70+ Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Finding, analyzing, and writing down the similarities and differences between two subjects from the same category can be strenuous. However, compare and contrast essays are considered to be easy to teach as it gives students an opportunity to understand the structure with little information. Despite the essays being easier than others, students face a lot of problems in finding the right place for comparing and contrasting essay topics. So, to ensure you don’t fall behind others and have...

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How to Write a Short Essay? The Broader Spectrum

Things tend to take a different turn when students are asked to write a short essay within a specific deadline. Writing a long essay is comparatively easier as students get to experiment with the titles, slants, perspectives, references, and the like. Moreover, lengthy essays come with long deadlines, thus, allowing students to sit back, think, acquire information, and go about the entire chunk in a step-by-step manner. Whereas, things are a tad different in the case of short essays. These pr...

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An Ultimate Guide: How To Write DBQ Essay

You'll confront various essay formats as a student throughout your time in college. Essays are a fantastic method to demonstrate your command of the English language and your comprehension of a subject. Document-Based Question (DBQ) essays are among the most popular forms of essays in college. It's critical to comprehend the fundamentals of composing these kinds of essays because you may occasionally be required to write them. We'll explain what DBQ essays are in this blog

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How to Write a Speech That Connects with Your Audience

Verbal or oral communication is among the most predominant, acceptable, and oldest ways of interacting with others. Moreover, it is among the most direct ways to convey something to another person.  Verbal communication can occur in various forms. One among them is speech.    Giving a clear and comprehensible speech proves most effective in communicating a purposeful message- particularly to a general mass. It is why many use the power, reach, and impact of compelling speech

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160+ Unique Philosophy Topics to Enhance Student Learning

Contrary to the famous myth, crafting a stellar philosophy paper is not a walk in the park. Though the excruciating research process is commonly associated with fields of study like math or chemistry, penning down a stellar philosophy paper equally demands rigorous pre-writing work, additional reading phases and adhering to the strictly established rules. What’s more, to turn in a stellar and exceptional paper, it is also crucial to choose a topic that intrigues you so that you are ready...

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An Ultimate Guide on Writing an Appendix

Your research paper, writing assignment, or presentation will definitely have certain paragraphs or topics that don't fully describe the facts. You'll need to include multiple forms of essay appendix in this case. So how do you make an appendix in paper writing? It is crucial to know what is the point of the appendix before we go through the process of creating one. Read Also: T

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