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Know the Best About the Generation Gap Online


The natural gap between generation is the result of age differences

The major issue related to generation gap occurs when the current trends and thinking gaps occurs between people. In other words, age is one of the major reasons for generation gap. Children are generally found that they are grown ups and it helps them to obtain self-esteem. The perspective of different person is different. Students like to write compare and contrast essays as they find it easy to demonstrate their creativity. At the same time, they find it challenging to choose good essay topic that will make their essay remarkable. is right here to send across well-knit, unique essays on a plethora of critical topics. From the Pandemic to Politics; you name it, we have it.
The point of view for a same thing are different for a child and their parents. Due to generation gap he main issue that occurs is misunderstanding and conflict. Due to different perspectives misunderstanding commonly occurs. Ability is a major factor in generation gap. At the same time technical ability is equally important. 

Generation gap 

The culture, societal practices, style of dressing everything is changing with time. whenever the thinking between two people from different age group clashes. Generation gap issue occurs. This problem is mostly occurred between the children and their parents. The parents talk about issues that may raise tension between the teenagers and their parents such as boundaries and trust, fight among siblings, homework etc.  according to some teenagers their parents need to give more freedom to them by showing more trust. However, the teenagers also know that, their parents are just concern about their safety and security. We are waiting for your instructions so that our highly experienced essay proofreaders can blow your mind.
The culture during the childhood of the parents is completely changed now. People are generally influenced by the surrounding society. The surrounding society is changing with every passing single day. Our essay proofreaders always put in their concentration into the work. They are very much efficient at checking and detecting all the errors from a copy.
Generation gap is usually defined as a term given to the age difference between two sets of people, the older people and the young people. It is especially found between the children and their parents. With changing time everything changes such as- mannerism, morality, culture and age. Everyone gets affected with the changes. Both teenagers and older people get affected with the changes.

Generation gap is determined as an endless phenomenon of the society

This is a global problem. Every generation have their own values, point of views and culture. Such a way every generation lives their own values, culture and views. It is definite that the values, vulture and manner cannot be same for all generation. 
The main challenge occurs when every generation tries to uphold the values and views, they believe and they live in. This is an unsolvable problem continuously running from ages. People born in different condition in different time. The condition and views are different, based on circumstances, the people have gone through. According to time the life pattern of people is also changing.
Every person has the right to live as well as behave their own way. They are not supposed to compromise with their values and believes. However sometime they need to comprise because of differences in attitude and understanding between the older generation and the younger generation. The problem is becoming serious day by day. This gap has not started impacting the lives of both younger and older people from different generation. 
It is always necessary to hold a wider views, opinions and ideas. Wider view, opinion and ideas indicates development and advancement of people with time. However, sometimes it causes problem when the ideas are not accepted by both the older generation and younger generation. Parents always create a different image for their child in mind. The parents are mostly found that, they wish to bring up their child according to their believes, trust and values. Parents mostly wishes that their children should act based on their believe and values. They also feel that it will benefit the children always.
Sometimes it is true but sometimes it is found wrong as well. Due to excessive care sometimes, children forget that they must have their own identity. Parents should allow their children to live their life the way they wish to but under their guidance not pressure. Sometimes adopting new values, believes and practices become difficult but the parents should at least understand that things and changing. If they understand this thing then automatically the problems with generation gap will be diminished. 
Whenever children refuse to accept and adopt the traditional values the problems with generation gap occurs. They are always found to do things the way they want. Some of them also refuses to follow the basic rulebooks. During adolescence, mostly children experience the conflict because at that period of time they always search for their own identity. If the parents fail to understand the demand of the first paced world, then generation gap problems and conflict occur. Due to lack of communication and understanding the relationship of the children and parents also faces lots of problems. In this world there is no relationship which is as beautiful as parent-children.
The relationship must be delicately cultivated


Understanding from both the sides is important. In order to overcome the challenges of generation gap the gap must be bridged first. It cannot be said that older generation is always or the younger generation is right. The believe and values of both the generation are victorious according to them. Thus, both generations need to understand the accept values rom each other to develop a stronger relationship. Both generations need to change their mindset and come into a middle point to avoid conflicts. 
In order to avoid the problem, both should understand each other’s values and opinion.

Communication is the best tool to be used to bridge the generation gap. Vacations, picnic, shopping time, watching movies together are the different ways through parents and children can spent time together. both should respect each other’s opinion and believes. The generation gap is occurring as a serious problem due to the rapidly changing society. With the help of trust, love and affection the gap can be bridged and it is the responsibility of both the generations. Both older and younger generation should have mutual respect for each other’s values, believes and opinion they uphold. 
Generation gap also occurs due to the differences of ideologies. Generation gap problem is not at all healthy for society. The gap cannot be completed eliminated it will move on with changing time but the width of the gap can be reduced with proper opinion sharing and healthy communication. Maintaining peace as well as harmony has also become a major problem due to the generation gap problem. It complicates relationship between the older people and the younger people. If it is found that someone is failing to understand the opinion then he/she mist be explained the though once again calmly. Everyone should be open to new opinion and values. Any issue between the people from two generation occur, then that has to be discussed properly to avoid future conflicts and misunderstandings. 


 Generation gap problem is created by the human itself from different generation. It is not necessary that a person who is elder will always show the correct direction. At the same time being adult does not mean that one can live their life anyhow without any rules and regulation. Parents should give some space to their children similarly children should respect the opinion and values of their parent. Both need to share their ideas and opinion with each other to avoid possible conflicts. Respecting individual’s value is very essential to live a healthy life. There are no specific strategies that can prevent the problem of generation gap but it can be avoided to some extent. One should improve his or her communication and style of communication. one should not conclude any terminology. One should adopt changes with time.

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