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Absolute Power Corrupts

A Brief Introduction

‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’- this means that when a person gets power over other persons that excess power makes that person corrupt. In addition, Morally it destroys their nature and fills them with pride which makes them corrupt. In case an individual is able to save themself from this kind of abusive use of power that individual can be treated as a humble person. The phase is attributed to Lord Acton. The original statement means that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely. However, Lord Acton was not the primary originator of the phase. The primary originator was an English Politician known as William Pitt the Elder and he said in the parliament that the ultimate power corrupt the mindset of those who possess it. Higher power comes with higher responsibility but often people forget those responsibilities and use the absolute power in their favour. The port Muzahudual Raza from Bangladesh provides a beautiful explanation of the concept of power and corruption. As per his explanation that when an individual gets his desire and power and become a powerful person it is a high chance that the person wants more. In addition, without using the person for the welfare of others they might use it in his or her development of progress. The situation can be seen easily in the surrounded every, especially in the politics.  Excess of anything is not desired and acceptable and absolute power change an individual’s thinking and impacts his or her morality. It impacts the belief system of an individual and they started to think of themself as more powerful full people to control others that inflaming the thinking of corruption. Instead of doing good for others, they started to think about them first. For doing so people can also conduct illegal works they lose their morality they forget their value and they think it is fair to be unethical and to think about themself first as they have supreme power. 

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In addition, absolute power comes with many responsibilities. In case someone is able to save them from the glamour and to be the authority of the source of power then they will not be corrupted or use their power against people. However, it becomes difficult for many of them to stay away from the idea of corruption and select the path of morality and value. The power and the money provide the strength to an individual they want to grow more and more. The person who can save themself from these is able to find a different path for them. In the modern world, it is difficult to select a different part that is out of the glory. In the process of being a powerful person, the richest person has the strongest purpose and meaning of life forgotten by humans which is happiness. The act of gratitude, compassion and empathy is the source of happiness and good health. The focus only on self-interest, power and feelings impact the human relationship and narrow the space of human society. For that reason to keep a balance in society, a person needs to get limited power which is only and actually required by that person to maintain the societal balance and policy.  This will help to limit the tendency of corruption which can be led by absolute power. In society when a person knows he is the one in one and there is no other person to control him then he becomes fearless. For that reason, there always needs to have certain limitations in the power for the welfare of the society and the development of people. It is necessary to develop harmony and trust among people. However, it is something that needs to come out inside from people. They need to be on the path of honesty and morality which comes with practice. The thing people needs to remember is that unethical works, corruption, illegal activity can not be hidden for a long time. It is such a kind of activity that needs huge planning, and programming to hide from the outer world that making the whole process complex. They have to pay charges because of small mistakes and their reputation can be impacted and their activities can be questioned.

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It is advisable to stay away from any mind of corruption that comes with power or without power to live a happy and healthy life. It reduces stress and anxiety that leads to a successful life and bring respect for people. Doing good for others is a kind of feeling that helps to feel happy provide inner peace. The thinking and influence of corruption may come with absolute power therefore people need to avoid it in case people have no control over their thinking and activities. Otherwise, once they get into the habit of misuse of their power then it will be difficult to control it in the future. In society, one can find so many examples of such misuse of power. For that, human behaviour needs to change, the human mindset needs to change. With only the laws and regulations it is not possible to control corruption in society.  It is necessary to use the power in the development of people and the society so that people can get the benefits and equality maintain. In addition, it does not provide absolute power in hands of one especially those who are not capable to fulfil those responsibilities. It is expected to have a good relationship among people in the society and must not abuse others, especially the weak people by the rich and powerful. In addition, the people who follow the path of good and healthy and do not drive away with the power and money will get the ultimate success in life. They get the reputation and the value from other people. It is the ultimate goal of a person to serve and help each other to make the world a  better place to live. It is accepted form all and maintain by all. 

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