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Essay on "The Farmer" With Professionals


In the present time, in the field of socio-economy, farmers play a significant role. The farmers act as the backbone of our society. They are a vital element of the socio-economic structure. Food items are produced for the community by the farmer. Our state is dependent on cultivation. So the entire population is widely based on the farmer. They provide lots of food on which we are dependable and able to live on earth. However, it is said that the farmers are deprived of their healthy living and do not get actual value for their labour. Farmers play a crucial role in our daily lives because we cannot go ahead and start a new day without them. Farmers are called social friends, this is correct. They are not just men, and they have another identity for their work. They work harvesting different seasonal foods, and agriculture for both animal and human consumption. The peasants are considered livestock of all living things in future. Lack of food the whole world would die slowly and assists in keeping plenty of foods and animal products in the field market.

Importance of farmer

Farmers have practical significance for us in our society. They are those people who are always present to serve our need for food. To live correctly, we have to need good quality. So it is indispensable for the progress of society. These are cultivated cereals, pulses, and various crops like rice, barley, jute, wheat, maize, etc. Those crops, rice and wheat are primarily produced in our country. These crops have paramount importance, and those who cultivate these cereals are of prime importance. In the field of farming, the farmers have several responsibilities, from planting to purchasing crops. Some farmers produce various fruits, which are considered of secondary importance. These types of farmers have to prepare the soil for cultivating different seasonal fruits. Fertilizer of the earth might be increased, and it is seen to use compost. All farmers are seen to work very hard for the sake of getting the most harvesting. But it can be said that farmers don't get a luxurious life in society. The farmers are always present to give their best services according to the requirements of the people. They do everything from their heart and devote their heart and soul to growing crops in the field. General knowledge of the breeding cycle, planting dates and harvesting periods A peasant has to be aware of good knowledge about machines to keep running their needs and optimal order of the people.

Conditions of farmers

Farmers' conditions in India are indeed very critical and not good. It is noticed ib the news that many farmers have to be compelled to commit suicide for not getting the expected consequences. Sometimes they cannot earn adequate money that is not sufficient for living. So every month or week, they commit suicide. They are cheated and do not get enough money. In this issue, the middlemen are most beneficial as they earn a large amount, and the farmers have to do nothing. The children of the farmers are having trouble going to school due to a lack of sufficient money. They cannot fulfil their aims for these obstacles. Thus the situation turns into a terrible situation and makes the situation so worse that they have no food daily. Without food they work from day to night, they don't comp[romise in the quality of food. It pushes them to starvation. As a result, the peasants are compelled to choose suicide.


On the other hand, global warming is another reason for creating this worst situation that hurts them. Day by day, global warming is increasing and negatively influences the farmers and their work. It is seen that seasons are coming late from their exact time due to global warming. Seasonal crops have the correct time for sowing harvesting and ripening. Still, it is becoming delayed due to global warming, and the farmers have to wait for harvesting, and the producing crops are not full of nourishments. To produce it requires proper soil, air,  rain and sunlight for growing the best yields. The peasants are dependable on the weather. It is seen that the present climate is changing, which is not fit for crops and is being destroyed. Thus the peasants have to face a massive amount of loss. Due to the drought and storms, the calamities have a terrible effect on cultivation and the farmers. If you are confused about how to choose proposal essay topics, then get help from's expert.


To save the peasants from committing suicide Government is hardly trying to give them numerous privileges. The governor has rescued the farmers from loans. The governor starts it to pay a pension of Rs. 6000 annually. It has positive aspects for earning a good amount of money from the profession. To fulfil their aim, the government has taken another important step related to education that is a fundamental right for the children and has given them reservations. It is a grateful and excellent decision because, without education, no society can attain its success and country. These quotes for the farmers give assurance about their bright future and their children by providing education opportunities. Every child should come in the shade of education to not be deprived of getting a better, luxurious life.And You should check plagiarism of your essay and take essay assignment help.

It can be said that farming is an effort and extensive labour that is very important for producing crops. It helps effectively to the growth of the economy of the country. Farmers are considered as assets of society as well as the government. They should be given respect, and great value as social friends. They cultivate various types of crops in the field all day to serve us a luxurious lifestyle. They are the primary source of our food items. It is essential to solving the massive problem. In the current century, it is a huge problem that many farms attempt suicide because of the proper value of their vegetable and fruits. The people and the governor have to be active in saving and help the farmers t them, and we can not survive.


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