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Best Essay Topics For Animals - Tips And Examples

Essay Topics for Animals

Choosing the topic is the foremost step to compiling an excellent essay or research paper. However, things become easier when the professor has provided the subject coverage for your paper. 

For example, if your subject topic is ANIMALS, you must prepare a suitable essay title and conduct extensive research to gather sufficient writing materials.

How to Pick a Perfect Topic for Your Animal Essay?

While most colleges and universities assign essay topics, some don't and leave it to their students to pick a suitable one.

If you're in a similar position, refer to these useful tips for finding quality animal essay topics for your essay. 

  • Choose an essay topic that allows ample opportunity to find data and evidence.
  • The topic you sort must be familiar to you, thus making it easier to write comprehensively.
  • Search for topics that make you react, be skeptical, or inspire.
  • Refrain from picking a topic that is narrow or too puzzling. 
  • You can also pick a subject-centric topic on something you wish to learn more about. It will keep you interested throughout as you work on your essay.

5 Qualities Your Animal Essay/Research Paper Must Have

Different essays or written assignments call for various writing styles. 

Some experts state it's up to the writer to understand the essay requirements and adjust their writing style accordingly.

Regrettably, most students find it daunting to determine which writing style works with what essay. 

If you are facing a similar ordeal, fret not.

Read this - Personal Essay - Step By Step Guide

Here are the 5 Must-Have Qualities of a Good Essay:

  1. Single Focal Idea – here, the essay must comprise a single focused area. So, filter your research and stick to the topic coverage when writing your essay.
  2. Explanation through Evidence –Each stanza must elaborate on the essay's focal point. The objective of each stanza must be to provide sufficient information to the readers through lucid writing substantiated with credible evidence, explanations, examples, and data. 
  3. Must Revolve around the Central Idea –Every iota of information you incorporate must center on the main subject topic/topic coverage. It is a crucial facet where most students make mistakes. So, remember this and be attentive when writing your essay. 
  4. Coherently Organized –The essay or research paper must be coherently organized for proper flow and comprehensibility. Everything must sync with one another. Furthermore, whatever information you incorporate must be logical and backed with authentic data and evidence.
  5. Flawless Writing – Your essay paper must be written in flawless English, devoid of any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Moreover, there shouldn't be any incomplete or controversial sentences that confuse the readers. To achieve flawless writing, one must focus on writing short, simple sentences and back all presented views and arguments using legitimate data and research evidence.

What to Avoid When Writing Your Animal Essay?

  1. Using jargon, informal language, excessive rhetoric questions, or colloquialism
  2. Incorporating quotations blatantly without introducing the source
  3. Ignoring to include in-text source citations throughout your work and failing to include a referencing index.
  4. Not addressing the topic question of the thesis statement in the body section. 
  5. Deviating from the topic/subject and incorporating irrelevant facts, explanations, and data.
  6. Not editing and proofreading the essay properly before making it submission ready.
  7. Not paying attention to plagiarism when rephrasing from other web sources.
  8. Not adhering to the word limit or other writing guidelines.
  9. Not taking a second opinion to polish the work more before submitting.

100 Best Essay Topics for Animals

After covering some basics of academic essay writing – we shift to the next segment of our post, finding suitable essay topics for animals.

