How to cite a Ted Talk

How to Differently Cite TED Talk?   Do you know why do we need to cite our sources? The answer is simple. Many writers still wonder why citing is an essential element nowadays? Many writers, researchers, and academics know the value of citing something. It's still a question many teachers get asked by students. The most significant reason for this question is that we live in an information economy, where there is the ability to access information quickly.It seems more important than the...

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How to Write a Case Study

Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Case Study   Writing a case study is a pretty common occurrence in colleges and universities. Moreover, various disciplines, such as humanities, law, social sciences, business, engineering, medicine, and the sciences, have incorporated case studies into their folds. Hence, with the help of this blog, you can become an expert at case studies in no time.   What is a Case Study? There is no definite case study definition that en...

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Essay vs Research Paper

Essays vs. Research Papers- What’s The Difference?   Whether you are in middle school, high school, college, or toiling away at university, it is essential to understand that academic writing encompasses crafting unique essays and flawless research papers. Knowing how to compose these pieces is a prerequisite for your educational excellence. Unfortunately, an essay and research paper has numerous similarities. The majority of learners get baffled between the two and compose a rese...

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How To Write An Exceptional Thesis: Guidelines+ Examples

How To Write An Exceptional Thesis: Guidelines+ Examples   Often, the academic writing process is filled with ample stress and apprehension. For students in their last year of study, this comes down to their most important document: the final thesis. Your thesis is the culmination of numerous years of research and the capstone of your PhD. It takes adequate time, energy, and a lot of willpower to get you across the finish line. It’s undeniably not easy- but it doesn’t essen...

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How To Write Discursive Essay

Tips To Uplift Your Ability To Write Discursive Essays   As a student, you are likely to experience several types of essays, which includes discursive essays. If you're hearing the term 'discursive essay' for the first time, this is your golden opportunity to learn how to write one.A discursive essay's primary goal is to present a fair and objective assessment of both sides of an argument. And to do so, you must include all the necessary elements that will make a strong structure.Note tha...

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APA vs MLA: Which Format to Use?

APA vs MLA: Which Format to Use?   There are different types of referencing styles that you can use in your academic papers. Different referencing styles are used to cite different types of academic papers and are widely used to eliminate plagiarism and ensure factual and correct information. This is why references play a vital role in any academic paper that you write, and students should use the correct references in their answers. With this being said, the two most commonly used ref...

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