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Want To Write Essay on Save Earth?


Essay on Save Earth


Life will be impossible if there is no existence on Earth. Due to the presence of Earth and its useful resources living beings can survive on Earth without any issues. Among all the planets in the solar system, Earth is the only planet where scientists have found traces of water and this water is the most important element to keep a living being alive. If humans start imagining their lives without all these resources that will be impossible for them. As not single life can function or exist without the presence of sunlight, air, water, and vegetation. Hence all these resources are soon going to be reduced and then life would have been very difficult. So, all human beings must be thankful enough to be almighty for all these opportunities now it’s time for them to save and protect these so that they are not devoid of any of the resources.


Why We Need To Save Earth?


The resources that are being provided to humans by mother earth are limited in nature if we do not use them properly there will be a time soon in the near days when the earth will be devoid of all these resources and human beings will find it difficult to survive on this planet. All these resources are blessings that we take for granted. Human beings are a selfish creature who does not take these resources to be b; blessings but rather excessive and unnecessary use of these resources done by them. We need to protect our resources by checking on the usage way of humans, by doing this we will also protect the lives of the humans in another way. We need to do this because humans are dependent on these resources to sustain their survival on mother earth.


It is the ned of an hour – it will be an understatement if we say saving the earth is the need of an hour. All the careless activities performed by humans are mostly driven by the presence f greed and selfishness, all of these have caused immense damage to the earth. It has been degraded beyond its repairing power. Almost all the natural resources that are provided to humans for their survival have been polluted now due to their activities. When all of these resources are under threat then the lives of the living creature will be under great difficulties. For this reason, humans who are the culprit of polluting the resources should take up the initiative to protect the earth by correcting the excessive use of the resources and saving the earth at any cost. Saving the earth is the primary motto of any human being and the rest of others can be categorized under secondary conditions. Because when mother earth will only not exist other issues will automatically vanish.


As already stated above earth is the only planet where life can be sustained. We do not have any other option but to stick with this planet only for its survival. This makes the situation a lot scarier that we have only one option and that option, also perishes then where we will live and how we will sustain life. So still now there is no strict action taken against the destruction of mother earth if we do not take any serious measures now also then we will lose all our chances of not seeing our future generations to get that flourishment ever in life. So to protect mother earth every living being must come in together to save and protect mother earth firstly and other things all can wait.




The activities of human beings are impacting the lives of other living creatures, so to protect mother, earth humans will only have to take corrective measures so that they can protect mother earth and also can give stress-free life to other living creatures. Humans can only take protective measures to protect all the resources of the earth. A little effort taken up by humans can make them sustain in this life race for a longer time. For example, if one man decides to give up the usage of plastic bottles then all the others will be following him and will stop the use of plastic and thus it will save the earth from getting choked with plastic.


Along with this due to deforestation global warming is increasing so all human beings need to focus on afforestation then only this issue will eradicate. By planting more trees, they can help to maintain the ecological balance that has been lost from nature and can bring improvement in nature along with bringing some upgrading to the life of humans. Similarly, water is the most vital resource that has been blessed upon us by mother earth if we do not waste the water then it will be saved for us only so that we can use it more in the future but if we waste water like anything then soon there will be a time when we have to buy water for drinking or bathing as water supply will be less and there will be banned in using the water rigorously. Wasting water will create a huge negative impact on conserving the water for humans in the future.


Things We Can Do To Save Earth


We should not pollute the water bodies by dumping many wastes into them. Water is very essential to save a life so saving water should be on the high priority list of humans. In short in terms of protecting mother earth governments and individuals must take up initiative so that they can save mother earth and make people aware of the fact that if the earth will not exist then there will be no question of humans existing on earth. So saving the earth should be the primary concern of the people. There are many ways through which earth can be saved from destruction if one people start following the steps other will automatically follow him and all the other things will fall into place automatically and mother earth will be saved if all can take up some initiatives.


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