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Essay on Scarcity of Water


For every human being, water is a basic necessity but nowadays scarcity of water has been a major issue that is rising very rapidly. In many states, the problem of water scarcity has become a problem and it has risen so much that the groundwater has dried up and people have to depend on water supply from other sources. Hence, the most misused natural resource is water which is wasted daily. In the past, people used to understand the value of water and planned their lives around it. People have knowledge but they still fail to understand the value of water in our daily lives.

There are many reasons for water scarcity. The main two reasons for water scarcity are mismanagement of water and the growing population in our country. There are also other man-made disturbances that are rising day by day.


Causes for Water Scarcity


Some of the reasons for water scarcity are discussed below:


Wasteful Use Of Water For Agriculture


India is an agricultural country that produces a large quantity of food to feed the entire population. The food that is left out is exported outside. It is not known by the people that producing food need much effort and a lot of water. A lot of water is wasted due to traditional methods of irrigation such as drainage, percolation, evaporation, overuse of groundwater, etc. There arises scarcity of water in many areas in India due to the use of traditional irrigation. Hence, during modern times the techniques of irrigation have changed and water is provided to plants using drip irrigation.


Reduction In Water Recharges Systems


The construction in which concrete and marbles are used may not allow rainwater to get absorbed in the soli but still, some mechanisms are used in our houses for installed to hold the rainwater. Then the groundwater is recharged.


Lack Of Water Management And Distribution


In urban areas, an efficient system is needed for managing and distributing water. Hence, the technology needs to be enhanced by the government and the government should also invest in water treatment. Besides, that optimization at the planning level should also be enhanced.


Solution For Water Scarcity


For overcoming the above-mentioned problems some solutions have been provided below:


Close The Running Tap


While washing hands or dishwashing people let the tap run and due to the running of taps thousands of litres of water are wasted per year. Hence, the closing of taps will help in reducing the scarcity of water problem.


Dripping Taps Should Be Replaced


In most houses, it has been seen that taps are used which go on dripping water even when they are closed. Hence, due to the running tap almost 30000 litres of water are wasted which nobody cares to change so the taps should be replaced immediately.

Therefore, water is the basic necessity for every living being and without it, we cannot imagine our life. Water without life is not only impossible for humans but it is impossible for plants and animals also. Water scarcity issue has become very common nowadays and it has become an issue of grave concern. The most wasted natural resource is water and corrective actions should be taken before the issue of water scarcity becomes worse. Although everyone is aware of the issue of water scarcity but not much thing has been done. It has been recorded that more than half of the population suffers from the problem of water scarcity as many well-known cities are facing acute scarcity of water. There are many facts and figures available for knowing about the problem of water scarcity. The growth in population has resulted in an increase in the use of water. The major reason for the scarcity is the lack of availability of fresh water sources and the increase in population. Another major cause of the scarcity of water in urban areas is lack of proper water management systems and proper drainage systems. Due to a poor draining system, the kitchen wastewater is not recycled. Hence, an efficient water management system is needed to distribute water in urban areas. Deforestation is another major issue of water scarcity. The areas that have more greenery and plants generally have good rainfall. The two main factors are urbanization and industrialization. Rainfall also has become an issue due to cutting down of trees and deforestation. The main source of fresh water is rivers and nowadays it has been seen that most of the industries are built near the rivers and due to the industrial waste, the rivers become highly polluted and as a result, the problem of freshwater arises.




Scarcity of water also happens due to changes in climate and global warming. Salty water is increasing day by day instead of freshwater due to the rise in temperature which causes the melting of icebergs into the sea. Due to that, there is a lack of fresh water. These days the percentage of rainfall has decreased drastically. Therefore, the freshwater bodies are greatly affected due to the decrease in the percentage of rainfall and climate change.  These days scarcity of water has become a major problem and an alarming issue and it is our responsibility to consciously work together and find some solution to this issue of scarcity of water. Hence, in order to solve the emerging problem, various plans should be formulated by the government so that the problem can be removed forever.

Therefore, to conclude day by day water scarcity has become a major issue and if this problem is not taken seriously now then the future generations of our country will be greatly affected. The people of future generations may suffer severely and it might also happen that they have to purchase water at a high cost. Hence, water is a basic necessity of life and we should not waste it rather we should try to save water.


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