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Save The Tree And Forest


Forests are very significant to survive on the earth

Forests are important for human and animal lives as they provide food, shelter, fuel, oxygen, and other means of the livelihood of tribal people, who lives in the forest areas. This is the home of 80% of the biodiversity of the earth, which fulfills the needs for the adjacent settlement of the human. Everything from oxygen humans and animals breathes to wood that is used from the fuel for use in the construction comes from the forests. This is the self-nourishing system that is the hist to the various number of the organisms. The ecosystem of the forest includes the non-biotic and biotic components. 

Forest is the house for the many living things. This is a significant resource that is provided by nature. The living organism in the forest is interdependent on the other's life. Life in the forests is also governed by the factors such as sunlight, water, and air. Various types of plants are there in the forest such as tress, shrubs, and herbs depending on the climate and weather of any specific region. Plants also make their own food by the process of photosynthesis as well as animals are depended on other animals and plants for food. Sometimes the plants also depend on the animals for the processes such as seed dispersal and pollination. Forests are also spreading over large areas in the world. Forest can be categorized as evergreen, deciduous, partly evergreen, tropical as well as dry forest based on the types of the presented tress and the climate conditions. Forests comprise non-living elements like ponds, lakes, rocks, soil, and so on. Forest is always defined as the area, which is forming the ecosystem. Forest also provides humans the livelihoods, food, water, fuel security, and shelter. All the activities involve the forests indirectly or directly. People and animals get several things from trees or forests such as fruits, wood, paper, trees, shelter, and so on. The by-product, which goes into the daily necessary items such as detergents, cosmetics, and medicines are also produced by the trees. If you have queries when you come to buy essay from us, feel free to call us or connect through our chat options.

There are several aspects of the biotic elements such as trees, plants, vines, mosses, grasses, shrubs, insects, fungi, reptiles, algae, microorganisms, birds, amphibians, and mammals.

Four key layers are there in the forest such as:

  • Emergent layer: This is the tallest tree in the forest that is around 200 feet from the emergent layer. The trees get the sunlight and have broad leaves.
  • Understory Layer: In this layer, sunlight can not reach the layer and falls under the canopy layer and therefore, the plants in the forest develop the larger leaves for absorbing this.
  • Canopy layer: This is the layer below the emergent layer. This is thickened by the maze of the smooth oval branches and leaves. This is the key layer of the forest.  
  • Forest floor: In this layer, sunlight can not reach the layer, and therefore, this is humid and dark in the forest floor layers. This offers a rich source for the regrowth of the fungus. Decay of dead animals, dead leaves, and branches in the layer.

Forests have great significance to mankind. Some of the significances of forests are as follows:

  • Forests help to maintain the water cycle on the earth. The plants in the forests absorb the water from the soil through the roots of the tress. This process of releasing the excess water by the plants into the environment in the form of the vapor of water is also known as transpiration. This process where the water vapor from the oceans, which rises as well as condenses for forming the clouds, and this process is known as condensation. The process of moving the clouds to the land because of the breeze in the sea is known as precipitation and this also leads to rainfall.
  • All the processes form the water cycle together and therefore, the forest plays a vital role to continue the water cycle on the earth.
  • Forests help to maintain the level of oxygen and the temperature of this environment or the atmosphere. Trees release oxygen during their photosynthesis as well as consumes carbon dioxide. Forests are the huge reserve of trees and plants and play a vital role to balance the level of oxygen in the air.
  • Forests help to prevent global warming and the effect of global warming. The maximized amount of the greenhouse gas or carbon dioxide gas in the environment results in the effect of the greenhouse gas and therefore, it causes global warming on earth.
  • Forests help in preventing the erosion of soil. Trees in the forest help in holding the particles of the soil strongly with the roots of the trees as well as prevent the soil from erosion.

Forests provide a sustainable environment for making the environment proper for the animals to survive

This is the home for hundreds of species such as crocodiles, turtles, butterflies, snakes, insects, monkeys, and birds including other wild animals. Forest also provides the ecosystem for animals for thriving. The Forest floor layer is the rich medium for the microorganisms that are vital for dead matter conversion into nutrients. This is also the home for the indigenous people who are only depended on the forest for their living. Polysynthesis is the vital function of the tress for generating energy and food. Trees, shrubs, and plants absorb the carbon dioxide from the environment during the day as well as releases oxygen. The acre of the mature trees provides oxygen for approx. 18 people. They act as the great lungs, which purify the air in the environment by removing the level of carbon dioxide as well as maintaining the level of oxygen, which people and animals breath every day. Girls are also much more loving and caring towards their parents. Quick and reliable automated essay typer tool, it'll take just few minutes to generate a unique essay.

Forests provide the green cover that absorbs the radiation of the sun as well as keeps the temperature of the atmosphere down. Forests also regulate the temperature of the environment through the breeze and evapotranspiration. They also promote rainfall, which helps to maintain the cool climate as well as the water table. Deforestation has a negative impact on the environment, which causes the temperature of the earth to rise significantly.

Broken branches and dead leaves of the trees are converted into the soil through the process of decomposition and the conversion also enriches the soil with various nutrients. The microorganism present in the soil also converts the biodegradable elements to simple particles, which are used by the tress again. Some plants have very strong roots, which hold the soil in case of flood or landslide in the hilly areas. Uncontrolled erosion of soil can cause soil fertile in order to barren the conditions.

Forests have a significant element in the process of the water cycle 

Forests regulate the precipitation, condensation, and evaporation of water. Forests nourish the aquafers and replenish the supplies of groundwater. Forests are very rich in trees, plants, and herbs of medicinal value. The seeds, leaves, extracts, and barks from the trees and plants treat the various diseases while being non-toxic to the human and animal body. Some of the examples of medicinal trees and plants are curare, wild yams, rosy periwinkle, Calabar bean, samambaia, quinine, and extracts of the willow trees.

Forests also provide the various economic benefits and also offers various things to the human being. All the elements of the tree include the bark, stem, leaves, root, seeds or branches have vital usage. Forests also provide wood, timber, fruits, vegetables, and other raw materials that have vital economic value.

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