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How to Write Essay on Bartleby Write?



In current era, students frequently experienced issues regarding developing structured assignment which is grammatically correct with appropriate topic content.  These issues are significant amongst students who are migrated from another country and working in part time job while submitting assignment in the university (Ariyanta and Fitriana 2017). In this context, Bartleby is one such  student success hub that is developed by Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. as a fundamental part of the  mission to elevate the lives of the students are frequently subjected struggles regarding research and assignment. It is designed for the students to improve the success rate as well as learning outcome.  The paper aims to discuss Bartleby write in following paragraphs.


Bartleby writes is considered as one of the widely used and successful writing hubs that provide 24/7 stress-free virtual writing for the students.  Students who are moving to other countries frequently encounter challenges in essay writing are lack of confidence, lack of writing skills and plagiarism (Belkhir  and Benyelles 2017). Inability to believe all capability and skills for writing appropriate essays is one of the major challenges experienced by students while writing an essay.  Many students also experience difficulties in writing essays about the topic provided in schools as they do not have adequate knowledge in the subject matter.  Even though topic knowledge is adequate, limited choice of words, wrong wording and misleading knowledge of phrases, poor punctuation resulted in poor construction of  paper that also  resulted in reduced  marks (Haase, Spychalska and Werning 2019). Plagiarism is something that many students are doing because they are unaware of the paraphrasing of every content (Husain et al. 2017).  Therefore students who submit the essay having copied a paragraph from any published research material or blog often encounter academic misconduct from course coordinator or university (Šprajc et al. 2017). In this case, Bartleby writes is all-in-one writing platform or tool that supports students to reduce all these challenges they encounter while writing an essay. For example, Bartleby writes have grammar and spell checker that reduce the issues associated with choice of words, wrong wording and misleading knowledge phrases (Bailey and Trudy 2018). Similarly, plagiarism checker reduces academic misconduct from course coordinator by supporting students to write papers that  have original content (Jereb et al. 2018). The citation of the research papers is another challenge that also increases significant challenge which resulted in poor academic performance (Aistleitner, Kapeller and Steinerberger 2019). This issue cannot be resolved by other hubs, especially one of the popular hubs Grammarly.  Unlike Grammarly, Bartleby writes has a citation tool that supports students to cite in reference in Harvard, APA, Oscola, Chicago and other reference styles.  Hence, students also receive a preliminary score based on all the parameters and tools present in the Bartleby writing in order to understand how paper stacks up (Bartleby writing 2022). Hence, it enables students to build better writing habits, transform papers into academic and structured papers.

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Advantages and Limitation of Bartleby Writing

Apart from Bartleby writing, the Barnes & Noble Education developed Bartleby also developed various other products that support students to gather skills and techniques for building better writing habits and transforming papers into excellent original articles (Mulryan 2017). For example, Bartleby offers Bartleby learn and Bartleby research are two other platforms which enable students to meet demands of today’s university courses and other requirements within allocated deadline of the students.  On the other hand, the major advantage of the program is that it is only writing platform that is available 24/7 with improved artificial intelligence in order to assess student’s ability to write and support them to obtain desired grade (Bartleby writing 2022).  Apart from this advantage, the program provide essay  template  for  outlining the paper In order to develop structure for the academic essay according to the requirements provided by the University. Unlike other products, this platform supports students to use it as a pocket-sized plagiarism checker within 30 minutes in any place and situation without opening laptops or desktops (Bartleby writing 2022). Hence, it can be accessed in any place such as desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Unlike other under-developed programs, other major advantages of the hub are that it provides readability analysis for analysis sentence construction, structure to ensure readers can understand the content of the papers. One-Click Analysis, citation import tool and proprietary paper score are also present   to improve writing compared to other writing hubs such as Chegg Writing and Grammarly Premium cost. On the other hand, it has Q&A library, and subject matter experts on standby 24/7 to provide thorough answers to homework questions.  Other platforms of  this hub ensure that users not only get the correct answer but that they’ll understand how to solve the problem on their own come exam (Aistleitner, Kapeller and Steinerberger 2019). However, common disadvantages are limited human experience and dependency.  For example, Common instances where artificial intelligence mediated Plagiarism checking and contain checking reduce the originality of the paper Because it replaced the word that sometimes has no meaning for often applied in certain situations or events.  Therefore, artificial intelligence sometimes has originality and human flow of writing which is reflected in the content. The second limitation is that many students have specialized disciplines such as engineering, which requires that they communicate in a discipline-specific genre (Aistleitner, Kapeller and Steinerberger 2019). For example, many scientific and discipline-specific terms have no English paraphrased term and hence, plagiarism detected in such areas may reduce readability of papers. In certain cases, replacement of discipline-specific terms using English terms    also change the meaning of whole sentences. Such instances may provide improved proprietary paper scores; it may not have meaning in discipline-specific subjects (Bartleby writing 2022). Hence, these two major challenges are observed in the hub which can be resolved by thoroughly proofreading the papers before submitting them to the university or communicating with the course coordinator. In this way, the students are able to get good marks in university without academic misconduct. 


On a concluding note, it can be said that students frequently experienced issues regarding developing structured assignment which is grammatically correct with appropriate topic content. Students who are moving to other countries frequently encounter challenges in essay writing are lack of confidence, lack of writing skills and plagiarism. In this case, Bartleby writes have grammar and spell checker, One-Click Analysis, citation import tool and proprietary paper score are also present   to improve writing compared to other writing hubs. Hence, it is effective in improving student’s issue.

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