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The Child Is The Father Of The Man Essay


In the year 1802, the phrase “Child is the father of the man” originated, and since that time it has been used very popularly. A renowned British poet mentioned the phrase firstly in his poems and he has mentioned it in relation to his childhood as well as adulthood. In the poem a feeling was expressed by him towards a rainbow when he was a child and the same feeling was also experienced by him in his manhood too. A British romantic poet William Wordsworth has written the phrase “the child is the father of the man” in his poem “The Rainbow” which is also called “My heart leaps up”. Wordsworth wrote this poem on 26th march 1802 in his house Dive Cottage, Grasmere during the night-time. The poem “The Rainbow” contains the phrase “the child is the father of the nation” and was published in the year 1807 in two volumes as part of poems. The poem is of nine lines and in the poem, he has expressed the feeling that when he was a child, he always felt joy and happiness while spotting a rainbow and his feeling continued till his adulthood. He means to indicate that the same joy and happiness were spotted in a rainbow during his adulthood. In his poem “the child is the father of the man” is the most important line that has mentioned by Wordsworth where it tries to give the message that the quality inculcated by anyone as a child or the quality that is given preference during childhood stays with that person throughout their life with the same feeling. Hence, a face change version of childhood is adulthood and it can be said that the ideas and thoughts of a man are built from his own childhood therefore, it will be correct to say that “the child is the father of the man”.




“The child is the father of the man” can be interpreted in several ways all over the world by poets and philosophers. The qualities of a man are inculcated in his childhood have been the most popular interpretation. As childhood comes before adulthood and the latter is a progressive stage of the former so it is said that “the child is the father of the man”.


The psychological connection between childhood and manhood helps in understanding the real meaning of the phrase in a better way and it is also said that all the present thoughts, psychology, and beliefs are carried in man from his childhood. When a person has an affinity towards anything suppose nature then that person will carry that affinity towards that nature till, he becomes a man and also until he is alive. In other words, the feeling and affection of childhood remain forever. Therefore, William Wordsworth tried to convey the same feeling and emotions through his poem. The phrase also has another expression and the expression of the proverb is that it does not matter what the age of the man is but there will be a part in him that will always be a child that is a child who wants to stay merry will always want to laugh. If anyone wants to enjoy the beauty of nature by sitting quietly then that person will prefer doing that in his manhood too. If anyone wants to meet his friends during his leisure time and wants to enjoy them in his manhood too, he will prefer the same thing. If some person wants to love and be loved and also wants to hope then in his adulthood also, he will give preference to those things. If any person has lost his childhood in an unfortunate way, then it is better for him to die rather than live an upsetting life. It is suggested to man to never lose himself in a busy and dirty city atmosphere as this will lead to tiredness and it can also make him feel alone and frustrated. Therefore, how mature a man becomes, it is important that he should be a child at heart.




Therefore, “the child is the father of the man” indicates that a man is only improved physically and it is the physically improved version of a child. From the psychological point of view, all things remain the same. Hence, the “the child is the father of the man” phrase is used in many other contexts. From time to time it is quoted widely by thinkers, writers, and even common persons. The phrase gives the message that every man remains a child by heart no matter what age he has attained. The preferences and psychology present in him are inherited in a man since his childhood. The starting point of a man’s psychological heritage is the child and philosophically a child is also the origin of a man. Hence, the child is indeed the father of the man. In anyone’s life childhood is the most important and significant stage of life. It is very difficult to change the habits and preferences of a man that he has gathered in his childhood. The way he acquired his life, and the pattern of behaviour established during that period are very hard to change. The interests developed for something, the values adopted as a child remains unchanged and this is also reflected in later life also. Thus, it is important to nourish childhood with love and care. The opportunities should also be provided to the child inside us for cherishing the world. From each small thing, time should be taken out for seeking pleasure. Hence, childlike desires should be fulfilled as that can only help in rejoicing our lives at a later age also. Thus, it can be clearly stated that “the child is the father of the man”.


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