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Complete List Of Exciting History Research Paper Topics

History Research Paper Topics

Purpose of History Research Papers  

Purpose of History Research Papers

Tips for Picking Suitable History Topics for Research Writing

History Topics for Research Writing

How to Craft History Research Papers?

  • Pick a good topic and gather sufficient writing materials.
  • Start with a strong introduction hook and a compelling thesis help statement.
  • Analyze properly and sort questions or sections you wish to include in the outline.
  • Utilize all research findings critically to validate your information.
  • Write precisely and maintain chronology throughout the paper.
  • Properly cite in-text sources. Use both primary and scholarly secondary sources consistently.
  • Refrain from outdated preaching 
  • Write an impactful conclusion.
  • Edit and proof your paper appropriately. Also, check for plagiarism.
  • Get a second opinion from someone trustworthy.

100 History Research Paper Topics

Easy History Research Topics (15+ Suggestions)

  1. What were the chief causes of World Wars I & II? Write a comprehensive research paper on the topic coverage
  2. Write a detailed account of Japanese History
  3. Compile a detailed research paper on Salem Witches and trials
  4. What are the historical impacts of Greek and Roman cultures? Write using references
  5. A detailed research paper on the Women's Rights Movement
  6. Write comprehensive research on the key players in World War I
  7. Compile a research paper on the Ottoman Empire and its significant events
  8. Throw light on all the historical events that led to the Pearl Harbor
  9. Write a detailed research paper on the American Indian Movement
  10. Compile a research paper on the US Civil War
  11. Explain in detail the Women's Suffrage Revolution
  12. Craft a detailed research paper on the French Revolution and its historical significance
  13. Conduct detailed research on the Mughal Empire
  14. What role does Shogun play in influencing Japanese History?
  15. A detailed account of the Sumerian Cultures and their prevalent traditions
  16. Present a research paper on the Haitian revolution

History Research Topics on World History (15 Suggestions)

  1. What were the chief causes of the American Revolution? Explain through in-depth research
  2. Explain the chief causes and consequences of the Mexican War
  3. An Account of the US Neutrality during the 1st world War
  4. Write a detailed research paper on Ancient Greek Religious beliefs
  5. How were the Native Americans impacted by European colonization?
  6. Present a detailed research paper on the Settlement House Movement
  7. Conduct research on Germany's Allied Occupation and its effects
  8. What were the chief causes of the French Revolution? Write in context to its social, political, and business economic causes
  9. An account of 19th and 20th century Imperialism – Justify its historical significance.
  10. Present a detailed essay guide on the 20th-century American history
  11. Explain the historical significance of Gutenberg's Press
  12. A detailed account of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  13. An account of the 18th-century labor unions- write in context to its strikes and conflicts
  14. What were the crucial factors leading to the Renaissance 
  15. What role did Colonial American Women play in the revolution?

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History Research Topics on The Middle Ages (10 suggestions)

  1. What role did religion play in everyday lives during the Middle Ages?
  2. An account of the scientific advancements during the Middle Ages?
  3. Detailed research on various weaponry and armor during the Middle Ages?
  4. How was ASIA in the Middle Ages? Write a research paper in this context
  5. An Account of Chivalry during the Middle Ages
  6. What role did Medici play during the end of the Middle Ages?
  7. An account of the invention of gunpowder and how it transformed Warcraft during the Middle Ages 
  8. Explain the cause and effect leading to the rise of Medieval Europe colonization
  9. An account of severe punishments during the Middle Ages 
  10. An account of the Crusaders?

