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Tips To Write An Academic Research Proposal


Before you begin creating an academic research proposal - step 0 if you will - review the general rules of proposal writing. Academic writing research proposals follow similar criteria but place special demands on the writer. A research proposal should be based on a detailed plan for carrying out academic or scientific research. It describes not just what you aim to research but also all of the methodologies for qualitative and quantitative research that you propose to use.


Writing Your Proposal Research paper writing 

examines a topic and provides a hypothesis. This type of proposal is typically used as a preliminary to a doctoral dissertation or a master's degree-level thesis paper. The proposal will explain what the research will do and prove. It will also provide an in-depth overview of the methodologies and theories that will be employed to support the project's hypothesis, as well as a review of relevant literature.

Step 1: Review the Literature

A literature review is almost probably essential if you are preparing a dissertation or thesis. Even if your project does not demand a separate literature review, preparing one will make your paper easier to write and of higher quality. By studying the current literature on your issue, you can narrow your focus and generate a hypothesis that has not yet been substantively addressed. A review will also bring you up to speed on the most recent research in the field.

Step 2: Create a Hypothesis

With any luck, after reviewing the literature in your field of study, an idea will strike you. Hopefully, this concept is both interesting to you personally and worthy of further investigation on a larger scale. So could you make a note of it? Getting used to it for the next few weeks or months will be devoted to researching this topic.

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Step 3: Craft Your Methodology

As assignment writers online, we can't help you because we're neither psychics nor hackers. We don't know what you're studying. What we do know is that your hypothesis must be falsifiable, and your techniques must serve as a check to see if your hypothesis is correct.

Step 4: Write an Abstract

You should have at least two essential tools for your work: a hypothesis and a technique. Your abstract is the third and final component. A solid abstract is essential for thorough writing. This 300-word paragraph will hold you honest throughout your paper's 10 or 50, or 500 pages. An abstract is a basic, unambiguous summary of your hypothesis, the methodology you intend to employ, the constraints of those methods, why your results will be important, and who will benefit from them.

Step 5: Outline

This may appear to be intimidating. But, you've written your hypothesis, technique, and abstract. If you've gone this far in your studies, you're familiar with research paper formatting. If you don't, look into our MLA, APA, and Chicago formatting guides. But this isn't your typical study report. It is your idea. This is the big one.

Step 6: Write

This is, in some ways, the easiest part. Yet, that is the goal of all of your preparation. That's why the final step is to write. With your literature review completed, your hypothesis determined, your abstract holding you honest, and your outline laying out the structure, all you really have to do is fill in the blanks. Be precise, declarative, and confident in presenting your method, constraints, and relevance.

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Outline of a Research Proposal

  • A brief, content-neutral outline framework for a research proposal is provided below.


  • The background or structure of your paper should be included in your introduction. You are laying the groundwork for your investigation. In the beginning, you should probably have a few subsections.
  • You can ignite the reader's interest in your topic.
  • You should provide some background information and look at the previous study.
  • It should allude to the thesis statement and determine whether your research is qualitative or quantitative.

Statement of the Problem

  • In this section, you will describe the analytical strategy you propose to take.
  • You will completely discuss the problem as it relates to your study topic.
  • It will answer the question, "Why is this research necessary?"

Purpose of the Study

  • You must present a well-rounded, knowledgeable, and substantial statement explaining why the research you are conducting is necessary.
  • It will reveal the hypothesis that needs to be tested and any concerns about it.
  • It will usually start with the phrase, "The goal of this academic research project is..."
  • It will include a full discussion of whether you will do quantitative or qualitative research, as well as a description of the research tools to use: survey, interview, questionnaire, etc.

Literature Review

  • This will go over the existing information on the project.
  • It will examine any recent and relevant research that is related to the idea being debunked.
  • It outlines a research approach, such as which sources will be used.

Research Questions or Hypotheses

  • This is where you will reveal your hypothesis.
  • You will also provide any research questions that arise from your theory.
  • You will discuss possible testable hypotheses that will support your idea.

Methods and Procedures

  • This part will detail the procedures you will employ to test your hypothesis.
  • It describes the essential factors you will test and control to prove your hypothesis's validity.
  • This part will go over your research methodologies in detail.


  • This section will go over any constraints that your research may have.


  • This section explains why your study is important to your target audience.


  • In this area, you will include all your references, which should be in either APA or MLA format.

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Wondering How To Write A Good Research Proposal?

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