  1. Are zoos beneficial for animals?
  2. Is experimenting on animals considered ethical?
  3. Ways to stop experimentation using animal subjects
  4. How does having a pet benefit you?
  5. Should one report to the authorities upon witnessing animal abuse?
  6. How is water pollution perilous to underwater creatures?
  7. What ill consequences will occur if all endangered animals become extinct?
  8. Should there be stricter rules and regulations for animal cruelty?
  9. Should there be severe consequences for poaching?
  10. Why are animals the first choice for inhumane experiments?
  11. Should the trade of animal products be banned worldwide?
  12. Is Bio magnification why so many species are dying in the ecological surroundings?
  13. How the impact of humankind devastates wildlife worldwide?
  14. Should there be rights for animals?
  15. What are better alternatives to preserving animals besides Zoos?
  16. Is it ethical to use animals for human entertainment?
  17. Should there be a prohibition on animal-centric fashion?
  18. Is it moral to slaughter animals for religious practices?
  19. Should there be a ban on animal butchery to appease gods and religions?
  20. Why does protecting the Giant Panda hold ecological significance?
  21. Why safeguarding endangered animals is so important?
  22. Can poisonous creatures be kept as pets?
  23. Why are monkeys the most intelligent?
  24. What laws exist to prevent animal testing?
  25. Mention 6 unethical and 6 ethical animal experiments. Also, present your perspective on both contexts.
  26. What is the alternative to animal testing and experimentation?
  27. An account of animal cruelty during the Roman Empire?
  28. The religious significance of various animals – Write 10 such instances where you share your perspective.
  29. What entail the physical and ethical indications of animal cruelty?
  30. Write an elaborate essay on Animal brutality post the Civil War.
  31. Bible's take on animal cruelty?
  32. 'Fighting for Animal rights to abolish animal cruelty' – For or against. Establish your stance through your essay.
  33. Does purchasing and consuming meat support animal cruelty?
  34. What severe punishments should levy for abusing and slaughtering animals?
  35. How animal cruelty influences society?
  36. What is the connection between animal abuse and public health hazards in the farming industry?
  37. Early tell-tales of animal cruelty?
  38. How animal cruelty influences little children?
  39. What is the Palliative Animal law?
  40. What does Animal Welfare Act Section 28 Entail?
  41. What is the objective of the PETA Act?
  42. What are the risk factors for Animal cruelty development?
  43. World Hunger and Animal Slaughter and Exploitation – Write a detailed essay on this topic coverage
  44. How can humankind refrain from committing animal cruelty?
  45. An account of animal cruelty punishments in the UK
  46. What is the psychology behind animal cruelty?
  47. The commonest form of animal cruelty on display worldwide
  48. Animal cruelty causes and effects – Explain this topic coverage using examples in your essay.
  49. Explain the primary issues pertaining to animal cruelty.
  50. Where is animal cruelty most prevalent, and why?
  51. Animal abuse and brutality – when and where did it all begin?
  52. What connection lies between human violence and animal cruelty?
  53. Write a detailed essay on animal cruelty types – provide real-time examples from worldwide locations.
  54. Advantages of conducting animal testing – Is it acceptable?
  55. Is slaughtering animals for food acceptable?
  56. Why do people fear spiders even if most of them are harmless?
  57. Is animal cross-breeding a sustainable practice?
  58. Can people have exotic pets? If so, then which ones? Write an essay using real-time data and examples.
  59. What to consider during adopting an animal as a pet?
  60. Can Komodo (giant lizards) be kept in a captive environment?
  61. What to do if a Komodo monitor bites you?
  62. Are Komodo hostile towards humans?
  63. Can Komodo be good pets?
  64. Which among the big-cat family is the strongest?
  65. Tips to make vivisections less pain-stricken
  66. An Account of inhumane animal Treatment in Slaughterhouses
  67. A detailed essay on the most brutal ways of slaughtering cattle
  68. Why must children learn about animal rights?
  69. What is the importance of animal rights to society?
  70. Write an essay on animal rights utilitarian views.
  71. An account of animal testing in cosmetic industries
  72. The consequences of unceasing animal cruelty
  73. Is it unethical to euthanize stray animals? Explain your views through your essay.
  74. Is it the scientist's responsibility to care for the animal test subjects? Share your views 
  75. How can one augment the lives of confined animals?
  76. Is it ethical to give drugs to cows to improve their milk production?
  77. Can lonely people benefit from petting companion animals?
  78. Are tethering dogs outside one's home considered unethical and a sign of animal abuse and neglect?
  79. Developed nations show lesser animal cruelty to developing and under-developed nations – is this statement true? Establish your stance through your essay.
  80. Is it possible to make animals breed in a regulated or unnatural environment? Explain your stance with relevant examples from worldwide regions.
  81. The connection between antisocial behavior and animal cruelty
  82. Is animal cruelty a plague to modern society?
  83. Where in the USA has the most % of animal brutality?
  84. A detailed paper on the Animal Bill of Rights
  85. A detailed essay on the illegal trade of Royal Bengal Tiger Skin – Provide real-time examples 
  86. Shed light on the ongoing debates on animal brutality.
  87. What is the New Animal Liberation Movement?
  88. A comprehensive understanding of Animal ethics and mind- Write using relatable examples and evidence 
  89. How do Animal ethics vary from human ethics?
  90. The significance of animal ethics in today's world
  91. Animal Ethics principles – Write a detailed essay on this topic coverage. 
  92. Is it feasible to apply animal ethics in our everyday lives?
  93. Are there moral considerations in performing animal experimentation?
  94. Should animal ethics be incorporated into school learning curriculums?
  95. Existing arguments against animal ethics
  96. Which animals are most mistreated globally?
  97. What management techniques are used to augment animals' health?
  98. What is the future of animal livestock production?
  99. What are the protein-related issues in animal nutrition?
  100. Write a detailed essay on Stem Cells in animal production – Provide evidence and examples.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1. How can animals help us in our lives?

