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Want To Write Essay on Nymph's Reply To The Shepherd


Poetic Structure

This poem was written by Sir Walter Raleigh, which is referred to as a response from a nymph who went on to reject the proposal made by a shepherd in terms of love. This particular poem is based upon iambic tetrameter, which has been made up of six four-line stanzas, where every individual iambic regulates between the alternates of being stressed as well as unstressed syllables. Additionally, the associated emphatic rhythm has the prime focus upon creating specific pauses to make the poem rhetorically expressive in multiple formats. Along with this, the Drummond notes, which have been used by Raleigh, provide a strong emphasis upon the scene of the poetry along with the rhythmic pattern.


With the help of expressing the imaginative detail along with the existent reasoning behind the rejections that have been shown in the poem, the speaker integrated within the poem is a young female who is a nymph, where the female specifically responds to the vision of the shepherd stating 'happily ever after'. Since she does not have beliefs upon the concept of the shepherd, she goes on to reject his proposal for love throughout the poem in a scenic manner to ensure a better visualization for the readers.

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Nymph Mock to the Shepherd

The poem began and ended on a note that was the subjunctive mood. This mood assists in setting up the rhetorical style within the poem because the hypothetical vision associated with the shepherd was contrasted with the reflective understanding of the Nymph. The diction, which is related to this poem, is said to be alluring. During the beginning lines of every stanza included in the poem, the nymph is seen to be adhering with the pastoral dictions of the shepherd in terms of merry conclusion. However, with the advancement of beautiful imagery, she undermines the vision of the shepherd in a mocking manner with a view, which was more literal, showcasing the shortness of life, and the same shall be forgotten.

The mockery is depicted in each stanza in the concluding lines. Every instance when mockery is observed, it assists in portraying context that must be considered from the humanistic vision of the shepherd, and they are living together. The imagery associated with the poem is identified in the fifteenth as well as the sixteenth line of the poem, with the word forgotten along with rotten. The nymph emphasizes by mentioning that any of the materialistic things that shall be given by the shepherd to her will grow old with the passage of time, and the same shall either break and will be eventually forgotten. She further mentioned that every timeless creature like her overlooks a thing according to the final appearance of the thing in future. In addition to this, she mentioned that any gift that shall be received by her is rotten already from her perspective because she holds a vision of foreknowledge about the change that will be eventually perceived.

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The Irony within Proposal of Shepherd

With the progress of the stanzas in the poem, darker as well as innate meaning in terms of the eternal message of nymph slowing starts becoming less latent, and the same can be further manifested with the mortal view, which shepherd holds about life. As the poem proceeds, it becomes evident that the nymph is actually undertaking measures for assisting the shepherd. Shepherd, on the other hand, focuses only upon his love for the nymph and the gifts he is dedicated to giving her, while the nymph relays upon him about the mortality held by pastoral life. After the evaluation of complexity present within the poem, four reoccurring motifs are analyzed with respect to the explanation of nymph.

Mortality and Materialism

The first motif that has been identified is mortality and materialism. The thematic approach of the whole poem is firstly analyzed. Structural understanding in terms of living is identified behind timeless nymph, which is not utilized by the shepherd during the period of his conquest.

Lack of Reasoning

This is identified as the second motif because human reasoning has been lacking during the last stanzas of the poem. Imagery has been identified from the story created by man, which shows a lack of reasoning in mankind.

Love versus Lust

The fight between lust and love is identified as the third motif, and the same has been valued in terms of key aspects from the viewpoint of critics. The nymph focuses only upon the emotions of the shepherd, whereas the shepherd focuses only upon his love and gift.


Time has been identified as the fourth motif, which evaluates the emotion related to life moves and finally reaches the thematic element, which is life. Nymph usage of time and understanding about the same is regarded as the most crucial element of the poem.

Concluding Remarks

Snafu is being engaged by the nymph throughout the whole course of the poem, and the shepherd gains a reply from the nymph in a multitude of images, which assists in getting a statement of nymph all across the readers. According to the nymph, there is a lack of reasoning within the shepherd, and all the circumstances that have been faced by them were due to the lack of reasoning existing within the shepherd. Furthermore, it has been evaluated that paradox associated with the love of shepherd has been alluded by her by mentioning that the shepherd is not in love with her. Rather he is fascinated by the animal lust within her. Finally, she states about time and the effect caused by it. According to her perspective, everything that consists of mortality gets rotten with the passage of time. She also imagines the shepherd's end along with the end of all the gifts that he is planning to give. In the end, she is successful in convincing the shepherd about her rejection, and she herself gets convinced about the same. At the end of the poem, she yields for time progression and allowance for everything to reach its end, along with growing old and changing as they are meant to be.

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