TikTok and Education

How TikTok Can Be Used For Education

TikTok and Education: Can they go Hand-in-Hand?


Of late, social media platforms have taken over and paved the way for new ways to earn money. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have offered everyone an opportunity to explore their creative side and earn. TikTok has played a pivotal role in shaping the career of many talented individuals.

Most of you consider TikTok as an entertainment platform. But there’s an unexplored side of TikTok that can help society. The app can be used for educating students. Sounds weird? You are not alone. So, to understand how and if TikTok can be used for education, you need to dig deep.

This blog will help you understand how TikTok can help educate students and if it is an effective medium for education.

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TikTok: What is it, and How has it Become So Popular?

Before exploring the educational values of TikTok, you need to brush up on your knowledge about TikTok and how it became so popular globally.

TikTok is owned by the Chinese firm ByteDance and is a platform for many short videos for many genres ranging from pranks and stunts to dance, music, etc. The social media platform allows videos with durations between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Unlike Vine and Tumblr, that died out within a few days, TikTok has made its presence felt and proved its power to attract the audience and stay in the market for long.

TikTok took the world by storm with all sorts of videos. The developers made sure that their audience got what they needed. So, they monitor user activities and suggest videos based on their preferences.

In addition, you are allowed to collaborate with people to make videos and be popular. The social media platform has also given a boost to the careers of plenty of musicians and dancers. If you are still confused about the reasons TikTok has become so popular, here are some more reasons to understand the same:

  • Scrolling keeps the dopamine coming

  • Playing to those with less attention

  • The power to use copyrighted music

  • The all-knowing algorithm

  • The potential stage for fame

  • New trends every week

  • Finding communities on the app

It is necessary to understand how TikTok has made its way to becoming one of the most popular social media platforms before you understand the ways it can influence education. The reasons listed above will give you an idea about the same.

In the following section, you will learn the ways TikTok can be an effective platform for educating students.

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How can TikTok be Used in Education?

With the onset of the pandemic, a lot of industries have switched to technology completely. Education has witnessed a major transition and has completely adopted the online mode of education. Now, how would you position TikTok among the effective online education apps? Well, teachers are already using TikTok as a medium to set digital assignments for students. The entertainment app has proved to be a useful medium for remote learning and home-based assignments.

Here are some more ways TikTok has proved to be an effective mode for educating students:

  • Creating a School-Wide Platform

One of the most attractive features of TikTok is its social media platform style. The app allows you to become influencers. Teachers can ask students to create and share videos about upcoming events in their school or college. The app allows you to promote such events and create a community. Other students can also share their ideas or use the video as a source of inspiration for their events. This way, TikTok encourages students to engage and explore their creative side.

Creative skills are important for students, and one must try to enhance the same every time. Teachers use TikTok to help students enhance their skills and work on their essays themselves and hire an essay writer only when they are unable to handle the massive number of tasks.

  • Creating a Final Project

Final projects are necessary for students. Teachers assess them on their understanding of the lessons. Writing a paper and answering some boring questions might seem tedious. What if you get to imitate your favorite actor to answer all the questions? Teachers can also divide the class into groups and ask them to work on the project together. The output will be way better than a simple question-answer session. Students will enjoy working on the project and present their understanding correctly.

There are many videos showcasing final projects by school and college students. Students can browse through them to get ideas and create impressive videos. TikTok allows students to create their final projects without feeling bored. They will not leave the projects midway or keep things on hold if they enjoy working on them.

  • Teach a Lesson With Tiktok

One of the most popular ways to attract students to a particular lesson or subject is TikTok lessons. Students can make short videos to share their thoughts on a particular subject and summarize the same for better understanding. Other students can use it as a reference source to make learning easy. These videos help students learn and remember the key points easily without going through the book over and over again.

Students can start their lessons by going through such videos and learn them well. You will not have to go through the entire chapter and look for important points. TikTok has provided an easier way to learn and remember lessons.

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  • Explaining Lessons Using Tiktok

If your teacher decides to show you a video on the subject, you will automatically be attracted to the class. Using videos is not new, but keeping things short and precise is something students look for. These videos are not for one-time use; you can go through the videos multiple times and gain a proper understanding of the subject.

These videos highlight the key points and help students revise the lessons without going through the entire chapter. Taking notes will not be necessary once you have these videos. Instead, it will help you concentrate in class and listen to what your teachers say. The learning process will be effective once you start being attentive in class.

  • Use The App To Compare And Contrast Ideas

Using the app in a classroom makes things more interesting, and students enjoy the entire session. You can teach a lesson and ask your students to create videos that compare and contrast the points made in class. The students will be able to understand the lessons well and explore questions that can explain the subject further, and make sure that they have understood what has been taught in class.

TikTok has paved the way to improvise learning and use innovative ways to help students learn and understand the lessons well. Finding questions on lessons will automatically make them dig deep into the lessons and learn them well.

Going to school, attending classes, doing assignments, and appearing for exams have always been a burden for students. They are always searching for ways to overcome the tiring sessions and learn the lessons well. TikTok has ushered in a new way of learning and made classroom sessions interesting for students. Students will like the sessions and enjoy what they witness. The online education system has allowed teachers to explore innovative ways to teach, and TikTok is one of the major inclusions in the field and is helping students learn things better.

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Wrapping Up

If you are still wondering if TikTok can add any value to education, you need to think twice. TikTok is perceived as an entertainment app, but it is way beyond that. You need to know the best ways to use the app to learn. Online education has paved the way for innovative methods and helped teachers to connect with students better. With TikTok in the picture, education has got a boost. The videos can grab the attention of students and make classes interactive and fun. Yet, it is important to know the best ways to use TikTok as an educational tool and use it properly for an effective learning process.

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