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Interesting Controversial Essay Topics To Write About

Controversial essay topics and ideas

Controversial essay writing entails introducing and discussing a topic/subject that people may argue, dispute, or even refute and validate using legitimate facts and evidence.

Simply put, the topic compels others to present varying perspectives (mainly against your viewpoints), thus leaving you to establish your stance as accurate and acceptable with hard-hitting research findings.

Steps to Writing A Controversial Essay

Choose an Appropriate Topic

Pick a topic that isn't too expansive or research limited. The chosen topic must appeal to your interests and passions and perplex you. 

Furthermore, you must determine – 

  • What is the paper's objective?
  • What views and arguments do you intend to prove?

Before writing, you must figure these out for your personal essay clarity. However, if you haven't figured out the purpose or intentions behind the paper, start freewriting on the coverage. 

Establish Your Stance in the Thesis Statement

Make sure your thesis help statement provokes an argument (either for or against the topic). Also, establish your stance in the thesis statement by hinting that your views might be true.

Ideally, the thesis statement must comprise an opinion and observation. 

Think about the Target Readers 

You must also figure out who are your readers or audience. If you're unclear, clarify with your prof beforehand about the target audience.

Experts recommend academic writing for the general audience if one isn't certain about the specific readers. 

Make a List of Research Findings

A controversial essay must comprise compelling evidence and research findings to establish the truth behind the topic coverage.

Some common writing evidence includes statistics, facts, case study data, textual proof, authorities, real-time examples, and anecdotes.

Of course, you must document your findings, and using them, you must introduce the topic tactfully and decipher its significance.

Proper explanations of each research finding are also crucial, as the readers will not glean your facts as easily as you want. You must educate them on why such evidence is used for explanations and highlights its importance to them. 

Furthermore, along with presenting evidence, you must also anticipate counterarguments (challenges, argument questions, alternatives, objectives, etc.). 

Academic writers suggest that the writer must sense how readers will react to the presented argument to tackle such counter-logics by accommodating, acknowledging, or refuting them. for a curated selection of controversial essay topics that will stimulate critical thinking and spark passionate discourse. Our platform offers a diverse array of compelling subjects to explore, ranging from social and political controversies to ethical dilemmas and beyond.

Creating the Essay Draft

The draft of the controversial essay must incorporate the following 

  • Sufficient data and research findings and presenting them justly and rationally
  • Tackling views opposing your arguments
  • Focusing on the essay organization by ensuring the structure adheres to the topic, and readers and rectifies gaps in the shared logic
  • Adding correct transitions for the reader's understanding

However, you can always edit the draft later per the peer or professor's suggestion. Follow their guidance to polish the essay structure draft.

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The Correct Outline for a Controversial Essay

Correct Outline for a Controversial Essay

Ideally, a controversial (or argumentative essay) comprises a 5-stanza outline. It also includes the classic triangle of Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

However, you can increase more stanzas (particularly in the Body) per the needs of the topic coverage.

  • The Introduction must comprise a hook, background details, and a thesis statement.
  • The Body must 3 (or more) vivid sections to provide direction to your argument. Each stanza must provide evidence, explanations, and counterargument on vivid topic-related arguments. Moreover, you can consider the counterarguments in the 3rd or 4th stanza. Properly dispute the counter logic and explain why views are more compelling and accurate.
  • The Conclusion will recap the thesis statement and everything covered in the essay. Educate the readers why the topic was important and meaningful to them. End strongly by persuading the readers to think deeply and even take purposeful action.

Additional Tips for Writers

  • Ensure the Introductionand Conclusion are each 8-10% of the total essay count. The Body is the essay's focal point and will constitute 80-84% of the controversial essay.
  • Always cite sources as you write the paper. To make it easy, you can note down all source citations separately and incorporate them wherever needed as you go along.
  • To maintain proper flow and improve clarity and readability, maintain 4-5 lines in one stanza.
  • Write sentences in an active voice and keep them between 10-12 words.
  • Diligently edit and proofread your work. Also, scan plagiarism and make changes instantly. Download a report if the file results show  plagiarism free.
  • Ask a peer to review the work and provide unbiased feedback. Make corrections wherever applicable.

