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what is marriage


Marriages are very significant for the couple in society for procreation as well as building one family

Marriages always rend to make the people take more responsibility as well provide security and assurance. This helps to develop the cooperation between the people by making the relationship stronger.
Marriage is a universal phenomenon. This has been the backbone of human civilization and humans are having the urges such as sex, hunger, and thirst. People in society work out some of the rules and regulations for satisfying these urges. This is through the establishment of the sanctioned and controlled marital relation, which the families come into being. The institutionalized form of these types of sex relations is known as marriage. This can be considered as part of the institution of the family. Family and marriage are the two vital aspects of social reality. Without family, no prevention of culture and species could be there and no family could be there without marriage. Our customer care agents are available round the clock to guide you. If you have queries when you come to buy essays from us, feel free to call us or connect through our chat options.

Marriages always ensure the biological need and satisfaction, which is sex as well as the psychological satisfaction, which having children on an individual plane. On a wide plane, marriage ensures the survival of the various culture and species. Marriage can be discussed from various perspectives. For starting with, the human baby needs a considerable time for being self-reliant and mature.
The rules and the regulations of marriage that deal with the regulations of the sex life of the humans are always dealt with in the marriage institution. Marriage is like the institution of the family. All the institutions are very significant for society. Marriages also regulate human sex life. Marriage also makes the collaboration and understanding between two person and their families as well. Marriage in not about two persons. The entire family of the bride and groom are also involved in this system and in some marriages, hundreds of people are invited so that they can witness the wedding of two persons. is right here to send across well-knit, unique essays & Scholarship Essay Topics & Critical Essay Topics on a plethora of critical topics. From the Pandemic to Politics; you name it, we have it.

Marriages create new reciprocal rights and social relationships between the two persons. This also establishes the status and rights of children when those children are born. Society follows the specific process to create rights and relationships. Society also prescribes the rules for the prescriptions, preferences, and prohibitions in the deciding marriages. This is the institution through which humans sustain the continuity of the race as well as attain satisfaction in the recognized manner in society. 

Various functions of the marriage are there

Marriage is the institutionalized relationship within the family system. This fulfills several functions, which are attributed to those families. The functions of the families include the basic status ascriptions, tension management, personality formation, replacement of the members, socialization, reproduction, stabilization of the adults, and economic cooperation. All these functions in families are enhanced by marriage. Marriages are very vital for the well-being of human beings. Many types of research show that married persons are happier, less depressed, less disturbed, and depressed and they are very less prone to premature deaths than unmarried persons.  
The functions of the marriage system always significantly differ as the marriage structure differs. For instance, where the marriage is the extension of the extended and kin family system, then the procreation and continuation of the family property and passing of the family name have become the basic function. When marriage is based on the free choice that is the kinsmen and parents play no such role while selecting the spouse or partners and the people are forced as per the significance. Marriages have several significant functions and this also involves several negative and positive aspects. The positive aspects can be companionship, elimination of loneliness, economic security, love, having children, and happiness. The negative aspect of not marrying anyone can be loneliness, not having children, less economic security, and so on. 

When the percentage of marriages will be high, then the needs of the people will be also met increasingly. Several forms of marriages are also there. Society evolved the method and mannerism for the selection of the bride and groom as per the peculiar political condition and socio-economical condition and as per the level of the advancement of the culture. It also explains the origin of the various types of marriages and the differences among the marriages and the attitudes of the society to marriage. Some of the people in society have accepted marriages as the contractual arrangements between the bride and grooms when others of the society have hold marriage as a sacred union between women and men. Various types of marriages vary from one society to another. Marriages are divided into two categories such as polygamy and monogamy. 

Polygamy is the type of marriage, where many or several people marry together

This is one type of marriage, where one man can marry two or more than two women or one woman can marry two or more than two men. In this type of marriage, the partners are known as polygamy. Polygamy marriage is highly controlled and regulated. This is supported by the values and attitudes of both sexes.
Polygamy marriages have several variations and forms such as polygyny, group marriage, and polyandry. Polygamy can cause due to several reasons such as disproportion of the sexes in the overall population, hypergamy, out-migration of the male population, economic reason, social status, desire for the male child, more children, enforced celibacy, variety of the sex relation, religious reason, absence of children and patriarchal society. This type of marriage helps in increasing the number of children in society and the senior wives have the privileges and power. This type of marriage also has several disadvantages such as lower status of women, low economic status, uncongenial atmosphere, and fragmentation of property. 

Another type of marriage is monogamy, which is the form of marriage, wherein for a given period, one man will have only one relationship with one woman. One person can build a relationship with another woman or man when their spouse will die or will seek divorce. Otherwise, they cannot have two relationships together, which will be against the marital rules and regulations. This one-to-one relationship between the two people is the civilized and modern way of living. In most societies, this type of marriage is found. When monogamy does not achieve stability, a specific married person can end their relationship and they can remarry with another person. In this way, the second wife or husband cannot live with the first spouse.
Various advantages are there of this type of marriage such as in this marriage, women and men can adjust with each other properly and this marriage will form the better adjustment among two persons. This will also provide greater intimacy between the two persons as they can have a deep and friendly relationship. This will also provide equal status to the women. In this case, if the husband works and the wife take care of the home or both can work will make the economic condition stronger. This type of marriage also helps in controlling the population in big countries such as China, India, and the United States. This will also give the better standard of living. This type of marriage also has several disadvantages such as childlessness, adultery, monopoly, and so on. If you want pro proofreaders, should be your ultimate choice. We are waiting for your instructions so that our highly experienced essay proofreaders can blow your mind. 


There is also another type of marriage, which falls under Polygamy such as group marriage, which is one type of marriage, where a group of women marries a group of men. In this type of marriage, all the women are considered as the wife of every male person in the group and all the men are considered as the husband of each woman in the group. Such type of marriages is found in African and New Guinea tribes.

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