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How to Score A+ Grades in Friedrich Nietzsche Essay




There are numerous philosophers in our society who is having a long-term positive impact on our society. Modern intellectual society is being changed in the first place due to the advancements which are made by the philosophers.


The prime purpose of this essay is to focus on Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche who was a famous German philosopher who was born on 15th October 1844. Contributions made by him along with his illustrious career shall be focussed in this essay. This essay shall be must useful for comprehending the morality and the lessons which were taught by this philosopher.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was more than just a philosopher, he was much successful as a cultural critique as well. Beginning the career as a classical philologist, he was the youngest person in history to hold the chair of classical philosophy at the University of Basel which is one of the oldest educational organizations in Switzerland. The philosopher has been suffering from health issues right after his teenage days and as a result he had to resign from his position as a chairperson of classical philologist. At nearly 45 years of age this philosopher suffered from severe mental illness.


The philosopher was much passionate about writing spans philosophical polemics as well as science fiction stories. He was very much critical about most of the philosophical stories and quotations of that time period. He was very much passionate about aphorism as well, which is to seek truth in every aspect of life. The philosopher took huge interest in Creative contents and ironic stories, at the same time, it can also be said that this philosopher is always in support of perspectivism. Genealogy was one of the other subjects which attracted this German philosopher who was deeply indulged in Christian morality. This sensible philosopher also raised his voice over different categories of social issues like slavery which was pretty much common across most of the European countries back then. There were numerous concepts which was introduced by Niche such as Nietzschean affirmation. This concept teaches us to be self sufficient and also guides us towards affirmity which is to justify yourself in a case of argument. The philosopher used to study different categories of philosophical concepts such as Dionysian and Apollonian, both of these two concepts are much helpful in studying different categories of human characters. Moral and the cultural values were highly valued by this German philosopher, he used to focus more on aesthetic health in his literary works.


Apart from philosophy, he took interest across a wide range of subjects such as music, tragedy, religion, science, philology, culture and art. He was a fan of the other reputed global inspirational figures such as Johann Wolfgang, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Arthur Schopenhauer and Socrates. The manuscripts which were created by this philosopher was later managed by his sister after his demise in the year 1900. Most of his ideologies became very much popular in 20th and the 21st century.

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Life of Friedrich Nietzsche


In 15th October 1844 Frederick was born in Rocken which is near Leipzig in a traditional family. He attended a private school and he was not much good in his academics, however he shown great interest in writing poems right from the start of his school days. He used to compose poems for piano and violin however he failed miserably in this section of his career, after that he focussed mailed on philosophical principles. He completed his graduation degree in September 1864 after studying theology and classical philology at the University of Bonn. I   the year 1962, he wrote his first essay which was termed as “Fate and History”, in this essay most of the principal ideologies of Christianity was critically discussed. Soon after that his first philosophical work was released, he focussed mostly on anti-materialistic philosophy. This philosopher was much helpful in the promotion of European Materialism. His military career started when he had to join Prussian artillery division which was based on Naumberg, based on his high skill set he was instantly promoted as a captain. However, he sustained an injury in March 1868 while practising one of the drills, the injury was a heavy blow for him as it could not allowed him to walk properly for several months. During the injury time, he again started his philosophical writings. He was a professor at Based from 1869 to 1878 without having any doctorate or any teaching degree which was very much surprising back then. However, he is known to be one of the classic professors who battered diseases such as dysentery and diphtheria right after the end of the Franco Prussian battle which last only one year. This independent philosopher spent huge amount of time in countries like Italy, France. He had a romantic relationship with another philosopher Paul Ree. His homosexuality desires were very much popular in those time among his disciples.


In his writings he focussed more on provocative and evocative style, however it can also be said that some of his works were very much controversial as compared to the works of the other philosophers of that time period. He supported Buddhism over Christianity as he identified that there are numerous flaws and lack of morality among the religious monks. Most of the principles of Judaism was criticised from his end. He also had the feeling that modern antisemitism was very much contradicting with the European culture.




The prime focus of this essay was to focus on Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche who is one of the most reputed German philosophers of 19th century. The essay was very much helpful in comprehending that he was one of the finest cultural critiques who had a huge influence in countries like Germany, Italy and France. He worked in the Prussian army during their war with France but was injure for a longer period of time after that. The essay also helped in comprehending that he was very much critical of Christianity and also promoted Buddhism. Hence, it can be sad that this essay was much successful identifying insight of this famous philosopher.

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