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100 Controversial Essay Topics

  1. Are school uniforms necessary?
  2. Should governments determine students' lunch at school?
  3. Should students get homework on weekends?
  4. Is eating hot dogs healthy?
  5. Is eating spam a healthy option?
  6. Should the US prohibit violent video games?
  7. Should parents regulate what kids watch online?
  8. Should parents monitor their teen's phone activities?
  9. Should parents prohibit their daughters from visiting a boy's house to study?
  10. Should schools include additional fitness and exercise classes?
  11. Should school hours be increased for an upcoming long weekend?
  12. Should art classes become mandatory at colleges?
  13. Should the government prohibit posting religious jokes on social media platforms?
  14. Should the government ban the usage of euthanasia?
  15. Should medical marijuana be stopped for personal use?
  16. Should nursing staff be made more?
  17. Why should Minecraft be banned?
  18. Are religious colleges more apt than conventional colleges?
  19. Are school uniforms a medium to remove inequality at school?
  20. Is Global Warming the biggest threat to modern humankind?
  21. At what age should parents allow kids to use social media 
  22. Should the voting age be lessened?
  23. Should rapists be allowed the right to marry?
  24. Should the use of plastic water bottles be prohibited to safeguard the environment?
  25. Do electronic voting machines make voting fairer?
  26. At what age should kids start doing their chores?
  27. Should performance enhancements be prohibited for professional athletes?
  28. Is the FDA effectively policing what to incorporate into our food?
  29. Do humans influence climate change?
  30. Is civics test necessary for passing graduation?
  31. Do superior grades make students more eligible for scholarships?
  32. Should there be limitations on supreme court justices?
  33. Should someone's religious convictions prevent them from getting medical care?
  34. Should the government prevent social media platforms from collecting users' data?
  35. Should public college education provide free tuition to students?
  36. What makes the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment controversial?
  37. Should students get paid for participating in college sporting activities?
  38. Is drinking beer risk-free?
  39. Will robots and Artificial Intelligence take over humans in the future?
  40. Are academic grades the best way to determine a student's true potential?
  41. Are Vape pens a safer alternative to smoking?
  42. Are reality TV shows manifesting unrealistic expectations among young viewers?
  43. Does diversity endorse societal tolerance?
  44. Does women's inequality still exist?
  45. Is Pollution control possible with rapid Globalization?
  46. Is stress the only reason that causes substance abuse in teenagers?
  47. Is it unethical for a husband to have more than one wife?
  48. Should parents terminate teenage pregnancy?
  49. Are we alone in the universe?
  50. Is kissing and cuddling in public places considered unethical?
  51. Should college parties ban alcohol use?
  52. Should animal experimentation be allowed to continue?
  53. Why are Muslims often considered violent individuals?
  54. Is cross-cultural marriage an issue?
  55. Should public smoking be prohibited?
  56. Is Technology restraining our ingenuity?
  57. Are Aliens real?
  58. Should media literacy be included as a course of learning?
  59. Should sex education be included in college curriculums?
  60. Is Love enough to keep couples from staying loyal and committed to each other?
  61. Should social media shaming be stopped?
  62. Is social media causing society radicalization?
  63. What does social media bring to modern society?
  64. Is sexual impotence in partners the leading cause of divorces in the US?
  65. Should music education become mandatory at schools/colleges?
  66. Is pursuing music a lucrative profession?
  67. Do stage performers take drugs backstage before the show?
  68. Is it ethical for a musician to hire another to compose for them?
  69. Is music an effective medium to express one's self?
  70. Does oversleeping cause negative effects on one's Body?
  71. Is Obesity the biggest health threat in the US?
  72. Should genetic engineering be prohibited from treating terminal illnesses?
  73. Could the COVID-19 virus be better controlled when it was an epidemic and stopped from becoming a world-threatening pandemic?
  74. Should there be limitations on medical testing on humans?
  75. Is animal slaughter necessary in religious practices?
  76. Is human trafficking still a prevalent problem in developing nations?
  77. Are psychopaths smarter than normal people?
  78. Is therapy useful for treating trauma?
  79. Is there any educational aspect to watching porn?
  80. Is infidelity increasing in today's society?
  81. Is interplanetary settlement possible in the future?
  82. Is settlement on Mars possible in the future?
  83. Will robots and computers replace physicians in the future?
  84. Should women have a place in the NFL?
  85. Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  86. Should colleges prioritize wellness initiatives?
  87. Does the existing FIFA ranking appear accurate?
  88. Is curfew the best way to regulate teenagers' actions?
  89. Should we be less dependent on computers and rely more on our skills and knowledge?
  90. Are birth control pills risk-free?
  91. Are single-sex schools better than co-ed schools?
  92. Should biofuels be used often in racing industries?
  93. Should convicts be given the right to vote?
  94. Is there a point in waging religious wars and conflicts?
  95. Are current college admissions becoming unnecessarily competitive?
  96. Can binge-watching be considered an ideal pass-time?
  97. Do parents expect too much from their kids today?
  98. Are athletes paid enough or too much?
  99. Can cheating be an acceptable choice even at the cost of another's misery and heartbreak?
  100. Should children be excluded from participating in beauty pageants?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. How should you start a controversial essay?

