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A Brief Introduction of A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell

In the year 1917, ‘A Jury of Her Peers’ was written by Susan Glaspell. Anwar, Bayer and Hjalmarsson (2019) stated that the story has been written based on the murder of John Hossack in 1900. The journal has been formed based on the feminist literature. In this literature,  the female characters have been highlighted s powerful source for solving mysteries. The journal has also concentrated towards reflecting women psychology. The plot of the story has been started based on the investigation of John Wright's murder. The purpose of this journal is to focus on reflecting the character of two women who have realized that Minnie can never receive the trial from people who will even try to understand her. The study has been formulated by formulating jury, where the peers of Minnie has focused on understanding the action and judging her in a justified manner.

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It is a one act play that has been adopted from Trifles. The story has been formulated based on actual murder case trial of Margaret Hossack. In this case she has been found guilty for the death of her husband John. It is a detective story and the plot has been designed based on the crime scene. In order to represent the plot as realistic manner of body of a man lying in bed has been represented with a rope around his neck. Anwar, Bayer and Hjalmarsson (2019) stated that The prime suspect in this murder case is John's wife. The follow-up of the investigation of this murder case has been represented under the supervision of country attorney.

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Summary of A Jury of Her Peers

There are mainly three characters whom we can present as Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale and Minnie Foster / Mrs. Wright.  In the play it can be stated that Mrs. Peters endures one of the most captivating transformations in her character through the story. Initially she was presented as a gentle as well as submissive character. With the progress of the story, it is found that with her sharp-eyed observations along with intuitive she is able to find the key details and clues of the cases. However Anwar, Bayer and Hjalmarsson (2019) stated that finally it is found that she feels indebted to different so called societal rules as well as expectations to the concerned gender. Her intuitive mind as well as observations in the case was blurred by fear that she might be overstepping from her limited role in the case.


Chakravarti  (2021) stated that Another interesting character in the story is Mrs. Hale. She shows a strong feeling of empathy throughout. In the play when all other characters are busy and focusing on minute details of committed crime it is found that Mrs. Hale found emotional connection with victim’s wife namely Minnie Foster. Anwar, Bayer and Hjalmarsson (2019) stated that Even though Mrs. Hale is similarly intelligent and attentive as Mrs Peters but she also shows a human face with empathy. With the traditional gender expectations, it is usually found that women are placed in inferior positions, but with Mrs. Hale’s example it can be mentioned how women naturally hold a number of overlooked talents/skills with their empathetic nature.


Finally, we can talk about Minnie Foster. Herrera Medalle (2018) stated that  From the story its different details as well as character perspectives it is estimated that Minnie Foster was in an abusive relationship and also a victim of the same.  Cahyani (2019) stated that From the different collected evidences by Mrs. Hale/ Mrs. Peters it was uncovered and demonstrated that Minnie was afraid of her late husband and due to the abusive relationship, she also lost the control over her life due to the abuses.


Gomes (2018) stated that While male characters in the story found dismay of Minnie’s home as one of the signs that marks her as a failing wife, on the contrary Mrs. Hale and the other investigator were able to the understand the messy house as one of the reflections of troubled mental state of the Wife. Tayler (2019) stated that With the abusive marriage and its impact of Minnie, it was clear that Minnie lacked outward emotion over the death of the husband and finally provides motive for the murder.


In this story, the irony is, here various male characters have been reflected those have continuously belittled the female characters. In this study, the female characters have seemingly insignificant domestic chores like cooking and sewing. The author has concentrated towards representing the domestic pleasantries. In the summarization of the study, the author has concentrated on Martha. Iftikhar and Shah (2019) stated that in the first few sections of the study, the author has concentrated towards establishing important setting of the context. Martha has been represented as protagonist. In this study, Anwar, Bayer and Hjalmarsson (2019) stated that Martha is a farmer’s wife. The concept of sexism has been represented. In this story, strong male dominance has been represented in this study. Here, the male characters have provided instructions to Martha. Maechling (2019) opined that Martha has participated in this study in the appearance based judgment where other characters have been represented. The study has also reflected the physical differences between Mr. and Mrs. Peter. The theme of this story has concentrated towards exploring the concept of good and bad. In this study the major conflict is the law VS justice that has been established by the author.


In the summarization of this story, it has been found that the study has clearly reflected the women psychological dominance. In order to represent the investigation process the involvement of women has been referred. In this story the author has focused towards representing both male and female characters. The plot has been represented with clear elements and in a 30 minute film the entire story has been represented.

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