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Want To Write Essay on Importance of English Language


Essay on Importance of English Language


Language is an essential medium for conveying ideas and thoughts. Not only does it allow for the communication of concepts and opinions, but it also enhance the development of social contacts, business relations, and cultural ties. Without language, we are only able to communicate through sign language. In addition to this, a language is able to differentiate between the various cultures that exist in a country, a region, or a community, while also honouring the singularity of each culture. People's perspectives on the world can be influenced by language, which also contributes to the formation of a society's culture. The ability to communicate in any language is a gift, but having more than one language under one's belt makes one significantly more effective and skilled overall.




Since the beginning of time, people have thought of English as the first worldwide National Language. In our current day, the English language has become an integral component of each and every one of the several fields that are now in existence. It allows our thoughts to become more open and leads us into a magical scope filled with thoughts and visions. The correct acquisition of English language skills unquestionably assists us to grow not just ourselves but also our thoughts and personalities as well. Language is unique to humans since it is the only known system of symbolic communication that can be acquired by a person rather than being inherited from their biological parents. Those who have a mastery of the English language are regarded and appreciated as having a high level of education, despite the fact that English is the native language of a great number of nations. It is now not only essential to the operation of the English language but also an unavoidable prerequisite for a variety of industries and professions such as computers and medical.


Advantages of English language


Listed below are a few justifications for why you should continue to study and improve your command of the English language.


The Language of Communication in the World Community is English


English is not only widely used but also one of the world's most widely spoken languages. As the official language of 53 nations and the mother tongue of almost 400 million people globally uses English language.  In addition to this, it is the language that is studied in the majority of secondary schools throughout the globe. It is estimates that by the year 2025, there will be around two billion individuals throughout the globe learning English.

As a consequence of this, the possibility that you and a person from another nation will be able to communicate with one another in English is rather high. It enables you to contact with people from all over the globe and opens a door for you to the rest of the world.


Learning English Opens The Door to New Forms Of Entertainment as Well as More Opportunities On The Internet


These days, the English language is used for the production of a large number of movies, television series, novels, and musical works. If you learn English, you won't have to depend on translations or captions anymore when you watch movies or TV shows. If you regularly engage with various forms of media, you will also make steady progress in both your English reading and listening abilities.

At the moment, the language most often used on the internet is English. It is anticipated that 565 million of people were using the internet on a daily basis, and around 52 percent of the websites that get the greatest traffic throughout the globe provide content in English. Therefore, mastering this language provides access to more than half of the stuff that is accessible on the internet, which otherwise would not be available to you. When you understand English, you would be able to communicate with a greater number of people online and make use of a far wider variety of resources, regardless of whether you are doing it for personal or professional reasons.


Speaking English Makes It Simpler To Go Across The World


As was said before, the fact that English is used as a first language in 53 nations and also as a second language including over 118 countries means that if you study the language, it will be much simpler for you to go anyplace in the world. In point of fact, airport announcements, railway schedules, information on emergencies, are often accessible in English, even in nations where the local language utilises a different sort of alphabet. 


Learning English Can Literally Make You Smarter


The ability to think critically and analyse information more deeply may be improved by studying a foreign language. The process of learning a new language may be challenging and requires a significant amount of mental effort. Findings from a study conducted in Switzerland in 2012 indicate that learning a new language may cause structural changes in the brain. These changes can have an effect on the regions of the brain that are in charge of memory, conscious cognition, and creativity. The ability to speak two languages not only improves one's ability to concentrate and remember information, but also helps the brain remain robust and healthy far into old life. Character and a feeling of one's own value are both enhanced on an individual level as a result of this. To put it another way, being fluent in a foreign language results in a brain that is both more robust and adaptable.




Because it facilitates communication, the English language plays an important part in our everyday lives. It is the primary language used in the education of all subjects around the globe. Students should study English because it enlarges their horizons intellectually, helps them grow emotionally, and improves their quality of life by increasing their employment prospects. Because English is the only means of communication available in many nations, its usage as a global language is steadily expanding over time.


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