Review the topic generally and introduce it in the first line. Explain why the topic is significant to the readers. Write the thesis statement on the topic with legitimate data and evidence.

Keep the Introduction within 8-10% of the total word count.

Q.2. How should you write a controversial essay thesis statement?

  • Explain your topic views and arguments with data
  • Consider a counterargument
  • Don't evaluate. Instead, interpret.
  • Write something meaningful to create interest.

Q.3. Where can I find good controversial essay topics?

You can check academic journals, articles, and social media platforms online. You can ask your professor for topic ideas. And you can even get topic ideas from the library or discussing with your peers. 

Regardless of how you pick topics, make sure it is interesting, meaningful, and trigger an argument among the audience.

Q.4. Can I rely on online assignment help platforms for controversial essay topic ideas?

You can. Several such platforms operate online. Find a legitimate one and connect with their experts. Per my assignment help requirement, they will help you find quality controversial essay topics without hassle. 

If you need topic ideas, you can also refer above.

Q.5. How should you finish your controversial essay?

You surmise everything covered in the essay and recap the thesis statement. Highlight opposing perspectives and explain with evidence why your stance is correct. Trigger a call to action among them with your ending statement.

Q.6. How to edit and proofread the finished essay?

Read the whole thing and correct noticeable writing errors. Focus on each line of each stanza. Read in reverse if needed to rectify flaws. Use a grammar checker tool to polish your paper writing service and make it flawless from top to bottom.

Q.7. How much plagiarism is acceptable for a controversial essay?

Ideally, keep your paper 100% plagiarism free. However, some professors allow a 10% allowance. So, clarify this with your professor beforehand for clarity.

Q.8. What are controversial essay topic examples?

  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  • Should colleges prioritize wellness initiatives?
  • Does the existing FIFA ranking appear accurate?
  • Is curfew the best way to regulate teenagers' actions?
  • Should we be less dependent on computers and rely more on our skills and knowledge?
  • Are birth control pills risk-free?
  • Are single-sex schools better than co-ed schools?
  • Should biofuels be used often in racing industries?

Q.9. What is the importance of a strong conclusion for your controversial essay?

The conclusion is your final attempt to influence the reader's mind and make them agree with your stance. It is also vital as it ties together all the main points in the essay for the reader's clarity.

Q.10. How long should the body section be in a controversial essay?

The Body is the essay's focal point and will constitute 80-84% of the controversial essay – regardless of the set word limit by the professor. 

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