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How To Start Writing Literary Analysis Essay?


Concept of Literary Analysis Essay

The literary analysis essay is defined as the type of essay that include argumentative analysis for a piece of literature. In addition to that, this type of essay also provides examination of a book, play, novel as well as many others. Furthermore, this includes analysis of an idea, writing style, tone and characters as well as devices where the writer might use for narrating his side of the story. In this type of essay writing, the professor encourages his student to analyse about different questions such as, “how the author wrote this book?”, “what the aim behind creation of this novel?”. Hence, this might include explanation for all choices of the author as well as his point of view towards the topic concerned, for answering all the above-described questions.

Literary analysis essay is often explained as a special writing assignment where any student aims to complete in their college, school or university as reading followed by understanding as well as analysing the different texts tend to be inalienable aspect involved with the learning process. Hence, it is assumed that literary analysis essay can reflect thoughts and analytical skills or abilities of the individual. With the help of this piece of literature, he might show and improve his overall writing skills.

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Content of Literary Analysis Essay

As there are no single set of paragraphs associated with their literary analysis essay, hence it is assumed that it might benefit the reader. Furthermore, literary analysis essay is also dependent over the type of writing piece, which is a field where analysis provided based on perception or explanation in the journal or book. However, in case of poem analysis, it can be assumed that analysis should have one major content, hence when one talk regarding the novel, then they might use other approach. Length of literary analysis essay might differ with respect to the context. Some of the common points identified where an individual should talk in their essay irrespective for the type of literature, those are discussed as follows:

  • Type or genre of that piece of literature.
  • Analysis of the main ideas or plot.
  • Reviewing of the theme.
  • Analysis of different characters present in the piece of literature.
  • Structure and writing style.
  • Description of the symbolism involved with this piece of literature.  

Ways to Write an Appropriate Literary Analysis Essay

Similar to other assignments, this type of assignment requires certain preparations as well as careful meticulous work. On the other hand, having good plan can help to make it easier or fun for the reader. Some of the common plan identified for composing a literary analysis essay are as follows:


Detailed focus over given topic- In this stage, the individual is responsible for reading the work properly or thoroughly thereby ensuring that the student understood his assignment or work completely. It will also help to understand perception or thoughts of the author, their plot as well as the characters. Hence, to make or compose good literary analysis, an individual should be able to gain a clear understanding regarding writer’s point of ideas presented in the essay.

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Some of the frequent questions an individual might ask are:

  • Why this author utilized certain literary devices?
  • In the text, which part can be analysed as remarkable?
  • What type of character development can be observed in this text?

Collection of evidence- This is the second stage of literary analysis essay, where the individual is responsible for collection of expressions, facts as well as other evidence for making a reasonable conclusion in their analysis. Hence, the writer should have enough evidence for being persuasive in his conclusions. It is followed by jotting down notes during collection of evidence or while reading. This might include brief information about the author and his background, which can help the writer to understand his intentions in this journal or book as well as his thoughts more easily.


Writing an outline- This is the third stage involved with literary analysis essay, that might influence the author to write literary analysis essay effectively. In this case, developing a literary analysis outline can be considered as an important part in their writing process. Hence, the writer should be able to understand the start of literary analysis essay or introduction part as well as the conclusion or end section of the literary analysis essay. It is the important stage involved in literary analysis essay. Hence, the writer should be able to devote space for all important ideas associated with the author and also ensure that he do not miss anything.


Developing main thesis statement for literary analysis essay- This is the fourth stage involved with literary analysis essay, where an individual should be able to formulate a thesis as well as explain different arguments, which might have a great significance. In addition to that, this might show how connected the thesis are as well as concepts or theories where thoughts of this author in their book or novel. Thus, it is recommended to provide detailed analysis or explanation of author’s point of view backed with proper evidence. This will help the writer to develop a strong literary analysis essay and achieve higher score in their assignment.


Overall writing process as well as revision- This is the last stage involved with literary analysis essay, which can help the writer to publish or provide their essay to professor. In this stage, the writer should provide an appropriate analysis from the evidence collected from above books, journals, articles as well as other papers. In addition to that, the writer should keep in mind that the literary analysis essay is comprised of different significant paragraph for each of their statements. With the help of this thesis, the individual or author should be able to show their level of understand the point of view of respective authors. After writing or finishing the work (literary analysis essay), writer should focus on revising their work and analyse any specific changes or errors in the concerned paper (literary analysis essay).

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