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A Brief Introduction of Black Boy by Richard Wright

Introducing the term, it can be relatable to the way individuals of colour and the oppression that they experienced in terms of government and administrations demonstrating their inclination towards suppressing them. The book written by Richard Wright named “Black Boy” is based on men of colour who experiences oppression in the form of them being identified as stupidity, laziness, ugly stereotypes and carelessness. The term Black Boy is a representation of men being identified as boy because they are not given that respect or support in terms of their personality. Stereotyping men in terms of their skin colour is something that is reflective of the way they are treated in a certain environment and by their peers.

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The term “Black Boy” is a harsh and judgemental approach for any individual who is black and their journey towards an experience that is difficult, oppressive and tortured. The term is representation of racial identity of an individual as well as it reflects the practises of racism against young African-American boys and men trying to survive. The concept of charging an individual based on the colour of their skin is called racial discrimination and the term black boy in itself is a racial terminology that is used to define individuals of colour. The conflict that is observed among individuals of colour often comes from the oppression the experience in the society based on class, background, culture and skin colour. Their intelligence and individualism are not considered when they are treated by the society, where majority of the human experience and treatment is based on the interpretation that white people develop. This sometimes leads to black individuals developing stubborn nature not aligning with the way the society wants them to behave as well as facing physical and psychological torture on the way.

Story of “Black Boy” 

The book “Black Boy” is a novel written by Richard Wright is an autobiography that reflects his journey across his childhood and young adult-hood in Chicago. As a child, the suffering of being hungry all the time, experiencing racist treatment, beatings, psychological torture as well as physical conflicts are some of the issues that he had to face. The internal and external conflicts in the novel was clearly visible in terms of the authors narration of his perspective towards society and the need for survival. The external conflicts that the boy had to face were conspicuous in terms of his father not taking their financial responsibility, conflicts with the gang as well as his family relatives trying to keep him in place by constantly hitting him. The absence of a father figure in his life, feeling hungry all the time, a gap between emotional relatedness with his mother and other family members are the internal conflicts that make Richard who he is. As an individual, he is going through a lot in terms of psychological and physical transformation throughout his childhood and adulthood leading to him trying to make the most of every situation. With the growing of his age, he became more emotional in terms of the educational and financial constraints that people of colour faced each and every day in the society. The way he experienced oppression in his workplace also reflected on other external conflicts that did not supported individuals of colour (Wright 2000). This is a representation of the society that is already partial of an individual in consecutive of his qualifications, capabilities and talents due to his heritage and cultural background.


The insecurities present in individuals who are black due to the social insecurities and oppression is observed in the term “Black Boy” considering the society considers people who are black are immature. Violence is an issue that has been identified as a common element in life of individuals of colour and to justify its purpose in terms of their identity, their shortcomings, their position and other social psychological factors. As an individual of colour, often people have to face partiality in terms of unavailability of reading books, not being allowed into certain educational institution, not allowed to work in certain organisations, not allowed to live in certain areas of a city and others (Ng and Lam 2020). The concept of mob lynching, severe beating and forceful arrest or other aspects of being punished for being a black boy that’s what is an endless cycle of white against black. The interactions between the white and black reflected in the novel of Wright in forms of an era where endless efforts by individuals of colour does not impact positively in terms of development in the black community as well as effective implementation of preventing violence against them. The concept of Equality is evaluated in terms of the class, the background, the cultural inclinations and morality against the black people especially from the interaction of the white people. The injustice that has been experienced by black people over the years is the representation of the way they have been treated by white people. The concept of all men and women are created equal is something that has not been practised by white people and this has led to degrading treatment towards African Americans making them feel inferior to the rest of them. In American colonies, most of the laws have been created in terms of treating black people as members of different trees that is inferior to them thus, identifying them as slaves. This journey of individuals has often been a reflection of a wide gap between the practices of equality and justice (Assari 2018).


Finally, it can be concluded that the Black Boy term reflects that the struggle that people are going through is something that is highly environmental and based on struggles, both mental and physical. The racial acts which inform of the way black people are segregated and racism is practiced against them to inequality and injustice. The concept of basic human rights, facilities and advantages of individuals in terms of being citizens of a certain country was something that was completely practised against in terms of Black Boy as the defining representation. The concept of public discrimination has been clearly observed in the novel the Black Boy reflecting on the dramatic perception of the fact that individuals of colour are often going through difficult time due to the inequality practiced against them leading to internal and external conflicts.

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