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Confuse About How to Start Writing Jasmine Michael Jordan Essay?


A Brief Introduction of Jasmine Michael Jordan


Jasmine Michael Jordan was born on December 7, 1992 in Chicago Illinois. She is the daughter of Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan. She has two older brothers Jeffrey and Marcus and after her parents got divorced in 2006 her father had married model Yvette Prieto in 2013. Through this, Jordan had also given to younger half twin sisters. She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in sports management. Jasmine Jordan also gave birth to Michael Jordan‘s grandchild in 2019 May. She also shared a very loving note about her new-born son on Instagram. She works as an executive for a fathers brand. She is currently engaged to Rakeem Christmas who she had met while she was at Syraruse University before her husband had started playing in the NBA from 2015 2017. They had decided to have a wedding in the autumn. She has stated that the wedding plans were still on track and they were working for it and they hope that they will get going. She talked about her role in the company of her father during an interview with rolling out. As per Jasmine she is the liason between the brand as well as the athletes. Her work pertains to her making sure that the players get every single facility from footwear to costume to be successful on the court and also to be fashionable when they are not on the court. She also makes sure that they have custom colour ways for particular games and she explained that the deal with the entire photo shoots as well as a pre-appearances and advertisements and make sure that they are all on schedule. She also stated in an interview on today alongside her other siblings that when she really realised how famous and important her father was she had decided to Google him and try to understand why everyone was obsessed over her father. She also told the show that it took her at least a minute to realise that her father was a very big public figure.

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Life of Jasmine Michael Jordan


While she was growing up she had participated in sports such as dance, volleyball and even flag football. But when it came down to basketball she never really liked it as much as her brothers did. She also admitted the fact that both she and her father knew that basketball was not for her. She also said that during that time she was capable of understanding who her father was to the world and that had brought both of them close to each other as father and daughter. That is why she was not interested to be in the front of the court and play basketball, she was always interested in the workings behind the scenes. She had pursued her studies and higher education in sports management and shortly after completing her studies in college, she became one of the most influential individuals behind the court. She currently works with the Jordan brand athletes were playing for Charlotte Hornets, which her father owns.


Career of Jasmine Michael Jordan


She has to make sure that the players have all the equipment and apparel that need and she is also in charge of scheduling all photo shoots, appearances and any form of media coverage that the players had to go through. While her older brother Marcus also works for the Jordan brand, she has to continue to travel between Charlotte and Portland. She is the field representative for Nike Jordan brand and she also helps with designs, colour as well as direction for the Jordan airs collection. She generally stays in Charlotte North Carolina where she works with hornets who are the NBA team which her father owns. She is a very kind and humble person and she has always kept a low profile. She also said that time and helped her grow comfortable with not only been her own self but also make it nice as Michael Jordan’s daughter. She finally embraced who she was and she was ready to share her life with whoever wanted to know who she actually was. She also revealed that being a daughter of Michael Jordan, she had to deal with many assumptions that other people tend to make about her. The first assumption was always that she will be good at basketball and she would like basketball, which was not the case. There was also on assumption that she will be spoiled but she is a very grounded human being. Through all these assumptions she had realised that at the end of the day she knew best who she was and the people were making assumptions have their own preconceived stereotypes about her which are not true. She also told that she learnt from her mother  that life was a blessing and not to take life for granted.

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She prefers to stay at home but she’s also comfortable with public appearances and interviews. Her brothers always play basketball we should always put them into the spotlight. But she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted because she was not really interested in basketball. She had a blank slate to try whatever career she wanted and that is exactly what you do. Jasmine had practiced dance and played volleyball and she also participated in black football. She has worked as a basketball operations coordinator and now she works as a field representative for sports marketing. She has revealed that as long as she is connected to basketball and athletes in some kind of a way she will Police be happy.




Recently she gave birth to her son who is one year old and she also reveals that her father was getting used to being called grandpa. At the present moment the two families are self-isolating what has been said that her son and her father have a very beautiful bond with each other. She has made a name for herself in industry even after being the daughter of such a huge public figure. 

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