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Want To Write Essay on "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings"?


A Brief Introduction of "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings"

A very old man with enormous wings is the short story about a man named Pelayo and his wife named Elisenda. The couple in the story found an old man in the courtyard of their house who had wings after killing many crabs in the rainstorm. The man, Pelayo calls his wife and then tries to communicate with the old man but seemed to be quite unsuccessful in the process. After that the couple gets the help of their neighboring woman so that they could better understand about the old man and the woman tells them that the man was actually an angel. Since it was raining for several days, the newborn child of the couple had high fever all the night before Pelayo went to throw away all the killed crabs into the sea so that their courtyard could be cleaned. The neighboring woman also told them that the angel in the form of that old man had come to the house of the couple to help their ailing kid recover from the high fever but as the rains were so hard, the old man had fell down. On the very next day, everyone living around the house of the couple was aware of the fact that an angel was kept captive in the house of Pelayo.

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Story of "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings"

The story then unfolds that the couple watched the old man in the courtyard from their kitchen all the afternoon and then dragged the man from the mud and locked him into the chicken coop wire before they went to bed. Later that night, the couple saw that the child has awaken up without having fever and expressed the desire of having food. The couple got magnanimous to see this. They instantly placed the angle on the raft along with fresh water and left the man on his own fate on the seas. However, when the couple arrived at the courtyard at the very first light of the sawn break, they were astonished to see that everyone in their neighborhood had arrived and having fun with the angel by giving him food to eat as it he was an animal from the circus and not a person having supernatural power. Different people had different opinion concerning the old man or the angel. Some said that he was a wise man sent on the universe to help people while others expressed the opinion that the old man was sent to win over several battles of the world.


Amidst all the discussion of the neighbors of the couple over the old man, Father Gonzaga arrived who was the priest of the place and before that was a woodcutter. The priest wanted to have a close look at the old man and therefore asked the door of the chicken cage to be opened. After having a close look at the man and conversing with him for some time, the priest declared that he was nothing but an imposter in the disguise of a common man. He said that the man was more like a devil who could carry out many tricks to confuse other people. Soon after the priest had given his verdict about the old man, the curiosity of the people in the location arose to a great extent and several people flocked to the courtyard of the couple to take a look at the old man.

The huge mob that started coming to have a look at the old man incited the couple to charge five cents from them each for the purpose. Soon they turned quite rich in the town. However, on the other hand, the priest also tried hard to keep away the crowd from the old man. Soon later, the story unfolds that the crowd in front of the house of the couple started disappearing as there was carnival in the town which boaster of the coming of a spider-girl. It was said that the people visiting to see the girl could communicate with her and she said them that she got transferred into a tarantula after she disobeyed her parents once. This story appeared to be more appealing to the masses in the town as compared to the old man with wings who always kept quite in the cage. However, the couple had benefitted a lot on the arrival of the angel or demon in their courtyard and by using the money that they had accumulated from the people who visited their house to see the old man, they built a mansion of their own. Then they started neglecting the angel and also prevented their child from going closer to the coop where the old man was kept.

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Conclusion of "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings"

After the passage of sometime, the couple no longer was afraid of the angel and allowed him to roam around in the house freely. However, the couple became quite distressed when they found that the old man turned quite sick very often. They had the fear that the man might die. However, one fine day, the man flew away from their house on his own and Elisenda was quite relived after that. There are several magical aspects that have got revealed by the author in this short story like a girl getting transformed into a spider woman and man arriving at the town having wings. This has helped in created quite curiosity and fascination in the minds of reader to hold them until the end of the story. The story however, has failed to offer the correct appearance of the old man as an angel as he looked similar to a normal human being and his body had an extremely bad odor as highlighted by the priest. However, it is also interesting to note in the story that angels always do not come in a heavenly appearance like the old man but at the same time brought food fortune for the couple and their kid. Their child recovered and they also made a mansion owing to the blessings of the old man being portrayed as an angel in the story. The story also unveils the fact that the people in the town preferred some kind of entertainment all the time for which they got carried away from the old man after the arrival of the spider woman in the town.

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