that affect the education of girls. Schooling at an early stage requires access to textbooks, resources, uniforms and transportation infrastructure. In most of the countries in which the economy is weak, low-income families prefer funding in the education of boys rather than girls. In such situations, girls may be restricted from performing household chores. Several findings have also indicated that girls face several disadvantages as members of society due to social class divisions and ethnolinguistic groups. These restrictions in society have an impact on the accessibility of good quality education to girls. Child marriages are also very common in several communities. When girls are married before they reach adulthood, they mainly assume the role of a caregiver. Child marriage, therefore, affects the ability of young girls to complete their education.

Violence against girls is prevalent in certain countries that restrict girls from receiving education. Similar to the case of Malala, several girls are made for walking long distances to attend school. The distance between schools and houses in rural areas increases the risk of gender-based violence, harassment and sexual exploitation. 

Violence affects the physical and mental health of girls which subsequently affects their ability to get educated. Lack of adequate infrastructure for the safety of women especially in rural areas, has an impact on girls education. Many schools lack hygiene facilities for women in the form of water and sanitation facilities. Basic safety parameters such as lit roadways and safety fences also act as barriers towards girls receiving education. Parents are scared to send their children when their safety is compromised due to the fear of violence.

The importance of girl education is found to be extremely significant for the growth of any nation. It is a fact that countries with higher women literacy rates are found to be developing at a much faster rate as compared to countries with low women literacy rates. Funds and charities to support girls education are important to improve the economic status of women. Measures to promote and support girl’s education on a global level is being done through the fourth sustainable development goal established by the United Nations.

The main objective of this goal is to provide children with good quality education and learning opportunities. The successful execution of educational campaigns under this goal would ensure that all “Education for all” would be achieved by 2030. Such actions are important to overcome the barriers associated with girl education and help empower women globally leading to economic and social development.

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