A 101 Guide to Locate and Use Credible Sources

Several questions can baffle you whenever your professor evaluates your dissertation or your essay. They can ask for the source of certain information or even question the authenticity of the paper. And, word of mouth isn’t certainly enough in these situations. Only valid documents can prove your hard work and do justice to the time you have invested in completing the assignment. And this is true for all students, be it an undergraduate student, a postgraduate, or a research scholar. This...

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What To Do During The Christmas Holidays?

The spirit of Christmas is a feeling that is difficult to describe but easy to feel and recognize. This is the time of the year when everything feels alright, being surrounded the ones we love and the ones who love us. This is the time of presents, treats and everything nice. But is Christmas only about materialistic happiness? No, Christmas is much more than that. The spirit of Christmas is about kindness, generosity, and goodwill toward others.

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How to Critique an Article

The first query that strikes a beginner's mind is – What is an article critique? Now, there are many ways to say it but to put it in a simple way - An article critique is a kind of essay writing in which the author should offers a thorough, objective evaluation of the subject topic. Of course, it will include, at the very least, a synopsis of the material and the author's backgroun

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How to Write a War Essay on Russia - Ukraine War? A Lucid Guide

"Only the dead have seen the end of war. ― Plato War essays are not your regular assignments, neither do they come with the conventional specifications of going about the basics of essay. From briefly explaining the background of the war to elaborating on the major events and root causes of the event – it’s an endless list of critical elements to be evaluated and go about from time to time. Now that you are

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Learn The Standard Essay Format

We are all aware of the different components of essay writing which is researching and structuring. But did you know that there is also this other area called formatting? A good format is necessary to make the essay presentable and correct it academically. In today's post, we will give you a complete guide on how to format essays in different ways to give you a complete idea of how to do it professionally. But before that, let’s explore the significance of

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Louis Sachar’s Holes characters: An Insight into the Plot

Published in the year 1998, Holes, the fifth novel written by the eminent author Louis Sachar, is regarded as the most loved one by children. Holes earned a lot of accolades that include getting nominated for twenty different awards, such as the National Book Award (1998) and a Newbery Medal (1999). The School Library Journal elected the book as the sixth best children’s chapter book of all time in 2012. Further, scholar Laura Nicosia wrote that the book had been classified as &ldq...

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