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History Research Topics on Modern History (10 suggestions)

  1. Write a descriptive essay on the negative effects of Globalization
  2. What were the reasons for social inequalities?
  3. What were the prime reasons that led to the Syrian Battle?
  4. An Account of the Chornobyl Explosion
  5. Modern World cultural changes- Write a detailed account of this topic coverage
  6. Write a research paper on American participation in Afghanistan
  7. Present a detailed write-up on the Great Recession
  8. What was the significance of the Patriot Act – Conduct a comprehensive analyze
  9. NATO's evolving role in the global community
  10. An account of constructing the USA from ground zero – write a detailed research paper on this context

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History Research Topics on Ancient History (15 suggestions)

  1. A research paper on the various symbolisms during Ancient Egypt
  2. A descriptive study on Empirical powers from Assyria to Byzantium
  3. Write a research paper on Women's role in Britain in pre-historic times 
  4. An Account of the Iron Age and Segregation of Responsibilities 
  5. A detailed account of noteworthy Prophets and Religions
  6. A descriptive piece on Palestine's antiquity
  7. Write a detailed research paper on the concept of Death and immortality in Olden Egypt
  8. A comprehensive analysis of near eastern societies
  9. Write a piece on the ascension and fall of Julius Caesar
  10. The historic significance of Cleopatra and Caesar's political alliance 
  11. What lessons can one learn through the memoirs of Julius Caesar
  12. An account of Brutus' character and role in Caesar's assassination
  13. Write a detailed piece on the creation of the Roman Empire- Also include Caesar's role in this achievement
  14. A detailed narrative essay on Sumerian traditions and civilization
  15. Why was Caesar considered a military genius?

History Research Topics for College/University Research (15 suggestions)

  1. Write a detailed piece on the Islamic Empire
  2. An account of the bubonic plague or Black Death 
  3. What do we learn from medieval philosophy? 
  4. The Cause and Outcome of the 100 Years' War
  5. An Account of Women's Life during Medieval Periods 
  6. Analyze the life of women during the Renaissance period 
  7. What was the influence of the Dawes Act?
  8. An Account of courtly love
  9. Write a detailed paper on 1871's Great Chicago Fire 
  10. What was the importance of the Manhattan project
  11. What led to the Battle of Midway
  12. An Account of the 1974's Whiskey Revolution
  13. The causes that led to Spanish American War
  14. The main objective behind Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing
  15. An Account of the 1900s Galveston Hurricane

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History Research Topics on European History (10 Suggestions)

  1. The chief causes behind the rise of Empiricism
  2. A detailed account of European literacy during the 19th century
  3. Present comprehensive research on 18th century Women's Civil Rights in France
  4. Detailed analysis of Mid-Tudor catastrophes 
  5. A descriptive essay on 17th-century Gender Bias in England
  6. Write an elaborate essay on witch hunts and the role of catholic churches 
  7. What was the chief propaganda behind Western theories?
  8. A detailed account of the French Revolution
  9. An account of various military innovations in 1st World War 
  10. A research paper on military innovations during 2nd World War- Also draw a comparison with WW-I

History Research Topics on Industrial Revolution (10 Suggestions)

  1. How did the Industrial Revolution influence working labor?
  2. What causes the Industrial Revolution? Write a detailed piece 
  3. Industrial Revolution Child labor- Write on this topic coverage
  4. How Industrial Revolution impacted general education
  5. How Industrial Revolution Impacted the Agriculture Industries
  6. An account of Iron production – Write in context before and after the Industrial Revolution
  7. An account of the Industrial Revolution condition of working factories 
  8. How was the industrial revolution in the USA different from the one in Europe?
  9. Why cotton grin invention was significant during the Industrial Revolution?
  10. Environmental Impact of the Industrial Revolution

Some Useful Essay Examples For Students:

1. Security Evaluation Of Smart Phone Device

The Use Of Smartphones Has Substantially Increased Recently. Mostly Because, Smartphones Deliver Customers With a Variety Of Services Including Phone Conversations, internet access, data exchange and storage, online and offline gaming, and other amusing applications. A smartphone is associated with difficulties such as privacy and security because these services generally have access to the user’s private information. Read more..

2. Issues Related To Cultural Change Of Tesco

The Title Of This Study Is “Issues Related To Cultural Change Of Tesco: a Case Study”. This Study Is About The Opportunities And Issues Related To The Cultural Change Of Tesco. Tesco is one of the leading supermarket chains in the UK that deals in various products that are essential for livelihood (, 2022). It was founded by Jack Cohen with 7005 stores within the country. Read more..