Animals help lessen our loneliness. It helps increase support and uplifts our mood. Witnessing the innocent faces of animals also induces sympathy and love toward them. Above all, interacting with animals also reduces stress hormones (cortisol levels).

Their lives and existence are as important as ours. Plus, animals are more trustworthy than our kind. 

Q.2. How can we safeguard animals?

  1. We can prevent them from coming in contact with harmful chemicals.
  2. We can love and care for them like our own family members.
  3. We should feed them properly and focus on their hygiene.
  4. We should provide safe shelter for them to call home.
  5. We should never ill-treat them and raise voices against those hurting them.
  6. We should learn more about them and find ways to make them comfortable.

Q.3. How should you write an animal essay?

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Grasp the writing guidelines. 
  3. Conduct research and gather relevant facts and data on the essay topic.
  4. Make the essay outline.
  5. Introduce the topic in the introduction and highlight the essay objective in the thesis statement.
  6. Write the body using all gathered research findings. Use 3-4 stanzas, each covering a different topic facet. Use evidence to validate those facts.
  7. Cite sources as you go along.
  8. Write the conclusion by surmising everything covered. 
  9. Revise the paper and scan for plagiarism.

Q.4. Where do I look for quality animal essay topics?

You can find excellent animal essay topics on the internet. You can also check at the college/university/public library for quality animal essay topics. 

Another option is asking your professor for topic ideas (if they haven't assigned one).

Q.5. How to avoid plagiarism in animal essays?

Rephrase your words without changing the meaning. Use quotations if you intend to use another author's statement or idea. Cite sources accurately. 

Besides these, scan your work through a plagiarism checker and make amendments wherever applicable. Download a report once the file is 100% plagiarism free.

Q.6. How much plagiarism is allowed by colleges and universities?

Ideally, some colleges and universities allow a 5-10% plagiarism allowance. However, aim for 0% plagiarism matches in your animal essay routinely.

Q.7. What are some good animal essay topic ideas?

  1. The significance of animal ethics in today's world
  2. Animal Ethics principles – Write a detailed essay on this topic coverage 
  3. Is it feasible to apply animal ethics in our everyday lives?
  4. Are there moral considerations in performing animal experimentation?
  5. Should animal ethics be incorporated into school learning curriculums?
  6. Existing arguments against animal ethics
  7. Which animals are most mistreated globally?

Q.8. What should be the animal essay writing structure?

It must comprise an Introduction (with thesis statement), A Body (comprising all explanatory parts supported with evidence), and a Conclusion (summary of everything covered in the paper, recap of thesis statement, and CTA in the last sentence).

Q.9. Should one hire essay writing help for topic ideas?

You can. Such platforms have experts to help you find suitable topics for your animal essay. So, if you wish to take online help, share assignment details with their experts.

View above for topic ideas. 

Q.10. How long must be an animal essay?

It varies per the writing requirements. An animal essay can be between 500-2000 words. But, regardless, you must adhere to the set word count.

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