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Guidelines To Write Controversial Essay Topics For College Students


Students dread the idea of writing lengthy essays. Despite it being an essential part of academic coursework, not all have the necessary abilities to tackle the task of essay writing. The process gets harder when a student has to write an essay of 10000 words on a controversial topic. Controversial topics are tough nuts to crack as you need to come face-to-face with significant contractions and a wide array of provocative opinions. Do not let the challenges obstruct you from creating top-notch assignments on any debatable topic. Before you learn how to write a controversial essay, it’s essential to know the purpose of an argumentative essay and understand the fundamental elements associated with it.

What is a controversial essay topic?

A controversial topic is the subject, idea, or an idea that is likely to attract a wide array of opinions. Such matters primarily include issues related to politics, society, environment, or any other impactful problems that affect a wider community; nationally or internationally. While addressing any controversial debate topic and controversial speech topics, you must support your arguments with valid shreds of evidence and facts. When it comes to the list of controversial topics to write about, it is never-ending. Issues like abortion, communal disturbance, the death penalty, nuclear war are discussed by everyone all around the globe. Doing in-depth research to write on interesting controversial topics widely encourages analytical and critical thinking and helps you to gain extensive knowledge of the subjects. A significant number of students lack knowledge of the correct approach to answer a controversial question. The simplest way of learning is to practice. Start working on some funny controversial essay topics and gradually head to tackle some tougher issues.

Creating a powerful controversial essay outline

Writing a controversial essay becomes easy when you create an effective controversial essay outline. You can break down the whole structure into four crucial elements:

  • Introduction:-

An essay introduction acts as the foundation for an impenetrable discussion or argument. It comprises of a “hook” statement, thesis statement, and background details.

  • Your hook sentence is the most crucial as it grabs the attention of your readers and keeps them glued to the subject. It must be intriguing and instigate the readers to learn more on the subject.
  • The background details must comprise of the information that helps the readers to get a clear picture of the controversial topic.It must answer some essential questions like "What is the issue?” “Why is it important?” “Where is it prevalent?” “Whom is it affecting the most?
  • Your thesis statement is the roadmap to your assignment. Remember, when you are writing a controversial essay, your thesis statement must highlight your stand on the argument with a valid reason for the same.
  • Key Arguments:-

This section majorly focuses on the claims you are making on a controversial topic. Your claim is the statement that strictly supports your original argument. Your argumentative essay is purely based on extensive research work. You need to gather sufficient factual data from genuine sources to validate your case.

  • Counterarguments and Rebuttals:-

When you are writing a controversial essay, you must remember that you are only writing from your point of view. It’s no surprise that there’s another side of the story as well. Some readers might disagree with your primary argument. You need to include this section to strengthen your case with the related aspects.

  • Conclusion:-

Many students wonder how to conclude a controversial essay with a strong statement. When you are at the end, you must close your argument with a clear picture which creates a convincing point. Your essay conclusion must accomplish two crucial factors:

  • It must restate your main argument and its importance
  • It should highlight the changes your theory can make if it is or not implemented

Why is creating a controversial essay structure important

There's only one way of excelling in your argumentative essay writing, and that is by creating an excellent Controversial Essay Structure. Importance of making a Controversial Essay Structure is:

  • Your Controversial Essay Structure is essential for assignment writing as it allows you to create a proper layout and plan on the final result.
  • Create an essay structure after you finish studying all the researched sources. Also, you can refer to suitable argumentative essay structures created by other scholars.
  • Don't just copy the structure from the Internet. You will face severe outcome for submitting plagiarized content.
  • Create a structure that provides you with proper follow-ups while you write your assignment.

Guidelines on how to write a controversial essay

Majority of the students have a vague idea on how to write a controversial essay. Following are the essential guidelines to write a controversial article on any topic.

  • Discuss your essay requirements with your teacher. Make a note of the recommended sources.
  • Focus on the issue. Don’t blabber on with irrelevant debatable facts.
  • Collect sufficient relevant data from reliable sources. You need to provide evidence for your arguments.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the assembled data and facts. Make headings and carefully arrange the collected information.
  • Stick to your argumentative essay outline and complete your assignment within the given word limit. Do not overload with irrelevant data.
  • Get it to proofread, follow the correct format, and make accurate references for your sources.

List of interesting controversial essay topics

Choosing the right topic is the primary factor of essay writing. If you are drowning in the pool of essay topics, here is a list of some controversial essay topics to help you kick off your essay writing task.

  • Good controversial essay topics

  1. Does technology make people feel lonely?
  2. Are human beings gradually transforming into technological zombies?
  3. The impact of social networks on contemporary education
  4. Is censorship of Internet truly necessary?
  5. Should men get paternity leave from work?
  6. Is online dating effective?
  7. Can distant learning replace conventional ways of learning?
  8. Why is the current taxation system unfair?
  9. Should marijuana be legalized worldwide?
  10. Is global warming real?
  • Controversial persuasive essay topics

  1. Is computer science one of the most valuable academic subjects?
  2. How can the government fight pollution?
  3. Use of weapons should be banned
  4. What can government do to control population?
  5. Reasons why illegal immigration should be stopped
  6. Birth control pills: a boon or a curse?
  7. Can an e-book replace a traditional textbook?
  8. The development of a child's behaviour over a decade
  9. Humans are solely responsible for climate changes
  10. Should the immigrating children get citizenship?
  • Controversial argumentative essay topics

  1. Is the election process fair?
  2. Should animals be used for experimenting drugs?
  3. Is the death penalty legal and effective?
  4. Should abortion be legalized worldwide?
  5. Do religious movements cause communal war?
  6. Celebrities often fail in Politics. True or False?
  7. Is politics a dirty game?
  8. Is the younger generation too dependent on technology?
  9. Should kids be restricted from playing video games?
  10. Is competition the only way to prove your efficiency?
  • Funny Controversial essay topics

  1. Friends or the office?
  2. Do humans eat to live or live to eat?
  3. Which is better, Coke or Pepsi?
  4. If Harry Potter magic was real, would it be legal to practice?
  5. Santa’s elves should receive minimum wage. Agree or disagree?
  6. Why are the Kardashians more popular than the president of the United States?
  7. Are cute animal videos ruining the internet?
  8. Why are people afraid of clowns?
  9. What goes on in the minds of dogs?
  10. Dogs or cats, who would win a fight?

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