3. Fundamental Security Principle

Cyberattacks are happening every second of every minute of every hour of every day. A seemingly endless array of attacks is directed at individuals, schools, businesses, and governments through desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. For this assignment, select one recent attack (which happened in the years 2020-2022). Carry out an in-depth literature review about this attack. Your discussion must address the following points with proper in-text citations. Read more..

FAQs For History Research Paper Topic 

Q.1. How to Select A Quality History Research Essay Topic?

Consider these tips when searching for a quality history essay research topic.

  • Always choose a coverage that you are passionate about and interested 
  • Conduct research and narrow down the coverage to fit your word limit.
  • Always check if the topic selected has sufficient data and writing materials for your research paper 
  • Don't pick a topic with conflicting data or controversial findings 

For quality history research essay topics, refer above for ideas. 

Q.2. What is the significance of historic research?

History and its research teach us what transpired in the past and provide evidence for our better understanding. It gives us insights on both existing and future issues. Moreover, it also teaches us not to make the same mistakes our predecessors made during their times and learn from their mistakes.

Q.3. What is the purpose of a history research essay?

The chief purpose of a history research essay is to uncover the truth with relevant and accurate data and research findings. All data and evidence must be collected from primary sources to enlighten the readers and students on what (actually) went on in various historic periods.

Check the list above if you are searching for quality research topics for your history essay.

What Are the Steps to Writing A History Research Essay?

  • Select a relevant topic for your history paper. 
  • Perform a thorough research on the topic and create a paper outline.
  • Write a clear and transparent thesis statement on the topic coverage.
  • Use solid evidence and research findings to make your paper authentic to read. 
  • Pay attention to the event chronology. 
  • Segregate your essay into 5 stanzas – Introduction (with thesis statement), body (with 3 stanzas), and conclusion (surmising what you've covered in the paper)
  • Reference in-text sources accurately and add a bibliography.
  • Edit and revise your work.
  • Check plagiarism
  • Ask someone to review your work before submission.

Q.5. How Do You Write the Conclusion for Your History Research Essay?

When writing the conclusion, you must surmise the thesis statement in light of the evidence and data exhibited on the historic coverage. Avoid adding new data or evidence. Rather you must leave a lesson for your readers about your research paper's significance. Ideally, experts recommend writers take a step back and briefly mention the topic research's implications.

Q.6. How Do You Write the Introduction Stanza for Your History Research Essay?

The introduction stanza sets the reader's tone for the remaining essay. You hook your audience by explaining the topic reference and existing problems. Define the crucial terminologies used in the paper. Outline and write a concise and clear thesis statement as the ending line of the introduction.

Q.7. What Are Examples of Quality History Essay Topics for Research Writing?

Below are some good examples of history essay topics for research paper writing.

  • An Account of the Iron Age and Segregation of Responsibilities 
  • A detailed account of noteworthy Prophets and Religions
  • A detailed essay on Sumerian traditions and civilization
  • Why was Caesar considered a military genius?
  • Write a detailed paper on 1871's Great Chicago Fire 
  • A descriptive essay on 17th-century Gender Bias in England
  • Write an elaborate essay on witch hunts and the role of catholic churches

Q.8. What Are the Various Types of Historical Research?

The predominant types of historical research entail as follows –

  • Paleography – meaning the study of ancient handwriting
  • Diplomatics – meaning the study of records, documents, and archives
  • Chronology – meaning the study of past events, dates, and publications in the correct order
  • Epigraphy – meaning the study of olden inscriptions

Q.9. What Are the Essential Tools for Conducting Historical Research?

Typically, there are 3 main tools for performing historical research. And they entail as follows–

  • Primary research sources 
  • Secondary research sources
  • And oral research histories 

Q.10. What are the main branches of history?

There are several branches of history. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Diplomatic History
  • Economic history
  • Cultural history
  • Political history
  • Intellectual history
  • Social history
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